Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1705: Various Secrets

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Ji Cang explained the rise and fall of the living beings in the three worlds, the births of paragons, the rules of heaven and earth, and many other profound issues to Nie Tian.

From him, Nie Tian learned that incomparably vast amounts of energies were required in order for mighty existences like paragons and the Rampage Behemoth to be born.

The three paragons in the history of the Void World lived in different times.

Right now, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, the top three powerful experts in the Void World, all yearned to join the ranks of the paragons.

The three of them had already reached a mutual understanding.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who was previously known as Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, intended to draw power from the Spirit World and shoot for transcendence by relying on his profound understanding of soul power and the souls of countless beings that he had harvested.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, who had been born in the Void World, had started many wars, where he had watched many Devil grand monarchs die.

He most likely wanted to see a large number of the grand monarchs in the Void World die in battle.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes was also pleased to see countless lives being dragged into fierce battles and perishing for good.

The Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones was a place that was specially designed to refine corpses and gather death power.

Other than boundless energies, the Dark Abyss was also a key factor as to whether they could join the ranks of paragons.

Tremendous sacrifices had to be made in order for the Dark Abyss to open.

That was why so many powerful experts from the Spirit World, the Mortal World, and the Void World, along with the strong fighters from the Doomed Star Sea and the Voidspirits, were arranged to gather to the Realm of Shadow Devil and engage in a fierce battle.

The three strongest grand monarchs in the Void World might have been planning this for a long time.

There were secret strifes among the three of them as well.

Other than them, Ji Cang, Qin Yao, the Ripper Behemoth, Jiang Yuanchi, and a number of other peak experts also had what it took to become paragons, given an opportunity.

Therefore, they did everything within their power to suppress them, who might become their competition.

As for their own clan members and subordinates, almost all of them were kept in the dark.

Perhaps they didn’t even care about their lives.

Nie Tian’s bloodline suddenly stirred.


The five evil gods flew over to him from different directions by following his aura in the darkness.

Aside from them, Agaz also flew to him in the form of a blazing flame dragon.

He had been knocked into the tunnel after suffering a heavy blow from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, then his fleshly body had been cut to pieces by the glorious lights. The same had happened to the five evil gods and Agaz after they had fallen into the tunnel.

However, it turned out that any flesh form that was infused with his Blood Essence would gain the ability to regenerate themselves.

After regenerating, they slowly found their way to his location by tracking his aura.


The five evil gods and Agaz gathered to his side.

Ji Cang’s expression flickered. Staring at the five evil gods, he asked, “Nie Tian, the five of them are loyal to you?”

Dong Li hadn’t told him everything about Nie Tian. All he knew was that Nie Tian was now a Son of the Stars, that he had learned about his relationship with Qin Yao, and that he had made shockingly fast advances in his cultivation.

There was still a lot about Nie Tian that he didn’t know.

“Are your injuries curable, Sectmaster?” Nie Tian asked sincerely. “What can I do to help you recover, or is there anything that can help you recover?”

With a faint smile, Ji Cang said, “If there is a chance for me to survive, then it must lie within the Dark Abyss. I’ve got to enter after it opens.”

Nie Tian turned to Dong Li and asked, “Did you see Grand Monarch Hell Demon? Like me, his body also exploded and fell into the darkness.”

Dong Li shook her head. “No, I didn’t.”

As they spoke, blood and mangled bodies kept falling from above, where glorious lights flashed across like blades. More and more powerful experts were dying.

With respect, Nie Tian asked Ji Cang many questions that he had had for ages. They were mainly about the background of his father Qin Yao, and why he had been evicted and considered the most crooked of all.

Ji Cang told him that in order to change the humans’ feeble bodies, Qin Yao had proposed a hybrid-breeding plan.

All of his experimental subjects had been talented youngsters.

Since the path of hybrid-breeding had been completely new and unexplored, it was impossible to avoid failures in the early phases.

If Qin Yao had succeeded without many failures, he would definitely have been known as the greatest sage in human history!

However, his success had come too late. It hadn’t come until he had been banished to the Doomed Star Sea.

The reason he had been banished was because his last experiment... had gone out of control.

Many experimental subjects had been eaten away by the backlashes and died.

All of those dead subjects had been elite disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and talented youngsters chosen from subordinate clans and sects of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Many of their parents and grandparents had great influence. They had harbored high hopes when they had put their descendants in Qin Yao’s hands.

Qin Yao had promised them that even if the experiment failed, the participants wouldn’t die.

However, a tragedy had happened. Together, they had pressured Ji Cang and many elders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace to punish Qin Yao.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had been forced to stop Qin Yao from carrying on with his experiments and expel him from the sect.

If they hadn’t, the entire Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace would have been thrown into chaos.

In fact, Qin Yao himself had shown signs of Qi deviation during that period of time. He had already seen the hope of success in his hybrid-breeding research. Therefore, even after being punished, he had refused to give up his research and throw away his years of effort. That had angered even more people.

As a result, the powerful Qi warriors of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had actually started hunting him.

At that time, he had been focused on his research and ignored the improvement of his battle prowess and cultivation base, which had put him in a very bad position when he had been pursued.

If Ji Cang hadn’t secretly protected him and practically escorted him to the Doomed Star Sea, he would have been killed.

After entering the Doomed Star Sea, he had thought many things through and found his direction. It was like a water dragon returning to the sea.

The Doomed Star Sea had become his blessed land, where his hybrid-breeding research had been approved of by many.

Soon, his new research had turned out to be a great success. Numerous young hybrids like Jiang Qinghuang had been created.

His success in hybrid-breeding had also led to great improvements in his cultivation base, battle prowess, and temperament, which had later helped him become the overlord of the Doomed Star Sea.

Through leading the six kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea to fight against the Void World, his battle prowess and cultivation base had further improved, and he had gradually built up a force that was stronger than any of the four great sects in the Mortal World.

“What’s with the three spatial rifts in the Domain of the Falling Stars that connect to the Demon realms?” Nie Tian asked.

“That force in the Doomed Star Sea had the Voidspirits build them,” Ji Cang explained. “The goal was to pierce into the heart of the Spirit World and break the outsiders’ defenses by starting with the Demons. But later, I took a secret trip to the Spirit World by myself. There, I had a meeting with Grand Monarch Primal Demon, Grand Monarch Nether River, and Grand Monarch Dark Depths.

“I learned that they had long since learned about the existence of the three major races of the Void World, and their ambitions.

“Since it turned out we all had the same enemies, those spatial rifts in the Domain of the Falling Stars were abandoned and kept a secret.

“Unfortunately, the grievances between the Spirit World and the Mortal World have become so deep that the two sides can’t get along in peace. Battles were still fought in the Dead Star Sea, but both sides had remained fairly restrained after that.

“Only later, after I left for the Void World, did the battles in the Dead Star Sea become fiercer.”