Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1700: Sink

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Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil hand slapped over and over, shattering pieces of the starry river.

The Blood Sha, the kingpin of the Doomed Star Sea who was in a condensed pure combat form, exploded into a blood mist.

The blood mist regathered and recondensed into the Blood Sha, who growled.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil kept slapping the Blood Sha as he exploded into a blood mist again.

This scene repeated itself again and again.

After seven times, the Blood Sha, who had exploded into blood mist again, recovered at a speed half as fast as before.

When the Blood Sha was finally condensed, he became the Heaven Sha again, a bald burly man with a naked upper body.

His pure combat form had become unsustainable before he could even display his true strength.

He was greatly shocked. “Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s true form!”

At this moment, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil no longer paid attention to the Heaven Sha.

With a nasty grin, he suddenly morphed into the Chaos Behemoth’s horrifying form. The tail of the giant scorpion from the Chaos Behemoth’s form released chaotic, twisting power to beat the five evil gods until they were covered in blood.

“Sink!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil shouted loudly. His devil body changed again and morphed into a mighty devil made of lava who had been a transient figure in the Devils’ history.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil growled and laughed heartily. “No matter how many changes are made, they share the same principle. No matter how many Devils are born, they share the same root. I am the root and beginning of all Devils!”

It was as if he were the first Devil to be born in the Void World, shouting at all living beings to announce his arrival.

Deep red lava and fire gushed out of the lava devil that he had morphed into.

In an instant, the five evil gods were severely injured.

Their sinister bodies fell into the gorgeous passage below after Nie Tian.

Pei Qiqi, Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and Feng Beiluo all screamed, “Nie Tian!”

While fighting, they still paid close attention to Nie Tian as he fell.

They were afraid that he would be instantly destroyed by the colorful lights and reduced to ashes, like the others before him.


The moment Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form fell into the gorgeous passage, hundreds of beams of light popped up and tore at it like sharks that had smelled blood.

The Lifeblood Shield that had been spontaneously condensed was shattered almost instantly.

Then he felt stabbing pain that went all the way to his bones.

Nie Tian instantly howled.

His soul awareness was suddenly detached from his fleshly body to float independently.

It looked as if his nine sub-souls and his true soul forcibly broke away from his body, wrapped in his sea of soul awareness.

His disembodied true soul and nine sub-souls quickly sank into the dark areas in the depths of the passage.

Through his soul awareness, he could see his Life-origin Form being torn apart by hundreds of streaks of light and reduced to pieces of mangled flesh.

However, no blood spilled from it.

Followed closely his true soul and sub-souls, the pieces of flesh that belonged to him sank into the dark land where Dong Li, Hua Mu, and Mu Biqiong were.

The crooked forces from the Doomed Star Sea and the human experts who were fighting hard were in a daze, feeling depressed and regretful.

“Nie Tian is dead?”

“His body exploded. His souls brightened like stars for a moment, and then quickly faded.”

“Even he died in there?”

Suddenly, an extremely grieved shriek came out of Pei Qiqi’s mouth. “Nie Tian!”

Her spotless eyes, which were as bright as gems, were full of tears.

Her grief moved everyone.

Even the deaths of her father Pei Yukong, Duru, and the Voidspirits hadn’t made her so emotional.

Maybe it was because she had been holding back and hiding her emotions.

Nie Tian’s broken body seemed to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back and finally made her break down.


Brilliant blue light surged out of her, like cold electric light piercing the starry dome. The light passed through the Space Boundaries Crystal and disappeared into the interwoven spatial rifts that she had torn open behind her.

The many spatial rifts grew wide open and then began to float and move around, as if they were out of control.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, who was ranked in the top ten in the Void World and had manipulated the Domain of Shadow Devil in an incredible way earlier, was forced to continuously gather devil Qi and retreat by the Snow Devil’s Divine Snow Kingdom.

She retreated into the interwoven spatial rifts by accident.

The interwoven spatial rifts were like a huge and extremely sharp net of light, which quickly cut Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s flesh aura sea, devil body, and devil soul into fragments.

Her broken flesh, devil soul, and aura fell straight into the gorgeous passage.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s flesh and devil soul were suddenly reduced to minced flesh and soul strands, as if they had been tossed into a grinder. Then, they vanished into the dark areas in the depths of the passage, following in Nie Tian’s footsteps.

Seeing this, several Devil grand monarchs instantly turned very pale. With incredulous looks on their faces, they shouted, “Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer!”

Pei Qiqi, who was still screaming in grief, was out of control. Her Voidspirit bloodline and Space Boundaries Crystal were changing in an astonishing way.

In particular, the sharpness of the glowing, interwoven spatial rifts that she had torn open seemed to be unmatched!

It seemed very easy for them to cut through the void and destroy stars.


The interwoven spatial rifts suddenly appeared around Grand Monarch Black Flames, whose devil horn had been chopped off by Yin Xingtian. He, who had killed Yu Suying, didn’t have the ability to resist in the slightest, and was instantly drowned in the net of light.

Then, like Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, he was reduced to a cloud of shredded flesh and broken limbs that fell into the gorgeous passage.

Both Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer and Grand Monarch Black Flames were late tenth grade grand monarchs of the Devils.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s battle prowess was even ranked among the top ten in the Void World. Now, even though she was in the Domain of Shadow Devil, she was killed by the grief-stricken and out-of-control Pei Qiqi with her unusual spatial power.

It was not only the Devils that turned pale; so did the Netherspirits and Bonedrudes, who were close to Pei Qiqi, and those from the Mortal World and Doomed Star Sea.

Everyone could see that something strange had happened to the glowing net of densely interwoven spatial rifts.

No one knew if it was because Pei Qiqi, who had broken down, had no intention of controlling it or if she was just powerless to control it. In short, she didn’t seem to be controlling it.

At that moment, Nie Tian’s sub-souls and true soul suddenly shone in the darkness like stars.

Countless devil plants and spirit plants were lit up.

There were many plants that could devour souls. Their colossal flower buds reached towards Nie Tian’s soul like large umbrellas. It looked as if they wanted to catch Nie Tian’s sub-souls and true soul like a fish.

Besides them, devil plants like the Heavenly Demonsbane and Demon Eyes Flower greedily gazed at his fallen pieces of broken flesh.

The flesh belonged to Nie Tian.

It contained the purest life power in the world, which was a mysterious power that could help them upgrade and even change the nature of their lives, allowing them to transform from a plant to a creature.

However, to their surprise, the fallen flesh suddenly morphed into smaller Nie Tians midway.

There were ten Nie Tians in total, who shared the same appearance, but the intensity of their auras and heights varied.

His true soul and nine sub-souls suddenly fused with them.

His Life-origin Form regenerated after having been divided.