Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1707: Turning A New Leaf

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Nie Tian nodded to agree. “You’re right.”

He had seen the immensity of the first-generation Tree of Life in the Doomed Star Sea. Even though it had withered and died, the scene where its colossal branches had pierced through thousands of realms was something he couldn’t even dream of.

The first-generation Tree of Life was vaster than anything he had ever seen.

Even Star Behemoths couldn’t match its size.

If there was one thing he had seen in his life that could be called a leviathan, then it had to be the Tree of Life.

Compared to it, all of the spirit plants and devil plants in this starry river were like common grass, completely not worth mentioning.

“Now that it’s here, the spirit plants and devil plants here can say goodbye to their glamorous days,” Ji Cang said, looking both expectant and a bit gloating. “In fact, no matter how powerful these plants are, and how desperately they seek breakthroughs by absorbing flesh power and discarnate souls, their nature remains unchanged. However, the Tree of Life is different. In fact, it is the ultimate form they seek to become.”


The floating continent floated quietly outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Having lost the Ripper Behemoth, it had lost all of its mysteries as a super-large-scale realm.

The pale-gray mists that contained ripping power, which had served as the realm barrier of the floating continent, had vanished completely.

Wisps of energies of heaven and earth kept rising from the floating continent to disperse into the starry river.

Pieces of broken landmasses from the shattered top continent kept drifting away from the floating continent.

On the bottom continent, chasms had ripped through the lands and mountains had toppled. Many ancient sites and relics, wondrous forests, and oceans seemed to be covered in a shade of gray.

With thick Devil Qi pervading every part of the floating continent, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had gained control of it with his will.

At this moment, the floating continent was slowly floating towards a distant territory that belonged to the Devils.

The time when the Ripper Behemoth had controlled the floating continent was over. From the look of it, it might be shaped into a super-large-scale Devil realm, a paradise for devilish creatures, in a few millennia.


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s terrifying figure, which was hundreds of thousands of meters tall, was hidden in a sea of rolling Devil Qi.

The intense flesh power he exuded had filled up a vast area around him.

Even the entire Domain of Shadow Devil seemed to be under the giant feet of his mighty form.

It was as if he could smash realms and crush grand monarchs and God domain experts with mere flicks of his hand.

His battle aura soared, his battle prowess unmatched.

All of the surviving humans, including Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and the Heaven Sha, had witnessed Grand Monarch Heaven Devil forcing his way into the floating continent and knocking the Ripper Behemoth down into the tunnel, where it had been reduced to a rainstorm of blood. Their hearts sank horribly.

The kind of power Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had displayed, the infinite changes he could manage, and his command of devil energy was simply amazing.

They were convinced that he was an unmatched force that was only a step away from becoming a paragon, until...

Master Blood Spirit, who had visited the Spirit World with Nie Tian before, exclaimed as he saw an azure realm flying from the distance like a colossal glowing sphere, “The Realm of Middle Continent!”

Many Qi warriors from the four great sects who hadn’t been to the Spirit World were confused. “The Realm of Middle Continent?”

The Heaven Sha, who had recovered his true form, gasped in astonishment. Apparently, having lived in the Doomed Star Sea for a long time, he had long since learned about the Realm of Middle Continent. “It’s the place where humanity was born! But how could it travel all the way here by itself?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims suddenly flew out of the Realm of Middle Continent. “The creator of my people is controlling the Realm of Middle Continent! Hmm, I see that you’re quite busy!”

Then, Chatvic the titan, the Golden-feathered Divine Finch, Scotte the lightning dragon, and many other Ancientspirits and Floragrims charged out of the Realm of Middle Continent as well.

As soon as they did, they flew into battle against the members of the three major races of the Void World.

Master Blood Spirit was shocked. “Shouldn’t you be in the Silent Star Sea? Since it’s being protected by the residual power of the first-generation Tree of Life, it should be the safest place at this time. Why would you travel through the starry river to join the battles in the Void World?”

He found this baffling.

“This turmoil is bound to sweep across the three worlds and involve every species there is. No one can run from it.” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said. “The creator of my kind had a sense that many upheavals, including the energies of heaven and earth running out in the Spirit World, might have something to do with the Dark Abyss.

“So when the Realm of Middle Continent traveled past the Silent Star Sea, we answered its summons and joined its journey here.

“All of our weak and young are still safely in the Silent Star Sea. As long as the continuation of our kind is secured, we have nothing to be afraid of.

“Also, Grand Monarch Life Wood, our former high chieftain was killed by the Bonedrudes in the Void World. We had to come and avenge him.”

As the spokesman for the Tree of Life, Grand Monarch Primal Wood sounded very confident as he made these statements.

“I killed Grand Monarch Life Wood,” Grand Monarch Bone Piercer said in a haughty manner sitting towering on his bone throne. “I bet the Floragrims will go extinct in this heavenly tribulation. Then again, too many species have gone extinct in the history of this starry river. It’s nothing uncommon.”


All of a sudden, the rich wood power in the green, exuberantly-vegetated area of the Realm of Middle Continent gathered together to take the form of a gigantic ancient tree.

As soon as the illusory ancient tree came to form, many realms in the neighboring domains that were rich in wood power had their power drained at an alarming rate.

At the same time, people noticed that the devil plants and spirit plants in the brightening dark areas in the tunnel, such as the Demon Eyes Flowers, the Spectre Trees, and the coexisting flowers, were all trembling in fear.

Streams of intense wood power started to rise out of those rare plants that were as powerful as late tenth grade grand monarchs and shoot straight up!


The branches of many devil plants and spirit plants shattered. Wisps of green, cyan, and blue power flew out to join the rising wood power streams.

Those streams rose through the glorious interweaving lights and out of the tunnel.

Then, they kept going straight up. They blasted out of the Realm of Shadow Devil and into the Realm of Middle Continent, where they disappeared into the third-generation Tree of Life!


Even Dong Li was flabbergasted seeing many smaller Heavenly Demonsbanes, Spectre Trees, and coexisting flowers explode and turn into streams of pure wood power.

This mysterious place held the main bodies and origins of all Demon Eyes Flowers, Heavenly Demonsbanes, and coexisting flowers.

Those smaller ones were their doppelgängers. Originally, they had been nothing but seeds that had been spread throughout the three worlds. Later, after they had grown stronger through devouring the life power of other creatures, they had returned to their main bodies.

There were great differences between the main bodies and doppelgängers of powerful existences.

Now, those doppelgängers, which had profound connections to their main bodies, exploded and had their power taken away by the Tree of Life!

They were an important portion of the power of their main bodies!

What surprised Dong Li even more was that even their main bodies were running and hiding.

They didn’t seem to have the slightest intent to fight back, like a flock of sheep running for their lives on the field after seeing giant eagles hovering above them.

Somewhere in the Realm of Middle Continent, where none of the others could see, the third-generation Tree of Life grew at an astonishing speed as it absorbed the glowing streams of energy that poured in.


In the Silent Star Sea, the unfathomably huge form of the first-generation Tree of Life, which was as solid as iron, suddenly turned to ashes, like bones that had been corroded for tens of thousands of years.

It simply turned to ashes and scattered in the wind.

The power that had been sealed within it, power that people didn’t know existed, traveled through boundless space to the Realm of Middle Continent, and joined its third-generation through some wondrous magic.

That power boosted its growth further.