Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1698: The Tribulation of the Three Worlds

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Great changes had taken place, influencing all lives in this starry river.

The Spirit World had exhausted its energies of heaven and earth. The Mortal World was battle-ridden. The Doomed Star Sea saw more violence than ever before. The races in the Void World were experiencing unprecedented changes...

Many mighty ones that had been in hiding for millennia and were assumed to have died long ago awakened like fierce beasts coming out of dormancy.

All these were signs of a great tribulation looming.

Rumors in the Doomed Star Sea said that a brand new era was coming. Many of the legends and heresies about doomsday that had spread in the Spirit World seemed to now be taking place.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “There’s no need to go to the Doomed Star Sea now. If what I suspect is true, battles that are just as fierce are taking place in the Doomed Star Sea as we speak. Grand Monarch Heaven Devil didn’t present himself in his true form. We haven’t seen Grand Monarch Soul Capturer or Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits. I doubt that the crisis in the Doomed Star Sea is any lighter than the one we’re facing.”


“Perhaps all the questions will be answered after the Dark Abyss opens up.”

“The Dark Abyss?”



All of a sudden, the terrifying devil figure that was entangled in battle against the Heaven Sha suddenly burst forth with a mighty aura.


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s wild laugh echoed out.

As soon as he reached out with his large hand, a few realms that even Nie Tian had failed to move with Starfall earlier had their remaining Devil Qi pulled out and condensed into glowing purple spheres.


The realms that had their star cores destroyed and their Devil Qi drained shook violently before crumbling.

The purple spheres glowed dazzlingly as drops of purple Blood Essence manifested within them.

Immediately afterwards, numerous crimson blood strings emerged within the purple spheres.

The blood strings in each sphere rapidly condensed into a bald old man that was naked from the waist up.

Wisps of lightning could be seen slithering on their muscular dark red upper bodies.

They were the Heaven Sha.

At this moment, he seemed to be split up and contained separately in a thousand glowing purple spheres.

“Snow Devil! This doppelgänger of his is growing stronger and stronger.” The Heaven Sha’s voice echoed from every glowing purple sphere. “I won’t be able to fight him by myself for much longer.”

The Snow Devil, who was fighting Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer of the Devils, gasped upon hearing this.

At this moment, the terrifying devil figure turned to stare at Dylan, the Gilded Phoenix, a dark smile appearing on his face.


Dylan, who was fluttering his golden feathered wings to release mighty golden flames, suddenly let out a screech.

Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher’s Devil Cloud Halberd was thrust at him at this moment.

Dylan’s golden pupils suddenly exploded, two clusters of black light breaking out from within his eyes.

“Devilish Soul Curse!” The terrifying devil figure that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil presented himself and let out a low cry.

“Phoenix Nirvana and Rebirth!” Dylan exclaimed as his gigantic phoenix form suddenly morphed into a sea of golden flames.

Then, he retook his phoenix form as his bones, flesh, and feathers grew back in the sea of golden flames at a shocking speed.

As he was reborn, the wounds he had suffered from his battle against Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher seemed to have healed themselves.

However, this rebirth seemed to have caused permanent damage to his soul and bloodline.

The phoenixes of the Ancientbeasts possessed the Nirvana and Rebirth bloodline talent. However, it also had its limits. Every time it was activated, it would inflict incurable injuries on the phoenix.


The clusters of black light were rapidly burned away in the sea of golden flames.

That was the Devilish Soul Curse that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had planted in him without him finding out.

It was a powerful spell Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had conjured in a unique way with a drop of his Blood Essence and a wisp of his soul will.

It could be released in a completely undetectable manner, and burst forth at unexpected moments to erase souls and blow up fleshly bodies, eliminating the enemy’s chance at rebirth.

After realizing that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had cast this spell on him, Dylan knew that only his Nirvana and Rebirth bloodline talent could save him. Therefore, he had activated it without hesitation.

Thanks to his decisiveness, the Devilish Soul Curse was burned away completely, although his gilded phoenix form after the rebirth didn’t shine as brightly as it had before, and was significantly smaller.

“Father!” Jiang Qinghuang cried out with grave concern.

“Do we stay and keep fighting?” Pei Qiqi shouted.

Nie Tian nodded with determination. “That’s right!”

Immediately afterwards, he strode towards the area where the fight was the most intense, and the most members of the three races in the Void World were gathered.

As he did, rich flesh power was naturally channeled into his body.

Drop after drop of Blood Essence was rapidly generated in his heart to replenish those that he had consumed previously.


At that moment, his true soul perceived a series of strange calls.

They were soul calls coming from other beings!

Pei Qiqi jerked her head to stare at the interweaving spatial rifts that had been split open by her Space Boundaries Crystal with surprise written all over her face.

Then, under her gaze, five scary-looking evil creatures slowly crawled out, as if from some sealed forbidden place like hell.

They were none other than the five evil gods that were loyal to Nie Tian!

As soon as the evil gods came out of the spatial rifts, they expanded to be more than nine thousand meters tall!

Each one of them had a tool in their hands that exuded torrential evil auras and immense, surging nether power.

The evil god of rage was holding a heavy, simple-looking battle drum. Every time he beat it, boundless rage would fly out of it in the form of cyan ghostly flames.

The evil god of bloodlust was clutching a cyan trident, which released a killing aura that pierced a hole in the starry river.

That hole seemed to connect to a sea of endless killing where the most dreadful monsters hid.

Behind the evil god of fear floated a dark cyan curtain that looked like a huge, light-blocking pair of wings, from which endless fearful thoughts and terrified shrieks kept echoing out.

The aura the dark cyan curtain exuded was even more horrifying than that of the Shadow Devil Flag.

The evil god of despair was holding a hellish saber with a hideous grin.

Blackish-violet rivers of aura could be seen flowing on the surface of the blade. Countless desperate faces seemed to lie at the bottom of the rivers.

The evil god of hatred had nothing but an eye in his hand, a ghostly eye filled with torrential hatred!

Upon arriving, the five evil gods spotted Nie Tian and exclaimed, “Master!”

They seemed to be full of vigor, their fighting spirit soaring through the heavens.

They had finally recovered the weapons they had lost in the Void World after their deaths in their previous lives.

Not only had the five weapons not rusted or tarnished over the years, but they had become even sharper and stronger than before!

The moment they had regained them, they had been able to draw nether power from them to strengthen themselves.

Their battle prowess had practically returned to their peak state.

The return of the five evil gods gave Nie Tian great confidence, and also put grave expressions on the numerous Netherspirits present, as they knew this was bad news for them.

“Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!”

Nie Tian took a deep breath and no longer held back. While going all-out to stimulate his life bloodline, he pushed his three spiritual cores to their limits as well.

Star, flame, and wood domains manifested simultaneously, enveloping his Life-origin Form.

“Now, come again!”