Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1693: The Life-origin Form

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Nie Tian’s expression flickered drastically.

He had never expected his bloodline upgrade to complete at this moment!

A hard-fought battle was taking place in the starry river outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea, Voidspirits, experts from the Mortal World, and members of the three major races of the Void World... lives were perishing with every passing second.

Grand patriarchs and Saint domain experts exploded like fireworks before their blood and mangled bodies fell like rain in the boundless void.

The Heaven Sha, the arch kingpin of the Doomed Star Sea, had just started fighting against Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s doppelgänger using the brutal power of the Blood Spirit Sect.

This didn’t seem to be a good time to complete his bloodline upgrade.

While he was worried about the situation, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He suddenly sensed that brand new Bloodline Crystal Chains that were as fine as hairs were being generated by the green aura at an alarming rate in his madly-beating heart.


A flesh aura that contained raging life power erupted like a volcano. Along with it, brand new Bloodline Crystal Chains were transfused to every bone, internal organ, and muscle in his body through his veins and meridians.

“The Life-origin Form!”

These words burst forth from within his Bloodline Crystal Chains and were branded in the depths of his soul.

He suddenly realized that his enlarged form that he could assume by activating his life bloodline was actually called the Life-origin Form, and it was a product of his wondrous bloodline!

It was similar to the Demons’ Indestructible Form and the Bonebrutes’ Unbreakable Form.

At this point, it suddenly occurred to him that the Floragrims’ so-called Heavenly Wood Heal was merely a branch of the Life-origin Form.

Now, after his life bloodline had entered the tenth grade, he had finally seen through the profound truths of the Life-origin Form.


Rich, intense life power was fused into his blood, bones, and internal organs by his newly-generated Bloodline Crystal Chains, causing crisp sounds to come from his bones, which were as hard as metal.

His Life-origin Form started expanding rapidly once again.

Only when it was nine thousand seven hundred meters tall did the expansion stop.

His Life-origin Form was strengthened further after his bloodline reached the tenth grade!

Nine thousand seven hundred meters seemed to be a threshold, a limit.


In the next moment, he was surprised to discover that now that his Life-origin Form had undergone another round of flesh-forging, two of his bloodline talents, Life Drain and Potential Stimulation, activated themselves.

He didn’t try to stimulate his bloodline or draw power from his flesh aura sea.

It appeared that in his developed Life-origin Form, his body would activate these talents on its own, and spontaneously absorb and channel flesh power from various sources to strengthen and fix itself, and replenish its vital power.

A fierce, bloody battle was raging over the starry river outside the Realm of Shadow Devil.

The lingering flesh power of the dead Devils, Netherspirits, and the outsiders and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea that had died in battle started converging on him from different directions, like scraps of metal being attracted to a magnet.

His Life-origin Form took the flesh power in, refined it, gathered it in his heart, and fused it into his blood...


His heart thumped violently as he examined himself with narrowed eyes.

“The flow of my flesh aura has never been so smooth. Before, when I needed it, the flesh power that burst out first was usually the flesh power within my blood and muscles. If I wanted to tap into the power of my bloodline power in my heart, I’d have to ignite my Blood Essence, which usually took time.

“But now, as soon as a thought enters my mind, the strong life power within my heart flows to every corner of my body like lightning bolts thanks to those newly-generated Bloodline Crystal Chains.

“Right now, my heart is like a core that contains immense, strong flesh power.”

Nie Tian’s eyes grew brighter and brighter as he found out more and more about his Life-origin Form.

Then, after waiting for a few seconds, he discovered that the speed at which new Bloodline Crystal Chains were being generated had decreased steeply after that green aura had manifested the wonders of the Life-origin Form.

The generation of fresh Bloodline Crystal Chains usually meant the awakening of a brand new bloodline talent.

Before, all of the new bloodline talents would burst forth and be branded in his mind the moment his bloodline finished its upgrade.

However, that didn’t seem to be the case this time.

Perhaps it was because the amount of flesh power required to break through to the tenth grade was simply so great that his current flesh power didn’t allow him to awaken all his new bloodline talents at the moment of breakthrough.

“It appears that the Life-origin Form is only the first one, and I need time to awaken the rest of my new bloodline talents. However, this old bloodline talent, Blood Essence Transcendence... Hmm?! Five thousand drops!”

He couldn’t help but let out a soft exclamation.

This Blood Essence Transcendence bloodline talent of his had been improving steadily over the years as his bloodline upgraded.

When he had been at the seventh grade, Blood Essence Transcendence had allowed him to condense a total of fifty drops of Blood Essence, which had increased to three hundred after he had entered the eighth grade, and a thousand after he had entered the ninth grade.

At this moment, he examined himself, and discovered that the limit of the amount of Blood Essence he could condense and hold had increased by five times!

This meant that the total amount of flesh power he could reserve in his body had increased five times! Plus, he had a feeling that this wasn’t his ultimate limit.

Upon the thought of the origin of his life bloodline and the countless drops of blood in that Sea of Life, he knew that he could transcend that limit.

“Nie Tian!” Grand Elder Mo Heng’s shout echoed out while he was absorbed in the newly-found wonders of his bloodline. “What are you doing standing there?!”

Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’s tail that was made of bones as sharp as blades and looked like a scorpion’s tail had whipped towards him before he knew it.


Rifts cracked open in the void as devastating death power shot out of the tail, reducing a few nearby disciples of the Nether Spirit Society, who had come from the Doomed Star Sea, to bloody mists. They howled in horror right before they exploded.

Nie Tian snapped back to reality.

Rich flesh power then flooded into his meridians through the newly-generated Bloodline Crystal Chains.


A cyan-red spherical ward that resembled a blood membrane suddenly formed around him.

“Lifeblood Shield!”

A shudder ran through him the moment the blood membrane came to form, as he realized that this was a new defensive device that had come with the Life-origin Form.

The cyan-red Lifeblood Shield seemed as soft as cotton, but turned out to be shockingly resilient.


Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’ enormous bone tail slapped onto the Lifeblood Shield, the boundless blood-colored light released by the shield clashing violently with death power Grand Monarch Sharp Bones had vested that bone tail with.

Nie Tian let out a muffled groan. However, to his surprise, the Lifeblood Shield didn’t break.

All he had lost were the few dozen drops of Blood Essence that had vaporized in the split second of violent impact.

He came to a sudden realization. “The Lifeblood Shield runs on my Blood Essence! As long as my opponent isn’t overwhelmingly stronger than me, my Lifeblood Shield can play an important role. By burning my Blood Essence, it can ward off extremely powerful attacks!”

The thought of this greatly lifted his spirits.

While Grand Monarch Sharp Bones stood aghast at what had just happened, Nie Tian suddenly shot forth.

Canceling the Lifeblood Shield, he charged into Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’ death flesh aura sea in his Life-origin Form, which was nine thousand seven hundred meters tall. He raised the Rampage Behemoth’s bone with both hands, and brought it down with enough power to sunder the heavens.


A long river of blood-colored light slashed Grand Monarch Sharp Bones’ death flesh aura sea in half.

After breaking his death ward with Domain Split, Nie Tian drove the bone into his abdomen like a huge blade, causing him to let out a painful scream.