Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1696: Eternally Opposite Sides

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Life and death were eternally opposite.

After living beings died, their life power would gradually perish, but death power would be spawned from their bodies.

Death power happened to be what the Bonedrudes relied on to upgrade their bloodlines and make themselves stronger.

The Bonedrudes were probably the most special species throughout this starry river.

They were the outsiders of the outsiders.

They only cast countless corpses into their Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones so their life power would gradually dissipate, and death power would be born and grow.

The Bonebrutes’ burial grounds worked in the same way.

Only the deaths of living creatures could generate death power. The Bonedrudes and Bonebrutes were said to be the species that had been born from and lived on death power.

To them, Nie Tian was a natural enemy.

After all, his Life Drain bloodline talent allowed him to absorb life power from other living beings. He could also channel the residual flesh power in dead beings to himself.

If that residual flesh power wasn’t drained by him, the energies those beings had accumulated their whole lives would be returned to the starry river, following the profound truths of heaven and earth and the magical laws of reincarnation.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had only decided to make Nie Tian his primary target because he had discovered that not a single wisp of death power had been generated from those who had died around his Life-origin Form.

The corpse of the Floragrim high chieftain had also turned into ashes because it had been rapidly drained of its residual flesh power.

Perhaps Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had seen a potential future where Nie Tian became a paragon.

Wherever he went, the corpses of powerful creatures were refined into pure flesh power and absorbed by him.

Then, what would the Bonedrudes do?

Without death power, wouldn’t their entire race die out?

If he took a trip to their Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones in his Life-origin Form, wouldn’t the residual power in all of the corpses there be plundered by him?

It was upon this realization that Grand Monarch Bone Piercer started to take this battle seriously.

After leaving Mo Heng and Fan Tianze to Grand Monarch Sharp Bones and the powerful Devil experts, he himself shifted through the void and instantly arrived in front of Nie Tian, sitting on his bone throne.

“Watch out, Nie Tian!” Mo Heng and Fan Tianze exclaimed simultaneously.

All of a sudden, the entire area was enveloped in complete silence.

This area of the starry river where Nie Tian was seemed to be suddenly isolated from the rest of the Domain of Shadow Devil.

He could no longer see the fierce fights taking place around him, hear the sounds of spiritual power and flesh auras clashing, or sense the smell of blood spewing out.

His connections to the realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil were relentlessly severed.

Only clusters of death power condensed into crystals that floated around him like pale-white suns and moons.

Upon a closer look, he saw that those large crystals were filled with countless pale bones.

Who knew how many living beings had to die to make such a large number of pale bones?

Nie Tian suddenly couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore.

The only thing he was certain of was that his life power was being plundered at an alarming rate. For some reason, drop after drop of the Blood Essence in his heart burned away despite himself...

He was confused. “What’s happening?”

Holding the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, he couldn’t find a target.

He didn’t know where Grand Monarch Bone Piercer was. His sea of awareness couldn’t detect the enormous bone giant or the bone throne he sat on.

However, he had a peculiar feeling that Death was getting closer and closer to him!

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer was among the top three peak experts in the Void World. Now that he had actually made a move to kill him, his terrifying power completely overwhelmed him. As much as he wanted to fight back, he couldn’t even find a vent for his power, even though he had become a grand monarch himself.

Both his bloodline talent Life Detection and his soul perception had failed.

Since the Bonedrude high chieftain didn’t have any signs of life to begin with, he was beyond the detective range of Life Detection.

Nie Tian didn’t know that in the views of Mo Heng and Fan Tianze, he had been wrapped around by the Ghostly Corpse Snakes and pulled into the bone throne in an instant.

Now, he was in an arcane realm of death inside the bone throne that was isolated from the outside world.

He didn’t know that the Death Reign Zhao Shanling had forged ages ago with a Bonebrute relic he had found had actually simulated the wondrous realm of death within that bone throne.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, who sat unwavering like a mountain on the bone throne, looked down and placed his pale-white, fleshless index finger on the throne.

Wisps of sparkling death power essence instantly fused into it.

Upon entering the world inside the bone throne, each wisp of death power morphed into a Ghostly Corpse Snake that was ten thousand meters long and even more robust than dragons.

The several dozen of them slithered around ethereally in the clouds of pale-gray death power, and kept opening their mouths to breathe something in.

What they breathed in was the life power Nie Tian exuded.

The life power he lost was quickly converted into death power by the bone throne.

It appeared that Grand Monarch Bone Piercer wanted to kill him with his bone throne, while not letting his life power go to waste.

The fierce battle in the outside world continued like a raging fire.

It wasn’t long before Yin Xingtian struck down Grand Monarch Soul Converger of the Netherspirits with the Godspan Sword Formation, countless sword lights weaving into a net that trapped and annihilated his fleeing soul.

Grand Monarch Soul Converger was also a late tenth grade grand monarch, yet he was killed by Yin Xingtian. This flabbergasted the powerful experts of the three major races in the Void World.

What shocked them even more was that his cultivation base advanced to the middle God domain with an inconceivable speed immediately after the kill.

Unknown streams of sword lights seemed to be spawned from the Godspan Sword Formation, which combined with his sword domain perfectly.

Then, his cultivation base didn’t become stagnant after the breakthrough. Instead, it continued to make steep advances!

Clusters of mysterious light burst in the depths of his eyes, branding numerous profound truths regarding the Dao of the sword in his memories.


With a casual swing of his Heavenbreaker, he even severed a devilish horn of Grand Monarch Black Flames, who had activated Ancestral Awakening.

Even Yin Xingtian himself seemed somewhat baffled. While trying to wrap his mind around what had happened to him, he continued to slash his sword. The mighty sword intent he released made the outsider grand monarchs from the Void World pull back one after another.


The Heavenbreaker flew out of his hand and morphed into a limpid river that flowed across the void to the bone throne in a split second.

Extremely raging, heaven-rending, earth-crushing sword intent, which was opposite to the Heavenbreaker’s usual clear and pure sword intent, slammed into the bone throne and created a hole in it!

A wisp of sword light shot through the hole into the arcane realm inside the bone throne.

Like a light of wisdom, it suddenly lit up Nie Tian’s muddled sea of awareness.

A shudder ran through Nie Tian. “So I’ve been trapped within the bone throne without knowing it! These enormous Ghostly Corpse Snakes are hovering around to harvest and convert my life power!”

“Domain Split!”

His Blood Essence burned at a shocking rate as the mighty Star Behemoth soul burst forth from the bone in his hand, along with an unbending will to shatter all shackles and charge through the starry river.


Fissures appeared on the throne made of nothing but pale bones that Grand Monarch Bone Piercer sat on.

Then, with a loud boom, the magnificent bone throne exploded into countless broken bones. Nie Tian instantly broke free and saw Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, who was fixing Yin Xingtian with an amazed gaze.