Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1709: Sufficient Sacrifices

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In the Realm of Middle Continent, the battle between Grand Monarch Bone Piercer and the third-generation Tree of Life gave rise to mighty life power and death power fluctuations.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had ended his battle against Yin Xingtian to fight the third-generation Tree of Life because he knew that Nie Tian and the Tree of Life were his natural enemies and the only ones that could end the Bonedrude bloodline.

After his leaving, Yin Xingtian, who had awakened his memories and powers as the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, had become an unstoppable force.

Numerous Bonedrudes and Bonedrude starships had been easily cut to pieces by him with his Azure Heaven Divine Sword, as if they were made of paper.

Aside from Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, the Bonedrudes didn’t have another grand monarch that could match Yin Xingtian’s battle prowess.

Even under the joint attacks of Grand Monarch Sharp Bones and several other Bonedrude grand monarchs, Yin Xingtian still seemed unchallenged.


Pei Qiqi, who had gone berserk, was also harvesting Bonedrude lives with the interweaving spatial rifts.

She seemed to have lost herself in the frenzied killing.

However, the aura, battle prowess, and mastery of spatial power she displayed had reached unprecedented heights.

Also, with the Realm of Middle Continent arriving and a number of Ancientspirit and Floragrim grand monarchs joining the battle, the situation seemed to have turned.

However, all of these changes and reinforcements had been rendered meaningless by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s outburst.


Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the sea of rolling Devil Qi, as if profound magical laws were being manifested in Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s flesh aura sea.

His pupils, one pitch-black and the other dark purple, looked like two mighty stars.

“Heaven Sha...” With a low chuckle, he brought his enormous devil hands down repeatedly.


Every time he did, his gigantic devil hand crushed down like a landmass that weighed billions of tons.

The Heaven Sha’s murky blood domain made of the blood of all species exploded in a violent fashion.

In the next moment, his shattered blood domain morphed into numerous blood pools.

Each and every blood pool was filled with blood of a different color. Within the bubbles that kept rising in the blood pools, the Heaven Sha’s face gradually emerged.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil let out a derisive snort and said, “The Blood Spirit Sect’s Grand Blood Pool Incantation. You’ll serve as a superior sacrificial offering as well!”

A total of ninety-nine blood pools were scattered under the sea of rolling Devil Qi. Each of them took up several square kilometers, and contained the blood of different species.

There was Devil blood, Netherspirit blood, Seaspirit blood, Moonspirit blood, Lightspirit blood, titan blood, dragon blood, Ancientbeast blood, and the blood of other outsider species.

Some of the blood pools even contained blood that belonged to extinct species. It was a mystery how the Heaven Sha had managed to find it and refine it to his blood domain.

“Grand Blood Pool Incantation!” Master Blood Spirit exclaimed with wide eyes.

Admiration filled his face as he looked around at the ninety-nine blood pools. “It’s not hard to make one blood pool. However, to make ninety-nine of them with the blood of grand patriarchs and grand monarchs of different species is extremely difficult. I’d never thought that someone could actually master the legendary Grand Blood Pool Incantation of our sect!”

However, Master Blood Spirit’s face froze in the next moment.

He saw a devil hand emerging in every bubble in every blood pool.

Countless devil hands magically appeared in the bubbles in all ninety-nine blood pools.

The Heaven Sha’s faces within them were suddenly grabbed by those devil hands, and then squeezed into bursting.


As the bubbles burst one after another, the blood pools quickly fell into the tunnel like kites that had their lines severed, and were ground into blood mists by the glorious lights inside.

No one knew whether the Heaven Sha survived.

However, either way, he couldn’t possibly be a threat to Grand Monarch Heaven Devil anymore.

It was hard to believe that even the Heaven Sha, the strongest of the six kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea, was defeated by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and tossed into the deadly tunnel!

“My heavens!” Everyone’s heart was filled with dread as they turned to look at Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

Then, under their gazes, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s flesh aura sea charged directly towards the Snow Devil.


The Snow Devil’s god domain instantly split into countless sparkling and crystal-clear snowflakes that filled a large area of the void.

However, the snowflakes seemed to be infiltrated by devil power, and turned blackish-violet in the blink of an eye.

The blackish-violet snowflakes were no longer gorgeous and swift. Instead, they became incomparably heavy as they quickly fell into the tunnel with interweaving lights, and perished.

After the Heaven Sha, the Snow Devil was also brought down by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

Even Mo Heng was apprehensive after seeing Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s unstoppable momentum. “It seems that only by working together can we fight for a chance at contending against him.”

He had no choice but to turn to look at Yin Xingtian, who was standing unwavering while being attacked by a group of Bonedrude experts, and say, “Well...”

“I got it,” Yin Xingtian, or the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, said with an expressionless face.

As soon as he slashed his sword with great force, even the void cracked and exploded. Grand Monarch Sharp Bones and the four other Bonedrude grand monarchs hastily backed away from his surroundings.

A slash of sword light flew towards Grand Monarch Heaven Devil like a plow ploughing fields, leaving a shiny track behind it.

Seeing this, Mo Heng joined him in attacking Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.


In the dark areas in the tunnel.

For some reason, the darkness was dissipating, allowing Nie Tian to get a clear view of a large area around him.

He saw that the Divine Flame had been capturing and refining Void Spirits to strengthen itself since its arrival.

Thanks to this, the Void Spirits were no longer a threat to Dong Li.

“Look!” Dong Li suddenly exclaimed, pointing up at the part of the tunnel that was filled with glorious interweaving lights.

Nie Tian narrowed his eyes, and saw that a Devil soldier had passed through without being ground into a blood mist.

Disbelief filled the face of the eighth grade Devil soldier, who was bleeding from many cuts, as if he was also wondering why he was still alive after being attacked by a dragon and knocked into the tunnel.

Soon, wounded soldiers of other species also fell through without being killed.

The glorious life-reaping lights in the tunnel seemed to have grown stable.

Ji Cang took a deep breath, and said looking both excited and nervous, “I suspect that anyone can dive into these dark areas safely now. I’m afraid that the battles will take place in this mysterious space from now on, instead of in the Realm of Shadow Devil.”

After a short pause, he added, “Perhaps it’s about time we look around and see where that gate is.”

Dong Li shuddered with surprise. “Is the Dark Abyss finally going to open?”

Ji Cang nodded. “Enough sacrifices have been made. A large number of grand monarchs have died up there. Besides, I believe just as many grand monarchs have died in another place.”

“Are you saying...?” Dong Li asked curiously.

Ji Cang let out a sigh and said, “The place where Qin Yao and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer are leading a battle.”

All of the survivors outside shouted, “We’re good to go!”

“Enough sacrifices have been made!”

“Let’s go in, and find the gate!”

One after another, they shot down into the tunnel at the fastest speed possible.

Nie Tian braced himself and reactivated his Life-origin Form. As his body expanded at a fast rate, he cried out, “Come on! Let’s see what on earth lies in this Dark Abyss!”


The continuously-growing Bloodline Crystal Chains in his heart suddenly bound together to present him with a brand new bloodline talent.