Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1708: The Divine Flame Arrives

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In the Silent Star Sea.

Ancientspirits and Floragrims had settled in various different realms.

Some titans had established themselves on the magical land that Nie Tian used to visit through the portal activated by the Flame Dragon Armor.

At this moment, the titans on this land and the nearby ones were suddenly shocked to discover that the enormous branches that had pierced through those lands were rapidly turning to ashes that vanished in the wind.

The same went for the dragons and Ancientbeasts on the other realms and flat landmasses.

Soon, all of the Ancientspirits and Floragrims that had moved from the Spirit World realized that the entire withered first-generation Tree of Life was disappearing, and along with the power it had used to seal the Silent Star Sea.

From now on, the three major races of the Void World would be able to enter the Silent Star Sea without resistance, and cross the Silent Star Sea into the Spirit World.

As this happened, the third-generation Tree of Life thrived in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

It appeared that its expanding enormous branches were soon going to pierce out of the realm barrier of the Realm of Middle Continent.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer sat towering on the bone throne. The look in his eyes gradually grew grim as he opened his mouth to say, “The protector of the Spirit World, the creator of the Floragrims, is beyond ordinary indeed. No wonder even Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit suffered fatal injuries from his battle against it in the Silent Star Sea.”


He suddenly shot towards the Realm of Middle Continent, sitting on his bone throne.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils, however, remained in the depths of rolling Devil Qi, where he gazed at the Realm of Middle Continent in the distance with cold narrowed eyes and said, “It’s really not easy to make you leave the Spirit World and come here.”

It didn’t seem that he was going to join the fight.

Withdrawing his gaze, he looked down into the tunnel. Watching the numerous devil plants and spirit plants in the brightening dark areas perish because of the third-generation Tree of Life, he muttered, “Even the plants down there can’t escape you.”

Down in the tunnel...

Ji Cang was taken aback. “What? The Spirit World is losing its energies of heaven and earth at a shocking rate? And the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims have been forced to move to the Silent Star Sea?”

He had just received this piece of information from Nie Tian.

After a moment of astonishment, Ji Cang seemed to come to a sudden enlightenment as he said, “Oh... No wonder...”

“No wonder what?” Nie Tian asked, looking confused.

“The Tree of Life has finished two life cycles, and its third-generation is still quite young,” Ji Cang explained. “If it wants to return to its first-generation’s height and regain its paragon-level power, it’ll need a tremendously vast amount of energies. The fact that the Spirit World is losing all of its energies of heaven and earth has limited its growth.

“It must have realized that, in its current situation, the Spirit World most likely won’t be able to help it return to its prime.

“Therefore, it chose to take root in the Realm of Middle Continent, sensing that it might be holding massive secrets. Now, after sensing the opening of the Dark Abyss, it has traveled billions of kilometers to this place from the Spirit World. All it wants is to return to its peak state.”

With these words, he frowned. “It’s just that we don’t know how much power it has recovered so far...”

As the Tree of Life engaged in a battle against Grand Monarch Bone Piercer in the Realm of Middle Continent, more and more spirit plants and devil plants perished in the dark areas in the bottomless tunnel.

All of the strongest Demon Eyes Flowers, Spectre Trees, and coexisting flowers hid themselves.

Because of this, the dark areas in the tunnel became much less dangerous than before.

“Ah!” Dong Li exclaimed once again.

The Void Spirits had launched a new round of attacks, as they struck her dark power shield in a frenzied manner.

“Void Spirits... Void Spirit...” Nie Tian took a deep breath and quickly released his flame domain, where that inconceivably mysterious flame formation slowly rotated and changed.

He made a call in his heart.

In the next moment, he was surprised to sense the Divine Flame’s response!

What was even more surprising was that some power in the darkness seemed to start interacting with it!

All of a sudden, a small cluster of orange flame flew out of the center of the flame formation that was a down-scaled replica of the super-large-scale flame formation in the Flame Land.

It was the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End!

It seemed to have ignored the boundless space between the Mortal World and the Void World as it swiftly emerged from his flame domain to enter this unique space.

“The Divine Flame!” Dong Li was exclaimed in astonishment.

Ji Cang’s expression also flickered with shock as he said, “The origin of this Divine Flame lies with a kind of power similar to that of the Void Spirits in the Dark Abyss! It was born here! As for why it would leave here for the Domain of Flame’s End, it’s a puzzle that even I can\'t solve!”

“Could you do me a favor?” Nie Tian issued a request to the Divine Flame through his soul.

He asked the Divine Flame to solve Dong Li’s problem.

He could tell that Dong Li was having difficulty shielding herself with the Dark Aureole.

However, he couldn’t see or detect the Void Spirits attacking her in any way. Therefore, he didn’t know how to help her.

“Uhh...” He was dumbfounded immediately after he issued his request.

Dents instantly stopped appearing on the dark power shield Dong Li had enveloped herself with.


In Dong Li’s surroundings, things that he couldn’t see appeared to be engulfed by small clusters of fire released by the Divine Flame, and started burning violently.

He could vaguely hear what seemed to be the agonized shrieks of Void Spirits.

What was even more amazing was that the clusters of fire didn’t grow smaller as they burned, but became larger and larger.

Those clusters of fire the Divine Flame had separated from itself seemed to be refining those Void Spirits’ power to make themselves stronger.


More and more clusters of fire were separated from the Divine Flame to burn in the vicinity, giving rise to crackling sounds.

They all grew larger as they burned!

Some large ones even split up to make more clusters of fire that burned and grew in the area.

Numerous Void Spirits seemed to be lurking in the darkness.

Now, after the arrival of the Divine Flame, they had suddenly become its prey, which it used to strengthen itself!

The Divine Flame was clearly growing stronger and stronger.

It also fluctuated cheerfully, as if it were glad to come back here at this time.

“It seems to have waited for this moment for a very long time,” Ji Cang, the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, said, fixing his eyes on the cluster of orange flame. “And it seems to carry a flesh aura, which is...”

He jerked his head towards Nie Tian with an inquiring look in his eyes.

“I did make a transaction with it. It separated a flame spark from itself and gave it to me,” Nie Tian said. “In return, I gave it three drops of my Blood Essence.”

Amazement filled Ji Cang’s face.

Outside the Realm of Shadow Devil...

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils had been gazing down at the brightening tunnel the whole time, as if he was waiting for something.

As soon as the Divine Flame flew out of Nie Tian’s flame domain, his eyes lit up like two blazing purple suns, bursting forth with devastating light.

With a broad laugh, he said, “Even you have found your way here. I should have known that you’d come, but it’s really surprising that you’d come in this way.”

He seemed to be thrilled by the Divine Flame’s arrival somehow.


As he swatted with his enormous hand, many hybrids and rogue Qi warriors from the Doomed Star Sea were knocked flying into the tunnel filled with interweaving lights, like small rocks.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil suddenly started killing at a massive level, as if he didn’t want to wait anymore now that the Divine Flame was here.