Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1689: Endless Fight

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The terrifying devil figure, which transcended all of the other Devil grand monarchs in their Ancestral Awakening form, seemed to be a condensation of pure devil power.

While he remained where he was, towering over the other Devils, his enormous devil hand seemed to defy space and press down from above Fan Tianze.

The giant hand descended like a blackish-violet celestial curtain with innumerable rays of light interweaving in it, manifesting thousands of bloodline wonders that were unique to the Devils!

At the same time, numerous devilish beasts and insects seemed to be born in the palm of the descending hand. Then, as time passed bit by bit, the strong ones devoured the weak ones, and grew even stronger.

Fanatic looks filled the eyes of every Devil as they watched the enormous devil hand press down.

While watching the wondrous changes within the descending blackish-violet palm, some of them, whose bloodlines were at low grades, even roared feverishly as their bloodlines seemed to be somehow stimulated, and advanced to new heights.

Some eighth grade Devils even managed to derive brand new bloodline magics from it. Ecstasy was written across their faces.

All of the Devils and devilish creatures that knew what was happening stared unblinkingly at the enormous hand, lest they miss even the slightest changes, and therefore let this unearthly opportunity slip through their fingers!

“Great Devil Hand!”

A deep voice sounded like a thunderclap, and rumbled through the minds of everyone present.

The glowing stream of limpid sword light from Fan Tianze’s Limpid Cyan Sword was pressed down towards the Realm of Shadow Devil where it had come from by the gigantic blackish-violet hand.

Numerous wisps of sword intent that were swimming swiftly in the limpid stream like fish perished one after another, giving rise to poofs.

As this happened, countless wisps of sword light shot out of the limpid stream, but were quickly engulfed by the devil light that had filled that area of the starry river, the incomparably fierce sword intent within them eliminated in an imperceptible manner.


Fan Tianze, in his dharma idol form, was pressed back to the Realm of Shadow Devil, as if the entire heavens had collapsed on him.

An illusory divine sword could be seen floating over the head of Fan Tianze’s brilliant dharma idol. It was the Limpid Cyan Sword’s soul manifested in the outside world. Right now, under the overwhelming pressure from the Great Devil Hand, it suddenly grew twisted, as if it was on the verge of exploding.

At the same time, Fan Tianze’s dharma idol seemed to be infiltrated by countless rays of sparkling purple light. With numerous purple fissures appearing in it, it looked like porcelain ware that had been broken and put back together.


Purple bolts of lightning shot out of the widening cracks, and Fan Tianze’s dharma idol exploded violently.

Resuming his regular form, he let out a muffled groan and coughed up a mouthful of blood before falling towards the Realm of Shadow Devil.

“Senior Fan!”

At that point, Nie Tian happened to charge out of the realm in his enlarged form, and instantly flew to his side.

Nie Tian reached out, and Fan Tianze, who was covered in blood, fell into his enormous palm.


Wisps of refined flesh power swirled out of Nie Tian’s giant palm and disappeared into Fan Tianze’s tiny body.

The gashes that covered his whole body healed at a visible speed.

Humans had the most fragile fleshly bodies. It didn’t require much life power to heal their bodies. In contrast, the injuries they sustained to their souls and spiritual seas were much harder to heal.

Sitting in Nie Tian’s palm, Fan Tianze looked up at him. Brilliant light still shone in his eyes as he wiped the blood off his face with a quick move of his hand. “Nie Tian, it was a mere doppelgänger of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil that injured me. But as you can see, it’s still stronger than any other Devil grand monarch you’ve met.

“Don’t worry about me. I can still fight. All I need is a bit of recuperation.

“You should go help Mo Heng...”

Before he could finish, a figure flew past Nie Tian and him and shot up against the blackish-violet Great Devil Hand.

It was Yin Xingtian.


The glorious, singular Godspan Sword Formation was released, spreading out like the glorious tail of a peacock.

The divine sword formation he had obtained from the Heaven Span Pavilion shone with dazzling light as a dominant sword aura burst forth from within his god domain, as if to declare that his mastery of sword spells was unparalleled throughout this starry river.

Everyone looked up and discovered that the boundless sword intent and countless sword lights within his god domain seemed to be suddenly vested with life. It was as if they were cheering, celebrating, and marveling at their newly-gained lives.

Fan Tianze, who had sustained heavy injuries, stared blankly at Yin Xingtian, who had shot past him and Nie Tian like a cannonball, and muttered in amazement, “The Godspan sword intent and sword lights have developed their own awareness...

“I can’t believe this old eccentric’s profound accumulation has nurtured such great potential!”


To his surprise, wisps of sword intent skipped with joy as they flew out of Yin Xingtian’s sword domain and the glorious Godspan Sword Formation before fusing into Fan Tianze’s body with endless wonders.

Fan Tianze’s eyes lit up as he felt his drained spiritual sea being rapidly infused with power.

Also at that moment, the soul of the Limpid Cyan Sword pulled itself together and asked for permission to fight again.

Gazing up at Yin Xingtian’s sword domain and the glorious Godspan Sword Formation, Ye Wenhan, who was also from the Heaven Span Pavilion, let out an exclamation, “What the...?!”

Immediately afterwards, under everyone’s gazes, the sword intent released by Yin Xingtian’s sword domain and the sword lights shooting out of the Godspan Sword Formation fused perfectly before piercing upwards together.


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s Great Devil Hand, which he had brought down on Fan Tianze, was quickly riddled with holes.

At the same time, Mo Heng, who had flown around the Great Devil Hand, charged towards Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, who had attempted to reap Fan Tianze’s life while he was in bad shape. “Get the hell out of my face!”

As he thrust his palm forward repeatedly, brilliant spheres that contained extremely refined spiritual power shot towards Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer.

Each and every one of them glowed with silver light.

Innumerable wisps of spiritual power that contained endless wonders could be seen slithering within them like lightning bolts.


A spiritual energy ball exploded violently inside Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s dark purple flesh aura sea, sending out currents of spiritual power that instantly ripped her flesh aura sea apart.

Then, as more spiritual energy balls exploded, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s agonized shriek filled the starry river.

Her dark purple flesh aura sea was soon torn to countless pieces as her Shadow Devil Flag had been.

Her flesh aura instantly withered.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer was infuriated after being bested in front of all the Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and members of her own clan. “Dammit! If I hadn’t been injured and lost my Shadow Devil Flag, how could someone like you injure me in the Domain of Shadow Devil?!

“Shadow Devil Star Change!”


Devil Qi seemed to suddenly infiltrate the star cores of many realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

In the depths of those realms, where no one could see, their star cores rapidly turned blackish-violet.

Inside of them, wisps of power gradually morphed into Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s form.

It was as if Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer had split her soul into countless wisps and sent them into those realms to possess their star cores.

Immediately afterwards, a gigantic sphere glowing with purple light flew from the distant starry river.

After it flew closer, it turned out to be a realm of the Domain of Shadow Devil!

She was going to crush Mo Heng with a realm!