Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1711: Going Mad!

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As numerous powerful experts fell like rain, subtle changes were happening to Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form.

The crimson flesh aura sea around him started to emit a sweet odor somehow.

The odor seemed to be tempting in some way.

Both Dong Li and Ji Cang were amazed by it.

After a moment of hesitation, Dong Li activated the Dark Aureole with her dark power once again.

“Dark Eye: reflect!”

Not only did she go all-out to summon her own dark power, but she also drew power from the black tortoise to fuse into the Dark Aureole in an attempt to manifest its might to the fullest.

The reflecting range of the Dark Aureole kept expanding.

More and more images emerged within it.

Before long, she and Ji Cang saw an enormous Heavenly Demonsbane speeding through the air at a height several dozen meters from the ground, with its numerous vines flying around in the air. It seemed to be heading in their direction.

Many Devils, Floragrims, and members of other species could be seen on its swaying vines.

All of them seemed to have fallen into this space just now, and gotten entangled by its vines.

Dong Li could see that they were still alive, but were rapidly shriveling and being drained of their power.

Their eyes were dim and full of despair, their hearts filled with endless fear and sorrow.

Soon, other images emerged in the Dark Aureole.

An incomparably large Demon Eyes Flower was hidden inside a dark cloud, its numerous blossoms spinning like eyes to scan its surroundings, get its bearings, and look for targets to attack.

Those blossoms already had many living beings inside of them, along with an even larger number of mangled body parts.

At the same time, a huge, strange-looking tree could be seen flying like a spectre, exuding wisps of soul power as it did.

The faces of begrudging spirits and scary ghosts manifested on its trunk from time to time.

It was a Spectre Tree!

A pale-white Carrion Flower that was wreathed in a foul smell was also speeding through the void, looking like a giant brain.

A Spectre Tree, Ghost Spirit Grass, a Heavenly Demonsbane, a Carrion Flower, and a Demon Eyes Flower...

All of these spirit plants and devil plants suddenly started scrambling in Nie Tian’s direction, as if they had lost their minds.

They seemed to be attracted by the peculiar sweet odor his Life-origin Form emitted.

Since the third-generation Tree of Life was engaged in a fierce battle against Grand Monarch Bone Piercer in the Realm of Middle Continent, it wasn’t focused on channeling power from these dark areas anymore.

Because of this, these earliest spirit plant and devil plant ancestors finally had the courage to come out of hiding.

Then, after they had seen the numerous powerful beings falling into the gradually-brightening dark areas, they had rushed into a competition for this ‘food.’

If they hadn’t sensed the irresistible aura Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form exuded, they would have continued to harvest those who fell from above.

At this moment, all of them had a peculiar feeling that only Nie Tian’s flesh could help them make that ultimate breakthrough and become transcendent existences like the Tree of Life.

Therefore, they all rushed towards Nie Tian at the fastest possible speed.

They would only catch and devour those who fell upon them on their way to Nie Tian’s location.


The images in the Dark Aureole suddenly burst. Dong Li let out a muffled groan, then said with a grim expression, “This is not good. Have those strange plants lost their minds? It seems that they’re all coming at us. What did we do to offend them?”

She could tell that every one of those devil plants and spirit plants had the power of late tenth grade grand monarchs and late God domain experts.

Nie Tian was at a crucial moment of awakening brand new bloodline talents, while she had consumed a tremendous amount of power to defend herself against the Void Spirits. As for Ji Cang... he was too weak to even fight!

Those five evil gods and Agaz the flame dragon were only loyal to Nie Tian. They weren’t hers to command.

Growing anxious, she asked, “How about we run from them?”

“We can’t,” Ji Cang said. Even though he was too weak to fight, his wisdom and vision remained. “Nie Tian is the reason why they’re rushing towards us like feverish beasts, leaving everything behind. To be exact, they’re rendered feverish by the sweet odor his flesh aura sea is releasing as he tries to awaken brand new bloodline talents.

“They can’t resist that peculiar odor, no matter how hard they try.

“So we can’t escape their pursuit, unless Nie Tian stops trying to awaken new bloodline talents, and that odor is gone.”

What he said was the truth.

Frustrated, Dong Li muttered, “Then what should we do?”

“Perhaps we have to place our hope in Nie Tian now,” Ji Cang said, his eyes glittering with anticipation. “I have a feeling that the gate to the Dark Abyss is close to our location. And perhaps its final opening will have something to do with Nie Tian...”

Finally, the coexisting flowers arrived first, along with that grayish-brown swamp and the gradually-thinning miasma.

“All I want is him, Big Sister,” Mu Biqiong said, her unearthly beautiful face filled with greed.

She even seemed to be drooling as she pointed at Nie Tian. “I’ve wanted him since I first saw him in the Shatter Battlefield.”

“You’re after my man?” Dong Li said coldly. “I don’t care what you are now, but if you want to steal my man, I’ll kill you myself!”

Face as cold as frost, she grabbed the Dark Aureole with a swift motion, and she was instantly enveloped in endless darkness.

A cluster of extreme darkness that seemed to have existed since the beginning of time rapidly spread towards Mu Biqiong, who looked both icy and passionate.

This brightened area soon became even darker than it had been when Dong Li had first arrived, bereft of even the slightest ray of light.

A dark will that made beings despair and tremble in fear started to influence Mu Biqiong and the swamp.

Mu Biqiong chuckled and said, “Why bother? You can’t protect him.”


The Spectre Tree, the Ghost Spirit Grass, the Demon Eyes Flower, and the Heavenly Demonsbane arrived one after another, their enormous plant forms filling heaven and earth.

Obscure soul voices suddenly echoed out from the flowers and branches. “He’s mine!”

“No, he’s mine!”

“I’ll have him! You get lost!”

All of these devil plants and spirit plants, which would devastate any realm that they were put in, charged towards Nie Tian.

However, before they could reach him, their branches, leaves, and flowers started attacking each other, sending countless streaks of light into their surroundings.


The earth shook as they tangled up in a fierce, senseless struggle.

It was as if they were all convinced that whoever got Nie Tian and devoured his flesh essence would become the second Tree of Life, and become immortal in a real sense!

Astonishment filled Ji Cang’s face.

Then, he suddenly jerked his head around to discover that the auras of Agaz the flame dragon, the five evil gods, the black tortoise, and the Rampage Behemoth’s bone were all soaring through the sky.

All of them had been fused with Nie Tian’s Blood Essence at certain points.