Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1704: The Fortune And Rules of Heaven And Earth

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In the starry river outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Numerous powerful experts from across the three worlds had either joined the battle or were observing the battle from the dark, as Jiang Yuanchi was.

Broken limbs and mangled body parts of Saint domain experts and ninth grade grand patriarchs kept falling into the tunnel with glorious interweaving lights, where they were reduced to blood mists that quickly disappeared into the dark depths.


A realm that had been drifting in the vicinity after the death of Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer suddenly exploded.

Gigantic broken pieces shot in every direction like countless burning meteors.

From the midst of the shooting meteors, the floating continent suddenly emerged.

It had crossed the Doomed Star Sea and taken a long journey through the stars to arrive here from the Mortal World.


The Ripper Behemoth let out an angry roar that shook the hearts of everyone present. Even many grand monarchs and God domain experts felt insecure and uneasy.

“The Ripper Behemoth?” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil didn’t seem very surprised. Instead, he seemed to have long since predicted its arrival. “Good. You’re finally here.”

In the next moment, he let out a cold snort, and his devil figure changed again.

He morphed into a sea of thick, blackish-violet clouds that expanded to fill a vast area of the starry river, before surging towards the incoming floating continent.

It made contact with the pale-gray mists enveloping the floating continent that contained ripping power, which was like two worlds clashing together!

The Ripper Behemoth’s mad roar instantly echoed from the heart of the floating continent, as if this Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Void World had made it, who had slumbered for so long, feel actually threatened for the first time.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s Devil Power Tide surged within the sea of devilish clouds, where countless black flames and purple lightning bolts emerged and disappeared, giving rise to endless changes.

Images of the birth, rise, and splendors of the Devil race seemed to unfurl in the sea of clouds like paintings, along with the wonders of their bloodline and the great battles they had fought.

The ripping power surrounding the floating continent couldn’t stop the intense devil power from entering.

The internal world inside the floating continent, which was wreathed in rich spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, was slowly infiltrated by Devil Qi.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil was already using his power to influence and change the floating continent.

Some spirit beasts and weaker creatures that lived on the floating continent suddenly felt pressure on their chest for some reason, and thus looked up at the sky.

They then discovered that the sky was becoming dark, as if it were being painted with purple and black paint. They felt very uneasy.

Many small landmasses and broken pieces from the exploded top continent were floating high in the sky.

At this moment, as Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil power poured in, cracking sounds came from many floating landmasses, and they started to plummet towards the bottom continent.

With a loud crash, a terrifying colossal creature that should exist only in dreams suddenly charged out of the pitch-black sea with a torrential aura, as if it were going to mangle all lives and rip through the heavens.

Almost at the same time, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil power fully infiltrated the floating continent, and his devil figure crashed into its internal world.

Heading towards the Ripper Behemoth, he smiled and said, “You’re far weaker than the Dark Behemoth and the Rampage Behemoth. Because you’re living in the wrong era, you can never reach their heights. This opening of the Dark Abyss is a great opportunity for you. I knew you’d come.

“Unfortunately, you came too early. You should have waited.”


Purple lightning bolts could be seen slithering in the thick devil clouds like huge dragons, each and every one of them so incredibly powerful that they could annihilate grand monarchs.

Surrounded by the lightning bolts, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil expanded at an alarming rate.

In the blink of an eye, he became three hundred thousand meters tall.

Even so, he was still much smaller than the Ripper Behemoth, which had charged out of the black sea.

However, immense devil power exuded from his devil form, like numerous volcanoes erupting at the same time, which was every bit as strong as the Ripper Behemoth’s.


A battle that was bound to go down in history broke out.

In the darkness in the depths of the tunnel, Nie Tian’s heart pounded. A shudder ran through him as he jerked his head up to look at the distant top part of the tunnel that was filled with glorious lights. “It appears that a battle has broken out between the strongest out there.”

“Who?” Dong Li asked.

“If what I suspect is true, it should be Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and the Ripper Behemoth,” Nie Tian said.

Ji Cang, the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, let out a sigh and said, “The Ripper Behemoth is no match for Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. Grand Monarch Heaven Devil is a peerless genius of the Devils. He’s every bit as talented as the Dark King. All he lacks is an opportunity to become a paragon.

“As for the Ripper Behemoth...” Ji Cang’s brow knitted. “It lives in a bad time. If this were the Primal Era, it would be able to grow stronger continuously and reach the Rampage Behemoth’s height. Then, it’d be able to defeat Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. However, this era we live in is far too harsh for Star Behemoths. Grand Monarch Heaven Devil will win, while it will either be severely injured or killed in battle.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered. “How can that be?”

Ji Cang had tempered himself on the floating continent back when he had been a Son of the Stars. Therefore, his understanding of the Ripper Behemoth surpassed everyone else’s.

He had received the Ripper Behemoth’s help in his early years.

After becoming the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, his communication with the Ripper Behemoth had grown even more frequent.

He had learned many profound mysteries and secrets of the three worlds, this starry river, and different eras from it.

Then, after entering the late God domain, he had traveled to the Spirit World, the Dead Star Sea, the Doomed Star Sea, and the Silent Star Sea, and found out about more secrets that even the Ripper Behemoth didn’t know.

Ji Cang took a deep breath and said, “Great changes took place and opened the Primal Era. At that time, there were very few living beings, but the starry river was rich in energies of heaven and earth. The mightiest creatures always need a tremendous amount of power to strengthen themselves. During the Primal Era, there were very few living beings, and the Star Behemoths were the overlords of the starry river, so they didn’t have any rivals.

“They had quite a large population at first. They even fought and killed each other. To make themselves stronger, they had to acquire power by devouring other beings or refining realms.

“The strongest Star Behemoths during that era could reach the level of the three paragons that later appeared in the Void World.

“However, as times changed, more and more species popped out, such as the titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts. In order to survive and grow stronger, the new species had to seize the energies of heaven and earth that the Star Behemoths originally had to themselves. Hence, they naturally became the Star Behemoths’ enemies, and the Star Behemoths would hunt and feed on them.

“However, during this time, the new species grew stronger and more intelligent. They learned to hide themselves from the mighty Star Behemoths. From time to time, they would even seize opportunities to kill young Star Behemoths before they could grow stronger.

“It was extremely difficult for Star Behemoths to reproduce. Even though they had almost endless lifespans, they grew far too slowly.

“Gradually, these overlords of the starry river became unadapted to the ever-changing times, and were slowly replaced by the titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts. The three major races in the Void World also helped with their elimination. Eventually, the last remaining powerful Star Behemoths were killed one by one by the paragons of the Void World, and they were considered extinct.

“The Ripper Behemoth wasn’t born in the Primal Era. When it grew stronger, the titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts had already grown into powerful races. While the amount of the energies of heaven and earth in the starry river is finite, the energies mighty existences like the Rampage Behemoth need are boundless. Since the titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts took a large chunk from the immense energies the Ripper Behemoth needed to make itself stronger, it would have to kill their numerous grand monarchs if it wanted to rise to new heights.

“The Void World is strong, right? Do you ever wonder why the three paragons lived in different eras?

“That’s because it takes too great an amount of energies to make a paragon. The existence of a single paragon might be the limit of the Void World. It can’t allow three paragons to exist at the same time.

“That’s determined by the rules of heaven and earth.

“The Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit all secretly spread their power in the Spirit World at different times to create the Demons, the Phantasms, and the Bonebrutes. The reason behind this was because they wanted to make more paragons with the vast energies the Spirit World had to offer. They were well-aware that there were too many powerful experts in the Void World, so it didn’t allow more paragons to appear.

“Back to this time we live in, the Void World had ten powerful late tenth grade grand monarchs and many more early and middle tenth grade grand monarchs. Such a large number of grand monarchs have consumed tremendous amounts of the energy and fortune of the Void World to become the powerful experts they are today. Under such circumstances, it’s impossible to make new paragons.

“They themselves have taken up far too much power and fortune.

“So some of them have to die.

“Some of the God domain experts and grand monarchs from the Mortal World and the Spirit World have to die as well.”