Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1692: The Heaven Sha

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“Watch out, young master!” Feng Beiluo, the Thunder Devil, and the Snow Devil yelled simultaneously.

The Snow Devil even ended his battle against Grand Monarch Soul Converger of the Netherspirits, and sprang towards Nie Tian.

Her face was filled with unswerving determination, as if she was going to help Nie Tian even at the cost of her own life.

Her figure suddenly scattered into countless sparkling and crystal-clear snowflakes that filled the void above Nie Tian’s head.

Each and every snowflake carried the Snow Devil’s aura, as they were micro-manifestations of her wondrous god domain.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s incredibly large and terrifying figure let out another cold harrumph, which immediately triggered great changes in the surging Devil Power Tide.


Clusters of devil power started to morph and show images of the histories of the devilish creatures. Low-tier devilish insects and beasts could be seen being born in ancient magical ponds, and immediately starting to fight and devour each other.

“The genesis of all devilish creatures!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s voice echoed, as if from a distant era that had been buried in the long history of the Void World.

His magical voice seemed to carry profound truths as it delivered the origins of species.

Nie Tian’s pupils shrunk. By relying on his life bloodline, he sensed that devilish insects and beasts were actually being born in those clusters of devil power. They seemed to be the product of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s wisps of soul awareness gathering devil power.

He had the ability to create myriad devils with nothing but his soul awareness!

In the next moment, he was astonished to discover that devilish micro-insects that were spawned by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s soul awareness started to appear in the crystal-clear snowflakes.

The Snow Devil’s wondrous god domain was infiltrated just like that.

Then, countless snowflakes fell around Nie Tian.

He could sense the Snow Devil’s aura within them fading away, or in other words, being transformed...

The snowflakes gradually turned purple, but remained crystal-clear.

However, the Snow Devil’s unique quality, which was icy but bright like a mirror, was gone.

It was replaced by a shade of frenzied evil that was growing rapidly!

The Snow Devil was on the verge of being turned into a devilish creature!

“Awaken!” An eye-catching, blood-colored symbol suddenly manifested in the sea of rolling devil power.

Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian saw the terrifying devil figure let out an exclamation of surprise.

His incredibly large body seemed to be wrapped around by countless sticky and resilient strings, which made it difficult for him to even move just his fingers.

Upon a closer look, he discovered that those sticky strings were actually condensations of qi and blood.

The blood of titans, spirit beasts, dragons, Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, and various other kinds of creatures seemed to have been mixed together to make those strings.

He wondered who in this starry river could refine the blood of so many species and merge them together.

Nie Tian was first astonished, but then felt a sense of familiarity.

At the same time, Master Blood Spirit’s blood domain burst forth with a tremendous amount of blood light.

Eyes widened, he gazed off at Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and the sticky blood strings binding it, and muttered, “That aura... is so familiar...”

Nie Tian came to a sudden realization. “That’s the Blood Spirit Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation!”

Only the disciples of the Blood Spirit Sect could refine and fuse the blood of different species into their domains to make themselves stronger.

They wouldn’t care what kind of essence or impurities the blood carried.

This was what made their incantations so special.

Dylan, the Gilded Phoenix, also sensed an unexpected aura while fighting Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher, and exclaimed in ecstasy, “The Heaven Sha! (The literal meaning of Sha: malevolent spirits) I can’t believe you’ve come to help us!”

All of the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea were thrilled upon hearing Dylan’s exclamation, no matter who they were.

“The Heaven Sha! The Heaven Sha is here!”

“That’s terrific!”


The devilish micro-insects within the countless snowflakes falling around Nie Tian were crushed by sparks of blood-colored light that appeared out of nowhere.

The snowflakes quickly came together to take the Snow Devil’s true form.

Her face was ghastly, with purple lightning wisps being expelled from her eyes by her cold power. “Thank you for saving me again, Heaven Sha.”

“You’re welcome.” A wild, husky voice echoed from in front of the terrifying devil figure. “Even though this is only a doppelgänger of his, it can wield thirty percent of his power, which makes it hard to deal with. Hopefully, we can hold on before the master gets here.”

The sea of raging Devil Qi had long since been withdrawn from above Nie Tian.

It appeared that the terrifying devil figure had shifted all of his attention to the Heaven Sha the moment he had arrived, even though he hadn’t manifested his true form yet.

The Heaven Sha was the strongest of the six kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea, whose battle prowess was second only to Qin Yao’s!

“The Heaven Sha... that incantation he used...” Master Blood Spirit seemed to finally realize something as he asked in Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s direction, “Are you a senior member of the Blood Spirit Sect?”

The Heaven Sha snorted and said, “Kid, if your master were still alive, he would have to call me ‘martial uncle!’”

A shudder ran through Master Blood Spirit before his face quickly split into a wide smile. “That’s great... great, great... I’m so relieved that you’re a senior from my sect. It seems that the path I’ve chosen is right! And I’ll be able to reach your cultivation base and height one day!”

The Heaven Sha let out another snort and said with a scolding tone, “Save it. If it weren’t for Nie Tian, you wouldn’t even be at the late Saint domain now. What gave you the courage to say such big words? The only thing you’ve done right is to continue the core teachings and doctrines of the Blood Spirit Sect in the Realm of Flame Heaven and pass on its legacies.”

With a wry smile, Master Blood Spirit said, “Right, right. You’ve taught me a valuable lesson, senior.”

Facing this mighty senior of the Blood Spirit Sect that he hadn’t even heard of, he could only humble himself.


The sticky blood strings binding Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s doppelgänger exploded, filling its surroundings with blood-colored light.

Instead of being rattled, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil laughed and said, “Qin Yao hasn’t come here himself? He’s being held off by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, isn’t he? Grand Monarch Soul Capturer stopped Qin Yao, but let you slip through. However, that might be bad luck for you.”

“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer!” Nie Tian said, frowning.

From what he had heard, he realized that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who had entered his sea of awareness and tried to kill him from another part of the starry river, might be engaged in a full-frontal battle against his father somewhere in the Void World or the Doomed Star Sea.

He supposed that the Netherspirits had put the Chaos Behemoth aside for the time being.

The fact that Qin Yao and two other kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea hadn’t shown up here suggested that they must have been intercepted by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and other Netherspirit experts.

Powerful experts from the Mortal World, rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea, and mighty grand monarchs from the Void World...

Before he realized it, experts from across the three worlds had been dragged into this.

This might be a long-premeditated war that was designed to overtake countless lives in the three worlds.

This might be a war to influence a thousand generations to come. Since it involved the Dark Abyss, it might create paragons, but it might also cause many species to go extinct. Even the Star Behemoth bloodline might disappear forever.

The stronger the species, the more likely they would be targeted and wiped out in this war.


As his train of thought reached this point, his heart suddenly started pounding violently. The upgrade of his life bloodline was finally going to be complete.