Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1695: The Bonedrude High Chieftain

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Wreathed in raging flames and slithering lightning wisps, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone slashed across the void and hacked onto Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’ tail, which was full of sharp bones.

Fiery light sputtered everywhere!

The sharp reverse hook-like bones in the tail of Grand Monarch Sharp Bones, whose battle prowess was ranked number five in the Void World, exploded one after another. The rich death power they contained perished along with them.

Grand Monarch Sharp Bones let out a wail of pain.

Immediately afterwards, he summoned a grayish-brown tomb made of nothing but bones from a vast bone starship.

“Gray Tomb!” Grand Monarch Sharp Bones roared furiously as clusters of pale-gray death power rose from the floating tomb.

With crisp cracking sounds, the dry bones that made up the Gray Tomb suddenly split up into countless sharp bone blades and bone spears that carried the profound truths of death power and exuded intense death power.

Like a sea of bone weapons, they engulfed Nie Tian in the blink of an eye.


Nie Tian’s Lifeblood Shield suffered from a storm of intense attacks. Dents kept appearing in the resilient blood membrane as the sounds of violent impacts echoed nonstop.

The Blood Essence in his heart was burned up bit by bit.

“This isn’t too bad...”

He wasn’t very anxious as he sensed the consumption of his Blood Essence. As long as the Lifeblood Shield didn’t get penetrated right away, it meant that the attacks were still endurable.

It was hard to believe that he managed to defend against the Gray Tomb, the Bonedrudes’ mighty tool that Grand Monarch Sharp Bones had unleashed on him.

While Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’ fierce attacks failed to break his blood shield, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone pierced easily into Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’ body under his control thanks to the Domain Split bloodline talent.

This gave him an edge in the battle, allowing him to take a look around at the battlefield.

As soon as he did, his face fell, and his heart sank.

The three major races of the Void World were so terrifyingly strong that even though he had destroyed many of their starships with Starfall earlier, it hadn’t changed the course of the battle in their favor.

Many human experts that he knew or didn’t know, including Yan Bin, Ye Wenhan, and Zu Guangyao, had had their domains destroyed and their souls obliterated.

However, the cultivators from the Mortal World weren’t the ones that had suffered the heaviest casualties.

The Voidspirits had already lost about thirty percent of their members in such a short time.

The rogue forces and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea that had followed Dylan and Grand Monarch Hell Demon here had suffered even greater losses. More than forty percent of their members had died beyond salvation.

Even more had sustained severe injuries.

As for the three major races of the Void World, thousands of eighth grade warriors had been bombarded to death, along with close to a hundred ninth grade grand patriarchs and a few tenth grade grand monarchs.

The fierceness of this battle was simply astounding.

He had a feeling that the mangled bodies and discarnate souls of the dead, along with the fragments from their exploded flesh aura seas, god domains, and saint domains, were all disappearing into the bottomless tunnel as sacrificial offerings for the gate to the Dark Abyss.

“I’m afraid such terrifying casualties are part of the plan of the three major races represented by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer.”

He had a strong feeling that the course of this battle was in another’s control.

It was as if someone was secretly observing the bloody battle with cold eyes and making sure this battle would last until the tunnel was filled with sacrificial offerings, and the gate to the Dark Abyss opened up.


A wisp of the third-generation Tree of Life’s aura suddenly came from the distant starry river.

A shudder ran through Nie Tian’s body as he gazed blankly into the distance. “You’ve come to the Void World as well? Aren’t you supposed to be in the Realm of Middle Continent?”

“Nie Tian!” A cry from Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace suddenly caught his ear.

She was floating in the void, surrounded by countless rays of silver light.

They were her Heaven-purging Divine Light.

However, at this moment, the divine light was melting away at an alarming rate, along with her god domain, which was shining with silver light!

Intense, pure-black flames were spewing from the nostrils of a Devil grand monarch, who looked like a raging bull in his Ancestral Awakening form.

The devastating black flames had engulfed Yu Suying’s god domain, and burned her Heaven-purging Divine Light, the Immortal grade divine treasure of the Profound Purity Palace, to the point where it began to melt.

This late tenth grade grand monarch, Grand Monarch Black Flames of the Devils, wasn’t even among the top ten grand monarchs in the Void World.

However, he was a late tenth grade grand monarch nonetheless. Plus, this was the Domain of Shadow Devil, where there was abundant Devil Qi and a doppelgänger of the mighty Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

“Want to seek help?” Grand Monarch Black Flames’ face split into a nasty grin as he brought his black hoof that weighed more than a thousand tons down towards Yu Suying.

“Power of Brutal Devil!”

Complicated magical patterns manifested on the pitch-black hoof as his bloodline burst forth.

Numerous wondrous forbidden blood spells were conjured under the amplification of the brutal power, black flames, and his seething devil blood.

His enormous hoof came down with an unstoppable momentum.

Yu Suying’s face turned pale with fear.


A floating landmass in the Domain of Shadow Devil flew over like a vast comet streaking through the void.

Grand Monarch Black Flames’ hoof fell on the realm that had been previously controlled by Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer and was bereft of a realm barrier.

The landmass that was almost as large as the Realm of Flame Heaven cracked and exploded.

Countless fragments shot in every direction, wreathed in black flames and wisps of purple lightning.

Its star core shattered as well.

Grand Monarch Black Flames let out a cold harrumph and jerked his head towards Nie Tian to fix him with a nasty stare.

“What are you looking at?” Nie Tian spat.

Then, he focused his soul will and said inwardly, “Starfall.”

As soon as he did, three vast realms flew over and bombarded Grand Monarch Black Flames, distracting him so that he couldn’t focus his power to deal Yu Suying a fatal strike.

However, Yu Suying’s Heaven-purging Divine Light continued to be melted by the black flames.

Even her dharma idol started to melt like ice cream, forcing her to resume her regular form.

Just as she gave a bitter smile and was about to say something to Nie Tian, a giant pillar of pale-gray light struck down on her like the light of judgment from Death.


Her body and her Heaven-purging Divine Light were instantly sent flying into the glorious tunnel leading to the Dark Abyss.

Then, in a violent manner, they exploded into countless silver sparks that rapidly dissipated.

“Senior Yu!” Nie Tian let out a mad roar, his eyes wide and bloodshot. “Grand Monarch Bone Piercer!”

The Bonedrudes’ current high chieftain was handling Mo Heng and Fan Tianze’s torrential attacks sitting unwavering on his bone throne, yet he still had the time to respond to him. “Yes, it’s me. It seems that you weren’t much affected by the deaths of those who died earlier. I guess they weren’t very close to you. But the death of that woman seems to have finally stirred up some waves in your heart.”

With these words, an illusory image of the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones gradually manifested above Grand Monarch Bone Piercer. Wisps of pure pale-gray death power started falling down like a pearl curtain.

It appeared that this Bonedrude could continuously channel death power from the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones to aid him in battle.

Mo Heng and Fan Tianze, who had abandoned their own opponents to team up against him, seemed to be at a loss after seeing this.

Even so, they knew that they had to work together to keep Grand Monarch Bone Piercer from putting his attention on others.

Otherwise, whoever he attacked would suffer instant death.

This grand monarch was the strongest one on this battlefield, even stronger than the Devil high chieftain, who was caught up in a fight against the Heaven Sha.

After all, he had come in his true form, while Grand Monarch Heaven Devil was only presenting himself through a doppelgänger.

With a dark smile, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer said, “You went to the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones while I was gone, and harvested the residual power within that Floragrim high chieftain’s corpse. I grew to realize that you are the disease in my vital organs. (Idiom: very serious hidden trouble)

“I can live with the trouble Qin Yao causes me. The Heaven Sha can’t threaten me. Those like Ji Cang and Qu Yi can’t hurt me fundamentally.

“But you! You’re my greatest threat! You’re the one scourge I have to get rid of with everything in my power for my people!”

With these words, thousands of Ghostly Corpse Snakes spiraled out of the bone throne he sat towering on.

Neither Fan Tianze nor Mo Heng could intercept them.

The Ghostly Corpse Snakes let out sharp screeches as they swarmed directly towards Nie Tian, ignoring all the others they encountered midway. “From now on, you’ll be my primary target to kill.”

Seeing this, Grand Monarch Sharp Bones immediately stepped down.