Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1710: A Watering Mouth

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High above, the part of the tunnel that was filled with glorious interweaving lights suddenly exploded.

From Nie Tian’s point of view, the explosion seemed to create a huge hole in the heavens with sparkling bits of light.

Immediately afterwards, one figure after another fell through the hole.

There were Devils, Netherspirits, and Bonedrudes.

Human experts, rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea, and the outsiders from the Spirit World also swarmed into the hole.


A Floragrim starship exploded upon entering the huge hole.

The few dozen Floragrims on it were reduced to green blood mists.

“Starships can’t go through!” Someone screamed. “Only beings in flesh form can enter the hole!”

Many starships that were just about to enter with soldiers of different species on them came to sudden stops.

Then, numerous figures abandoned their starships and dove into the huge hole.

“Nie Tian. Nie Tian.” Dong Li called out to Nie Tian twice, but didn’t receive any response. Then, she activated her dark power to examine him with rapt attention.

That was when she came to a startling discovery.

Nie Tian’s heart had stopped!

Just as she was about to cry out, the black tortoise’s soul message came through. “He’s trying to awaken a brand new bloodline talent. I can sense that the bloodline aura in his heart is going through some sort of change.”

“I was scared to death,” Dong Li said, placing her hand on her chest.

Meanwhile, Ji Cang had been looking up with rapt attention the whole time.

His expression grew grimmer and grimmer as he said, “After entering the hole, they seem to be pulled by some power and scattered to distant areas. This is so strange...”

Numerous powerful experts of various species scattered and disappeared in different directions after falling through the exploded tunnel.

None of them remained in the void above Nie Tian and the others, or released any significant power after entering.

They looked around, and couldn’t see a single newcomer in their surroundings, dead or alive.

“Strange indeed,” Dong Li said, after being convinced that Nie Tian was fine.

She hadn’t used the Dark Aureole’s power since the crisis with Void Spirits had been resolved. Now, after pondering for a moment, she exclaimed softly, “Dark Eye: reflect!”

The mysterious Dark Aureole floating above her suddenly gathered dark power to morph into a pitch-black eyeball.

Images started to emerge in it, as if it could reflect anything happening anywhere.

Dong Li didn’t look up at the dark eye because everything that was being reflected in it was also being reflected in her sea of awareness synchronously. She simply turned to Ji Cang and said, “I can only cover a five hundred kilometer radius around me with it. You’re right. No one seems to have fallen into our surroundings.”

Ji Cang looked at the images presented by the dark eye carefully, and saw countless withered branches and dried remains of dead spirit plants and devil plants, skeletons of creatures that had died for who knew how long, and clusters of orange flames that were flying around to hunt Void Spirits and slowly building up their strength.

“Hmm?!” Ji Cang and Dong Li suddenly exclaimed simultaneously.

They both saw a grayish-brown swamp looming in multicolored toxic miasma.

A devilishly beautiful young woman could be seen in the depths of the swamp.

The woman had her lower body in the swamp, and her exposed naked upper body was covered in strangely gorgeous tattoo-like patterns.

The patterns started with her cheeks. They spread down her snow-white neck, to her ample breasts, and eventually to her flat abdomen...

Dong Li’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Mu Biqiong!”

Even she felt envious looking at her physique that was full of temptation and almost too perfect to exist. “Wait. This woman from the Bliss Mountain Sect must have been...”

In the images presented by the Dark Aureole, Mu Biqiong gave a gentle, charming smile and asked, “Are you looking at me, big sister?”

However, both Ji Cang and Dong Li were taken aback after seeing her eyes.

Two devilish flowers could be seen in the depths of her eyes.

They almost took up all of her pupils, making one eye enchanting and passionate, while the other eye was cold and merciless.

It was as if two living beings with two souls had merged together.

This gave her a very mysterious look.

Since her lower body was in the swamp, no one could see her beautiful legs. However, they felt as if the roots of two devilish flowers had pierced deeply into the swamp to absorb nourishment from it.

The swamp was drying up bit by bit, while the toxic miasma over her head was growing thinner and thinner.

With a gentle smile, she reached out with a jade-like finger and pointed at Dong Li playfully. “Why are you not talking to me, big sister?”


Wisps of dark power suddenly manifested to bite at the tip of her finger.

After she let out a soft painful cry, the milky skin on her fingertip split open, and branches that were as fine as hairs flew out to pierce at Dong Li in a nasty manner.

That was when the swamp suddenly disappeared, like the reflections in a pond that had a rock tossed into it.

Feeling a stabbing pain in her mind, Dong Li let out a muffled groan, her expression flickering slightly.

Mu Biqiong’s image could no longer be seen in the Dark Aureole. A grim look filled Dong Li’s face as she said, “She must have been completely possessed by those coexisting flowers. And those coexisting flowers must be very satisfied with her body, so they’ve transferred all of their power into her.”

All of the coexisting flower seeds that had been scattered to the three worlds had picked suitable hosts to live in.

After they grew to a certain extent, they would bewitch their hosts to come to the Dark Abyss and join their main body.

The ones inside of Mu Biqiong had come from two of the countless seeds that had been spread across the three worlds, yet the coexisting flowers’ main body seemed to be very satisfied with this body of hers, and had fused all of its power into it.

That was why the coexisting flowers’ main body could present itself in Mu Biqiong’s form.

All of Mu Biqiong’s memories and experiences had become a part of it as well.


Though Dong Li and Ji Cang couldn’t see it, the swamp where the coexisting flowers had taken root was moving towards them at a high speed.


At this moment, a Devil grand patriarch and a ninth grade lightning dragon fell from the void above.

The two of them had been fighting in the Realm of Shadow Devil. However, upon discovering that the tunnel had opened up, they had descended without hesitation.

They had refrained from fighting each other on their way down. Their plan was to resume their battle after entering this mysterious space.

Now, the two of them spotted the devilishly beautiful naked woman in the swamp simultaneously.

Even though they were a Devil and a lightning dragon, they were completely dazzled by this female, which was clearly a human. They seemed to have lost themselves in her charms.


While the swamp under her was still moving, Mu Biqiong let out a soft chuckle, and pointed her palms towards the Devil and the lightning dragon from afar.

Thick, sinister roots instantly shot out of her palms to entangle the Devil grand patriarch that was thousands of meters tall and the enormous dragon that was wreathed in lightning bolts.

“Come down here!”

Mu Biqiong made a pulling motion with her hands, and the two of them were dragged down to the swamp.

The Devil grand patriarch and the lightning dragon let out blood-curdling screams as they crashed into the swamp. However, even more terrifying roots rapidly reached out from underneath them, pierced into their bodies, and started draining their life force. Within seconds, they lost any signs of life.

However, the two devilish flowers within Mu Biqiong’s eyes grew more and more distinct, one bright-colored, and the other dark-colored.

“Nie Tian, your body contains the power of life origin. I’ve been drooling over it for a long time.” With these words, She licked her lips with desire written all over her unearthly gorgeous face. The memories of her failed attempts to possess Nie Tian’s body in the Shatter Battlefield also came back to her. “I won’t fail again.”