Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1690: Advance Despite Difficulties!

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Mo Heng’s dharma idol morphed into an enormous sphere that was filled with currents of pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

Manipulated by Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, the realm slammed directly into the sphere.


The sphere instantly scattered into countless currents of pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

The impact from the crashing realm shook even the starry river.

As powerful as Mo Heng was, even he couldn’t take it head-on.

However, as he let out a cold snort, his scattered dharma idol came back together after the realm flew through.

“Again! Let’s see how many hits your dharma idol can take!”

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer grinned with fury in her eyes as she wove her hands in midair. Wisps of her soul communicated with the star cores of the realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil and possessed them through the devices she had planted in them ages ago.

Then, a massive and peculiar scene presented itself.

Numerous realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil started to move around.

Furthermore, they no longer shone with brilliant light. Instead, they were enshrouded in blackish-violet Devil Qi, and moved in the starry river like colossal spheres of devil power.

Not just the humans, but the grand monarchs from the Void World were also flabbergasted by this scene.

Even they hadn’t expected Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer to still have such control over the Domain of Shadow Devil after she had lost her Shadow Devil Flag.

However, they also came to a realization.

What Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer was doing now was going to ruin the Domain of Shadow Devil completely.

Each and every realm whose star core was possessed by her had practically been sentenced to death.

After their star cores withered, they would no longer be able to channel energies from the starry river and convert them into pure Devil Qi, which they relied on to nurture themselves.

Hence, almost every realm of the Domain of Shadow Devil would suffer the fate of becoming dead realms.

Judging by the rapid thinning and dissipating of the realm barriers of the vast realms that were flying towards Mo Heng, one could tell that Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer was definitely going to ruin those realms by using them this way.


The ancient starships of the three major races that were originally berthed together scattered spontaneously.

They did this because they were worried that the incoming realms that Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer had channeled here would crush their starships and give rise to terrifying fluctuations in this area of the void.

“We can’t just sit here and watch,” Ye Wenhan said with determination. “Instead of dying in the entrance to the Dark Abyss as sacrificial offerings and fodder, we might as well take some of those of the three major races down with us, and let their blood be sacrificed to the life-devouring tunnel!”

With these words, he let out a wild laugh and charged out of the Realm of Shadow Devil like a shooting star.


The peculiar energy bridge reappeared in the starry river.

Surprisingly, it carried the bodies of the Devils and Netherspirits that Fan Tianze had killed with his sword magic into the tunnel filled with glorious lights, as it had done with the Seaspirits and Moonspirits.

It seemed that those of the three major races upheld a no-wasting principle, and sacrificed even the bodies of their own clansmen.

“Come on! Even if we die in this battle, we die with pride!”

Numerous glowing spatial blades spread from behind the back of Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society as he shot into the starry river after Ye Wenhan.

After him, Dou Tianchen, Zu Guangyao, Yu Suying, the Snow Devil, Dylan, Feng Beiluo, the Thunder Devil, and the remaining Voidspirits also charged into the starry river.

Almost all of the experts that were gathered above the glorious pit in the Realm of Shadow Devil rose to the challenge.

Fan Tianze’s rebellious nature, Mo Heng’s unyielding spirit, Nie Tian’s bravery, and Duru’s death...

All of those things inspired them. Even those who had been swayed by the three major races’ instigation felt ashamed and shot skywards, cursing themselves inwardly for having those vicious thoughts as they did.

Many Saint domain experts, like Yan Bin and Zhang Qiling, didn’t belong to the four ancient great sects or the Doomed Star Sea.

However, they still activated their saint domains, charged out of the Realm of Shadow Devil with unswerving determination on their faces, and engaged in fierce fights against the Devils, Netherspirits, and Bonedrudes in the starry river.

“Take care of yourself, senior. I’ve got to go.” With these words, Nie Tian turned around.

With a grin, he summoned the Rampage Behemoth’s bone.


Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner fell on the back of his enlarged form like an enormous cape, and seemed to become a perfectly-compatible part of his star domain.

Numerous Fragmentary Stars could be seen in the All Manifestations Star Banner, along with that Magnetic Star Crystal.

He sensed with great clarity that the Fragmentary Stars were channeling star power from the Heavenly Stars Flower and the All Manifestations Star Banner continuously.

This gave him a peculiar feeling that he wasn’t completely dependent on his star power spiritual core anymore.

Because of this, he decided to release his star power first, but not his flame power, wood power, or flesh power.

“I’m Grand Monarch Sharp Bones of the Bonedrudes. I’ll be the one to break your bloodline magics!”

A gigantic Bonedrude slowly walked towards him in the tempestuous starry river.

Countless wisps of white lightning slithered on the Unbreakable Form of this Bonebrute grand monarch before they gathered and condensed into a sharp bone tail at the end of his spine.


The tail emanated terrifying death power fluctuations, giving rise to strange sounds.


Nie Tian suddenly cast the incomparably profound secret spell recorded in the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

One Star Eye after another came to form, and immediately focused on the numerous realms that were attacking Mo Heng.


His star domain and All Manifestations Star Banner burst forth with mysterious starlight simultaneously.

The Heavenly Stars Flower swayed gently, as if to generate a peculiar force that attracted those realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil.


At that moment, Nie Tian seemed to hear painful whines and begs from those realms through his Star Eyes.

It was as if their star cores had sensed his existence, and were seeking his help with their fading awareness.

It was as if he was a lord of the stars, who had the trust and acknowledgment of all stars.

“Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer is possessing their star cores with her soul...” Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he came to a sudden realization. Immediately afterwards, countless soul strings started wiggling madly within his true soul.

“Soul-splitting Seals!”

One seal after another was created by his true soul before they were planted in those realms through his star domain and Star Eyes.

“Soul Split!” Nie Tian cried.

Inside the star cores of the realms that were being manipulated by Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, and had turned blackish-violet, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s soul shadows suddenly broke apart.


Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer let out a heart-wrenching, blood-curdling wail of pain.

Her somewhat shriveled true form, which was surrounded by Devils, started shaking nonstop with purple blood and foam coming out of her mouth, as if she was having an episode of epilepsy.

The sub-souls she had fused into those star cores suffered heavy blows and were eliminated.

This injury was just as severe as the time when her Shadow Devil Flag had been torn up, if not more!

In agony, she bellowed, “Nie Tian! It’s that Nie Tian again!”

She kept looking up in search of the terrifying devil figure, and begged, “Help me, High Chieftain! I want to see that little bastard die in the Realm of Shadow Devil! I want him to die in front of me!”