Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1713: Flying Ash!

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The coexisting flowers died first.

Watching the “Mu Biqiong” turn into ashes and vanish before she could rejoin that swamp, Nie Tian sighed with mixed emotions.

However, he soon calmed himself.

He smiled and pointed at the Heavenly Demonsbane, Spectre Tree, Demon Eyes Flower, Ghost Spirit Grass, and Carrion Flower. “And you! You want to devour my life essence to complete your transformation? Go ahead!”

The response he received was the desperate flight of the devil plants and spirit plants.

The Demon Eyes Flower even exploded by itself, its buds flying in all directions.

This approach, which was similar to the Blood Spirit Sect’s Blood Escape Technique, would hurt it.

However, it couldn’t be bothered to care about that now.

“Bloodline, Life Shackle!” Nie Tian exclaimed as he raised an enormous hand. The lines on his palm morphed into crimson electric light and condensed into a mysterious symbol.

The moment the symbol was formed, the fleeing Demon Eyes buds that were like the eyes of demons suddenly froze.

Soon, the buds flew toward Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form, as if they were caught by an invisible hand. Then they merged into his body like tattoos on his skin.

Nie Tian chuckled. “Tastes good. For me, they’re like medicinal pills and spiritual elixirs.”

Ji Cang was amazed.

In his eyes, both the coexisting flowers and the Demon Eyes Flower were equal to late tenth grade grand monarchs and late God domain experts.

There were Earth Cultivated and Heaven Nourished spirit materials. The coexisting flowers and Demon Eyes Flower were definitely at the Heaven Nourished grade!

These kinds of unusual treasures were hard to find across the three worlds!

The moment Nie Tian opened his eyes, he got rid of the coexisting flowers and Demon Eyes Flower effortlessly, which was really amazing.

The Demon Eyes Flower was the first devil plant in the ranking of the Devils.

The coexisting flowers were ranked among the top spiritual materials of the Void World.

The disappearance of these two unusual plants also shocked the other devil plants and spirit plants, making them more terrified.

Unfortunately, Nie Tian, whose bloodline had further awakened, was already unstoppable.

“Do you really think you can eat me? Since you can’t even see through the traps, you deserve to die here.” With these words, Nie Tian strode forward and pressed his big hand down. “Life Shackle!”

A new symbol appeared in his palm before dazzling blood light filled a vast area around him!

Illuminated by the blood light, the remaining flying devil plants and spirit plants suddenly froze.

Then, Nie Tian waved his big hand and grasped those devil plants and spirit plants that were famous for being feared by all living beings in the three worlds.

After they fell in his hands, those devil plants and spiritual materials quickly withered and died, as if they had gone through a long life in a short time.

In contrast, not only was Nie Tian’s flesh aura becoming thicker and thicker, but his eyes were also becoming brighter and brighter.

He laughed, standing among the fallen leaves. “The Spectre Tree and Ghost Spirit Grass provided abundant soul power! Great! Great!”

Before the leaves could fall to the ground, his flesh aura sea crushed them to flying ash and powder that vanished.

In a very short time, he finished off all the devil plants and spirit plants that had swarmed from every direction in the dark land, and didn’t leave even behind a leaf.

Dong Li and Ji Cang were taken aback.

“Alright, I’m good now,” Nie Tian said with a broad smile, “I have recovered from all my flesh and soul injuries. In fact, I’ve never felt so good before! I think I can even fight Grand Monarch Heaven Devil now!”

The Demon Eyes Flower, Coexisting Flowers, Spectre Tree, Ghost Spirit Grass, Heavenly Demonsbane, and Carrion Flower...

Each of them was a miracle of heaven and earth, an unusual treasure that had inspired fear across the three worlds and countless eras.

Their deaths provided Nie Tian with not only wood power, but also flesh power and soul power.

Taking a deep breath, Nie Tian looked coldly into the sky and called with his true soul, “Spirit Scepter! Return, return, return...”

His will crossed infinite space to the other end of the starry river!

In that unusual place.

A turbid cyclone was slowly turning. Tens of thousands of stars seemed to have fallen into it.

A mysterious passage was opening inside the cyclone.

The turbid cyclone was filled with the remains of many ancient starships of the Netherspirits and Phantasms, along with the corpses of Netherspirits, Phantasms, Demons, Fiends, titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts.

A fierce battle was going on.

The two sides of the battle were the Netherspirits, led by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, and the crooked forces from the Doomed Star Sea.

The crooked forces were made up of various kinds of people like Ancientspirits and former rebels of the dragons, Ancientbeasts, and Fiends, as well as many hybrids.

Grand Monarch Serene Fiend and Grand Monarch White Scales, two of the kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea, were also among them.

Even Nie Jin, who was Nie Tian’s mother, was among them, standing on the Rainbow Boat.

The Heavenly Divine Rainbow Cannons fired together to bombard the Netherspirits’ starships, causing them to explode one after another.


Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was waving the Spirit Scepter to drive numerous ferocious souls and evil spirits to charge into and clash with countless bright stars.

Among the many stars, an expert, whose amazing aura filled this area of the starry river, was standing unwavering like a rock that hadn’t moved for millions of years.

That was Qin Yao!

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ doppelgangers traveled between different locations in a mysterious way, making many crooked Qi warriors of the Doomed Star Sea suffer greatly.

Every once in a while, someone would be snuck up on and killed by his doppelgangers.

Three of his doppelgangers suddenly became one and raised their hand to point at a Death Curse Sect Qi warrior. “Soul Perish!”

The soul of the middle Saint domain Qi warrior suddenly exploded, like a balloon that had been pricked by a needle.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, however, laughed sinisterly as he morphed back into three doppelgangers and started looking for new targets.


Suddenly, all of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ doppelgangers turned to look at the depths of the cyclone.

He was surprised to see the scepter, which was held tightly by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and contained the will of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s fragmentary soul, shake violently.

A figure vaguely appeared in the cyan gem at the top of the scepter.

It wasn’t a figure of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s remaining will, but a figure he was very familiar with.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits was shocked and screamed, his eyes full of disbelief. “Impossible! This is impossible!”

He could tell with a single glance that the figure was Nie Tian!

He had suffered losses from Nie Tian in the Mortal World, so he was convinced that he wasn’t mistaken!

“Impossible!” he cried. “The Realm of Shadow Devil is very far away. You are not a Voidspirit. You should not be able to project your soul awareness onto the scepter! Moreover, the scepter is still in Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s hands!”

However, the next moment, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits saw blood spurting from Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s palm.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer seemed to feel stabbing pain, and was forced to let go of the scepter.

In an instant, the Spirit Scepter escaped his control!

Qin Yao, Nie Jin, and the crooked forces from the Doomed Star Sea all fixed their eyes on the soul shadow that was condensing in the gem of the Spirit Scepter.

“Nie Tian!”

“Little Tian!”

“Young Master!”