Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1688: Not Afraid Of Death

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Ancient starships of the three outsider races began to arrive one after another.

The giant ships floated in the starry river outside the Realm of Shadow Devil. If one took a closer look, they could faintly see outsiders packed densely on the warships.

Some grand monarchs were standing in the starry river, overlooking the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Right now, the Realm of Shadow Devil was surrounded by clouds of Nether Qi, devil Qi and death power.

This area of the starry river had already become the three outsider races’ paradise. Anyone who didn’t carry a unique bloodline would be greatly restricted if they tried to move around in this area.

At this stage, there was likely no way they could leave the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s devil form manifested among several other grand monarchs. Her eyes were full of smugness as she said with a cold smile, “Did you think that by destroying my Shadow Devil Flag and taking over the Domain of Shadow Devil, you would win? Hehe, I’ve been guarding the Domain of Shadow Devil to protect the entrance to the Dark Abyss and wait for it to open.”

The other grand monarchs, many of whom didn’t look familiar, also laughed as they chatted with each other in a relaxed manner.

“You only have yourselves to blame for forcing your way in here.”

“With so many of you and those members of the small races like the Seaspirits and the Moonspirits, there should be enough offerings.”

The other powerful members of the three outsider races also laughed and talked amid the billowing energies outside the realm.

“As long as there are enough sacrificial offerings, the passage won’t get violent. Haha, with those Seaspirits and Moonspirits being thrown in there, perhaps there are almost enough sacrificial offerings already.”

“If a few more people die inside, maybe the gate will open, and we’ll be able to enter safely.”

“They might as well try their luck rather than get killed by us...”

They seemed to have received orders, and weren’t in a hurry to charge into the Realm of Shadow Devil to kill Nie Tian and the others.

They wanted Nie Tian’s force, those from the Doomed Star Sea, those from the Mortal World, and the Voidspirits to kill each other so that they could get into the Dark Abyss without bloodshed.

Gathered near the glowing passage in the Realm of Shadow Devil, everyone’s expressions kept changing due to their words.

Some of them began to think about their suggestion.

The gate would open as long as there were sufficient offerings.

Then, they could enter the Dark Abyss. Since the Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and members of the other races had already entered, then...

“Grand Monarch Bone Piercer!” Duru of the Voidspirits suddenly shouted, and then shot into the sky under everyone’s gaze.

He charged towards Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, an expert who was sitting high on a bone throne.

Sitting on his bone throne in the midst of many bone warships, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had cold, indifferent eyes. At first glance, he didn’t even look like a living being, because he gave people a feeling that he was lifeless and inhuman.

He didn’t move a hair. Letting Duru charge toward him, he said casually, “Let him come.”

Hearing this, several Bonedrude experts, including Grand Monarch Sharp Bones, who had been ready to attack, quieted down.

Many experts looked up, and saw Duru of the Voidspirits morph into a deep blue bolt of lightning made of countless glowing spatial blades.

The bolt of lightning split open the starry river and penetrated the seal made of Nether Qi, Devil Qi, and death power.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer rose to his feet. “Puny insect.”

Like a huge mountain of bones that was billions of meters high, the bone throne under his body suddenly flew out and clashed with the deep blue electric light.

Looking at the huge mountain transformed from the bone throne, Nie Tian shuddered with shock.

He had once seen a mountain like it in that mysterious place under the guidance of the Tree of Life.

That mountain had been imprinted with countless death principles, overflowing with inexhaustible death power.

Looking at the bone mountain transformed from the bone throne, Nie Tian suddenly realized that the high chieftain of the Bonedrudes had touched the ultimate source of death power.


Duru’s deep blue bolt of lightning was crushed to pieces by the huge mountain transformed from the bone throne.

His body almost instantly exploded into countless blue blood beads.

The blue blood beads were instantly infiltrated by death power, and turned pale.

Besides that, they gave birth to new Ghostly Corpse Snakes that would attack fleshly bodies under Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s command.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer clapped his giant hands from a great distance before hundreds of pale blood beads gathered to the bone throne, which had returned to its true form.


The throne of bones flew back, and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer descended on it steadily. Moving only his eyes, he looked down at the Voidspirits and said, “Pei Yukong is dead, and Duru is dead. It’s time for your so-called mysterious race to perish. We originally gave you a choice. As long as you were obedient, attached yourselves to us, and did our bidding, your existence would still have value. However...”

He looked a little pitiful.


Just then, Pei Qiqi suddenly burst forth with halos made of blue light.

A swift, ethereal flesh aura burst inside of her. Stimulated by it, her Voidspirit bloodline somehow broke through to the tenth grade!

While Duru died, a new grand monarch was born.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer couldn’t help but look at Pei Qiqi for quite a while, then he nodded. “You’re a talented one with great potential. Unfortunately, you won’t have a chance to grow.”

“I’ll die either way, so I might as well give it a shot.” With these words, Fan Tianze of the Heaven Span Pavilion frowned and rushed into the sky like Duru.

The light released by the Limpid Cyan Sword brightened the entire dim Realm of Shadow Devil, pierced through the Nether Qi, Devil Qi, and death power, and shot outside the realm like the most gorgeous light.

“My sword defies all principles! I dare to even kill a paragon with it!” Fan Tianze shouted with a wild laugh.

The Limpid Cyan Sword’s sword light condensed into a limpid stream where there seemed to be strands of incomparably sharp sword intent that swam like fishes, containing infinite profound truths.


The limpid stream shot out of the Realm of Shadow Devil and into the starry river outside the realm.

Facing the limpid stream, many of the three outsider races had blood trickle from their eyes.


Several warships of the Devils and Bonedrudes were cut into pieces by the astonishing power that surged out of the sword light.

Dozens of Devils and Bonedrudes died in an instant.

Grand Monarch Sharp Bones of the Bonedrudes, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, and Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher of the Devils all rushed at Fan Tianze. “How dare you!”

Fan Tianze laughed fearlessly. “I’ve lived long enough. I don’t care if I transcend the limits of the God domain to see a whole new world. I live to do whatever I want!”


As his wrist turned, the Limpid Cyan Sword cut at Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s devil body. Wherever the word light flitted, it split the energies sealing the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The terrifying devil figure among the many Devils stared at Fan Tianze coldly and said, “He’s very brave... But that’s all.”


At this time, Nie Tian also charged out of the Realm of Shadow Devil and into the starry river. His bloodline instantly burst forth.

Another figure flew abreast of him, which turned out to be Mo Heng.

Mo Heng gave him a somewhat unnatural smile. “You’ve finally grown up, kid. You didn’t bring disgrace on your father.”

“Whatever happens, I\'ll have no regrets now that I’ve finally seen you smile,” Nie Tian said.