Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1691: Stars Fight For Me!

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Stars changed their positions outside the Realm of Shadow Devil!

Enormous realms in the shape of enormous spheres and flat landmasses rotated at a high speed, giving rise to loud whooshes!

Standing towering in the starry river with the All Manifestations Star Banner as his cape and the Heavenly Stars Flower swaying gently behind his back, Nie Tian, who was close to ten thousand meters tall after activating his bloodline, looked like a god that ruled all stars.


Dazzling starlight streaked across the starry river behind him like glorious shooting stars.

Like bright mirrors, his eyes reflected numerous stars in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

Glowing spots of various shapes representing the star cores of different realms manifested in the depths of his pupils.

He examined them with rapt attention, and saw blackish-violet smoke bursting and dissipating inside of those glowing spots.

That smoke was Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s soul will, which she had planted into them, so she could possess them whenever she wanted.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s angry whines and agonized wails echoed through the starry river.

However, the powerful experts of the three major races no longer had the time to answer her at this moment.


The shrieks of the fighting humans and outsiders filled the dim starry river.

Every once in a while, the flesh aura seas and saint domains of some experts from the Void World, the Doomed Star Sea, and the Mortal World would explode and perish.

The ancient starships of the three major races played a significant role in this cruel, bloody interracial battle.

Thousands of ancient starships were carved with spell formations and embedded with stones that contained devil power, crystals that contained nether power, and bones that contained death power, which provided them with an almost endless power supply.

After being amplified by the spell formations and magical engravings, these powers burst forth in devastating blasts.

Blasts of energy that were misty cyan, blackish-purple, and pale-gray could usually cause tremendous damage as they shot into the saint and god domains of the human experts.

They could even destroy a saint domain directly!

Furthermore, since those ancient starships were controlled by seventh and eighth grade outsiders, they turned out to be of great help in their battle against the human experts.

All of the God domain experts like Mo Heng and Fan Tianze and the Saint domain experts like Yan Bin were caught up in their battles against the powerful experts of the three major races.

Therefore, even though they knew perfectly well that the low-tier outsiders were dealing a tremendous amount of damage with the help of those ancient starships, they couldn’t go and destroy them.

This was the Domain of Shadow Devil in the Void World, the three powerful races’ territory.

Plus, the three major races had gathered more than half of their forces, along with numerous powerful grand monarchs...

For these reasons, as much as they wanted to, they couldn’t get rid of the ancient starships that kept releasing blasts of energy from afar at unexpected moments.


A blast of pale-gray death power bombarded Dylan’s golden flesh aura sea like a pillar of lightning.

At the heart of his flesh aura sea that was filled with raging golden flames, the Gilded Phoenix’s gorgeous golden feathers were touched by bits of pale-gray light. Corroded by the death power, he started to move slightly sluggishly.

At this moment, Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher’s Devil Cloud Halberd pierced into his flesh aura sea with great force.

Wreathed in terrifying Devil Qi, the Devil Cloud Halberd caused a large amount of the golden flames to explode and perish before it finally pierced into Dylan’s golden wings.

The impact sent many golden feathers and many drops of Blood Essence flying from his body.

He cried in pain.

Jiang Qinghuang’s expression flickered with astonishment as she couldn’t help but scream, “Father!”

Face icy, she glared at a Bonedrude ancient starship that was dozens of kilometers away. She could see a large number of Bonedrudes carrying dried bones around on it, as if to gather death power to launch another attack against Dylan.

She charged towards it with unswerving determination.


A beam of cyan light suddenly shot over, catching her off-guard.

In the next moment, she found herself bleeding from a hole under her armpit.

Letting out a low moan, she was forced to activate her bloodline power, and morphed into a pale-golden phoenix. With the phoenixes’ superior healing ability, she tried to heal herself.

Then, she found that beams of cyan and purple light that were even fiercer blasted over from the Netherspirit and Devil ancient starships in the distance.

Her phoenix form instantly suffered more heavy blows.

She couldn’t help but let out sad wails, as if she knew that she was about to be engulfed by the torrential cannon fire of those ancient starships and perish here.

With a ninth grade bloodline and tremendous talent, she had a good chance at entering the God domain and becoming a brilliant new star in the Doomed Star Sea.

If this battle had taken place in the Doomed Star Sea, they would have plenty of ancient starships of their own. If the outsiders didn’t have an advantage in starships...

However, that was too many ifs.

“Am I going to die?”

Despair filled her heart as she gazed into the distance, and saw the Devil and Netherspirit starships slowly brightening as they gathered power to launch new blasts.

However, her eyes widened immediately afterwards.

She was surprised to see a vast landmass that was countless times larger than those ancient starships quietly appearing behind them!

Those ancient starships were to that vast landmass as fish hatchlings were to a great white shark!

Even though she couldn’t hear the sounds of collision since she was too far away, she could see the Netherspirit and Devil starships exploding like glorious fireworks.

One by one, they blew up in splendid clusters that were only the size of grains of rice, and vanished immediately afterwards.


While Jiang Qinghuang was at a loss, she felt her head spin, as if she had been pulled out of the hell by a giant hand.

After her head was clear again, she discovered that she was floating in her phoenix form in front of Nie Tian, while the place where she had been a moment ago was engulfed in devastating nether power and devil power cannon fire.

Then, jerked her head to see a vast realm crushing one Bonedrude starship after another with an unstoppable, mountain-toppling, sea-draining momentum.

An exclamation escaped her mouth as she looked up at Nie Tian, who, in his enlarged form, was controlling numerous realms with his star power like an ancient god who ruled this entire starry river.

“None of the so-called chosen ones and hybrids in the Doomed Star Sea can match him.”

With this thought, she cast her eyes down, before she quickly activated her bloodline power to break away from Nie Tian’s protection and charge onto the battlefield again.


Wreathed in brilliant starlight and numerous stars, Nie Tian looked high-spirited and vigorous as he wielded the realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil by relying on his profound connections with their star cores.

The power that should have been commanded by Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer had become his mighty weapon!

The three major races’ ancient starships that were berthed dozens of kilometers away and firing unexpected energy blasts were obliterated one after another.

Their defenses were practically nonexistent facing impact from the crashing realms.

They exploded one by one.

Grand Monarch Sharp Bones let out shrill cries as he made repeated attempts to approach and stop him, yet he managed to avoid him every time using Starshift.

Unlike Void Travel, Starshift only allowed him to shift from place to place within a relatively short range. Therefore, it was unaffected by the sealing spell that had been cast upon the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The All Manifestations Star Banner, the Fragmentary Stars, and the Heavenly Stars Flower continued to infuse him with immense star power, allowing him to cast Starshift over and over.


Just as he cast Starshift once again, he felt as if he had slammed into a steel plate!

Starshift had failed for the first time!

That was when a devil figure large enough to prop up heaven and earth let out a cold snort and stepped towards him.


Heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing Devil Qi manifested and descended from above him like a boundless sea.

Numerous streaks of starlight suddenly sputtered from his star domain, giving rise to strange sounds.

At the same time, an ancient bellow echoed from within the Rampage Behemoth’s bone in his hand as the Rampage Behemoth’s giant illusory figure manifested with tenacity.

The All Manifestations Star Banner, which he was wearing like a cape, was originally filled with brilliant stars.

However, as the terrifying devil figure approached, those brilliant stars began to go out in groups, like stars fading away at dawn.

“Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!”