Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1701: Foreign Abominations Pile Up

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Chapter 1701: Foreign Abominations Pile Up

The ten Nie Tians were reborn in the depths of the darkness.

The moment his souls entered them, the nine Nie Tians gathered together with the largest one in the middle!

The Nie Tian who was holding the Rampage Behemoth bone shouted with a ferocious expression, “Get out of here!”

The red bones cut the vines of every Heavenly Demonsbane to pieces, like a rainbow streaking across the sky.

Blood-red juice spilled from the severed vines, like human bodies that had their limbs chopped off...

The Heavenly Demonsbanes instantly shrieked!

Another Nie Tian, which had been infused with a sub-soul, stared at the deep purple vines and the spilling blood-red liquid in surprise. He exclaimed softly, “Life Drain!”


Crystalline chains that emitted bloody light shot out from the palm of this doppelganger, which could still use his true form’s bloodline talent to absorb the red, blood-like liquid spilling from the Heavenly Demonsbanes with a loud gurgle.

Strong flesh power from various races surged from the liquid.

The purest flesh power was obviously from… a titan!

“Why do you have to court death?” another Nie Tian said.

Looking at a Demon Eyes Flower’s huge flower bud, he laughed wickedly. “The devil plant that ranks first? Do you want to use my Blood Essence to help you upgrade yourself? Do you think that’s possible?”


Nie Tian’s doppelganger that had fused with his wood sub-soul suddenly morphed into a land where there stood a lush Godspirit Tree and numerous towering ancient trees.

This land was engraved with many wonders of the Tree of Life, with streaks of green wood power swimming across the land like rainbows and streams.


A huge incoming flower bud from the Demon Eyes Flower fell towards the land and suddenly burst like a balloon.

In a flash, the wood energy from the Demon Eyes Flower scattered and morphed into purple raindrops that fell on the land.

The Godspirit Tree and the towering ancient trees that the seventy-two branches had morphed into directly devoured the purple raindrops, and turned them into nourishment which could nourish them and help them grow.

Looking at the furtive spirit plants that flew over with ferocious spirits emerging from their flowers, the Nie Tian that had fused with his true soul laughed scornfully. “Ghost Spirit Grass? The abomination that Grand Monarch Ghost Spirit’s discarnate soul condensed into after he died?”

“You nibble away at discarnate souls and strengthen yourself with the deceased’s soul power. This means of growth and evolution is from the Netherspirits indeed.”

“But...” He paused. “You’re after the wrong target.”

As a thought entered his mind, his soul power condensed, and a Soul-splitting Seal formed in an instant.

Then, the Soul-splitting Seal flew out of his eye.

At the sight of the Soul-splitting Seal, the ferocious spirits emerging from the flowers of the Ghost Spirit Grass were greatly frightened, and attempted to retreat to the Ghost Spirit Grass’s true form.

“Break!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly, and the power of the seal immediately enveloped the Ghost Spirit Grass’s flowers.


The ferocious spirits on the flowers were torn up and evaporated as strands of refined soul power rose from the flowers.


Just then, the fleshly bodies of the five evil gods who Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had badly injured gathered again.

Their sinister bodies suddenly became incomparably ethereal and light. They displayed their bloodline talent and opened their mouths to swallow the soul power rising from the Ghost Spirit Grass’s flowers.

A heartrending cry came from the darkness.

A Ghost Spirit Grass that had thick roots and stems and flowers like giant ghostly faces flew over in a threatening manner.

Its branches and leaves slashed at the five evil gods like jagged blades.

Slashed at by the branches and leaves, the evil god of fear’s recondensed body cracked open.

The five evil gods roared with anger, and instantly engaged in a fierce fight against the Ghost Spirit Grass. Also, they seemed very excited, as if they knew that this Ghost Spirit Grass was the source of all the Ghost Spirit Grass in the three worlds, and that they could reap a good fortune from it.

If the rumor was true, and the Ghost Spirit Grass was transformed from the fragmentary soul of Grand Monarch Ghost Spirit of the Netherspirits, then Grand Monarch Ghost Spirit must have sealed his fragmentary souls in different Ghost Spirit Grasses through the evil soul magics of the Netherspirits.

The Ghost Spirit Grasses had upset domains and engulfed souls in the three worlds so they could grow and upgrade.

What they had done was all a result of Grand Monarch Ghost Spirit’s residual will.

Compared to the fragmentary soul of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit communicating with the River of Souls and transforming into the Nether Rivers, this kind of behavior wasn’t as brilliant and mystical, but was more vicious.

The five evil gods’ fleshly bodies had been forged by Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, so their bodies naturally could be regenerated, and they had the wonders of Heavenly Wood Heal.

That was why they could still reform after they had passed through the gorgeous passage and their fleshly bodies had been torn apart.

“Master, leave the Ghost Spirit Grass to us.”

“We’ve probably figured out where it came from and what it wants to do. If it dies at our hands, we’ll acquire the power of the fragmentary souls that it has swallowed and refined for the past millennia.”

“If it kills us, it’ll be able to upgrade and revive itself. The power it’ll gain from us will make it as strong as Grand Monarch Soul Capturer!”

A familiar cry came from another Heavenly Demonsbane. “Nie Tian!”

After freezing for a moment, Nie Tian flew towards the place where the sound came from, and no longer paid attention to the battle between the five evil gods and the Ghost Spirit Grass.

His true form moved, and his nine doppelgangers swarmed after him by relying on the link between their sub-souls and flesh aura.

Midway, every devil plant and spirit plant that harbored malicious intentions towards him was mercilessly eradicated by his true form and doppelgangers.

He recognized that the cry came from Hua Mu, who had fallen earlier.

As he fell, Hua Mu hadn’t encountered any resistance, and had fallen into the Dark Abyss safely.

Soon Nie Tian saw Hua Mu. “Uncle Hua!”

Hua Mu’s body was wrapped tightly in the vines of the Heavenly Demonsbane, leaving only his face, which had become much more haggard than before.

Dozens of other Heavenly Demonsbanes, large and small, were scattered around him.

One of the Heavenly Demonsbanes was three thousand meters high!

All of the other smaller ones were connected to the large one.

The Heavenly Demonsbane within Hua Mu had stretched out its vines to twine that largest Heavenly Demonsbane, as if to recognize its ancestor. It was like a stream returning to the sea, or a wandering man returning home.

“Help me!” Hua Mu wailed. His thin face suddenly started to bleed.

The Heavenly Demonsbane appeared to be devouring his flesh with its vines.

The place where the Heavenly Demonsbane was rooted was the waist and abdomen of the colossal corpse of the titan high chieftain.


Nie Tian’s true form flew out like a sword.

At this moment, Hua Mu’s eyes shone with a deep, green, cold light, which clearly didn’t belong to a human. “You cut my vines and sucked my blood. You must die!”

Thousands of vines flew out of the largest Heavenly Demonsbane like steel bars.

In an instant, Nie Tian’s true form was wrapped up by numerous vines, which frantically tightened around him.

“The man named Hua Mu who called you is completely gone now. I’ve devoured all his residual awareness and blood, leaving nothing behind.”

The Heavenly Demonsbane’s awareness had successfully possessed Hua Mu’s body.

Nie Tian could no longer detect Hua Mu’s aura. Both his soul awareness and his flesh fluctuations had undergone earth-shaking changes.

At this moment, it became painfully clear to him that the Heavenly Demonsbane was right.

Uncle Hua, who had accompanied and looked after him for many years since he was a child, had failed to reverse his fate and escape the shackles of the Heavenly Demonsbane.

Hua Mu was gone. The Heavenly Demonsbane in his fleshly body had successfully possessed him, with his body and soul as well as his spiritual core as nutrients.

Then, Nie Tian noticed that the smaller Heavenly Demonsbanes connected to the largest Heavenly Demonsbane also had faces wrapped in their vines.

While a few of them belonged to humans, most of them belonged to Devils and creatures from unknown races.

They were all miserable beings who had been implanted with Heavenly Demonsbanes and driven to fall in here by the Heavenly Demonsbane’s awareness like Hua Mu.