Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1687: A Cruel Sacrifice

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The surging turbid energies built a seemingly real bridge in the sky in the Realm of Shadow Devil.

The bridge, which emanated cyan, black, purple, and white light, seemed to form in the blink of an eye, and then stretch thousands of miles into the distant starry river.

Looking at the bridge that had been formed out of thin air, the experts who were discussing things passionately looked astonished.

Soon, something even more astonishing happened.

Figures suddenly appeared on the bridge, like glowing spheres that were as small as grains of rice.

The glowing spheres consisted of Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and members of the various minor races of the Void World.

Their bloodlines were mostly at the eighth and ninth grades.

There were only two early tenth grade grand monarchs among them.

Nonetheless, enveloped in spheres that glowed with cyan, black, and purple light, they were like lambs that would be slaughtered at any time, without the strength to fight back.

They were still alive, but something in their faces and their eyes that seemed to say… that they had already died.

Little by little, they flew over the bridge in the glowing spheres, and fell into the gorgeous passage leading to the Dark Abyss.


The glowing spheres exploded one by one in the gorgeous passage.

Blood of various colors that was mingled with broken bones and viscera was thrown down into the depths of the passage to nourish the spirit plants and devil plants like sweet dew. They served as sacrificial offerings for the gate to the forbidden land.

Staring at the bridge, Dylan said with a dejected expression, “They’re grand monarchs and soldiers of the Seaspirits and Moonspirits. The bridge contains Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s flesh aura. I…”

A cluster of golden flames shot from his fingertips.

The glittering golden flames contained more than ten kinds of phoenix bloodlines, and a few drops of Blood Essence that were like golden diamonds.


The golden flames exploded as soon as they touched the bridge of turbid energies.

A cold snort seemed to sound across the infinite starry river.

On the bridge, a ninth grade Moonspirit, who was wrapped in a blue glowing sphere and muddle-headed, seemed to suddenly sober up. She looked ahead and saw the Snow Devil, Dylan, and the ferocious people of the Doomed Star Sea, but she… only smiled sadly, as if she knew that these people couldn’t change their fate.

The Moonspirits, Seaspirits, and the other second-tier races of the Void World who had previously disobeyed the orders of the three outsider races had been defeated almost the moment they had been attacked.

After their home realms had fallen, all of their members had been imprisoned, their bloodline powers and soul awareness sealed.

Then, they had been sent here one by one.

“A Blood Sacrifice...” she thought inwardly as her heart was filled with bitterness. The moment she saw the entrance to the Dark Abyss, she realized that the three outsider races had imprisoned them instead of killing them on the spot so they could take them here and use them as sacrificial offerings.


Finally, the glowing sphere that bound her fell into the Dark Abyss, and terrifying streaks of light instantly crushed her body and soul in the gorgeous passage.

Right before her soul vanished, she seemed to find relief. “It’s finally over...”

Many glowing spheres, which surrounded members of the Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and the other minor races of the Void World, fell into the passage filled with gorgeous streaks of light. The flesh and souls of the vast majority of them perished in an instant.

A few of them whose bloodlines were not particularly strong weren’t instantly torn to pieces somehow.

No one knew if it was because they had special bloodlines, unusual treasures, or special souls.

They had thought they would die as well, but they fell unharmed through the gorgeous passage, and descended smoothly into the darkness, where the ‘gate’ was.

It was just that they were going to face countless devil plants and spirit beasts. It was not clear what their fate would be.

After a long while of silence, Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace said quietly to Nie Tian, “Looks like others are being sacrificed before us. However, it seems that not everyone dies distressingly. Some lucky ones can make it to the end of the passage.

“Those ones may have a chance to step into the Dark Abyss if they can survive the devil plants.”

Hou Chulan of the wood element sect sent out a strand of wood power, trying to save a Seaspirit girl.


The green power exploded before Hou Chulan let out a moan and her mouth was stained with blood.

The Seaspirit girl, who had opened her beautiful eyes with a pleading look, still fell into the gorgeous passage and was instantly reduced to a cloud of blood mist.

“Ahem!” Feng Beiluo of the Heavenly Corpse Sect coughed violently to attract everyone’s attention.

When everyone looked at him, he said in an extremely cruel air, “Everyone, first, we’re not strong enough to save those Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and members of the other minor races. Second, the wisest thing to do is just watch them… go in one by one. If what master said is true and the entrance to this Dark Abyss requires sacrificial offerings, then...

“It needs a certain number of sacrificial offerings. Maybe when their deaths reach a certain number and its need for offerings is met, it’ll be much safer for us to enter.”

A helpless expression appeared on his face as he continued, “With our current strength, we can’t possibly fight the three outsider races. What we can see from the Space Boundaries Crystal is that almost all the powerful experts of the three outsider races have come for us. Master can’t come. Even if he can, he might not be able to get all of us out of the Void World.

“So perhaps we ought to think about how to get through the gate at the end of this entrance to the Dark Abyss.”

Hearing his words, everyone was silent.

If they really had no choice, and they had to go through the terrifying passage with streaks of light and try to enter the darkness, would it be much safer for them to go when the Seaspirits and Moonspirits died out, and there were sufficient sacrificial offerings?

Everyone had their own selfish motives.

Thinking that the deaths of the outsider races like the Seaspirits and Moonspirits might be able to help them and reduce their risks, everyone hesitated.

Then, they watched in silence as the Seaspirits and Moonspirits fell from the bridge into the Dark Abyss.

Anyway, they didn’t know them. Anyway, they were the outsiders from the Void World. Anyway, they didn’t have friendly relations with them. Maybe they had even been forced by the three outsider races to help them slaughter humans before...

They comforted themselves in this way.

Just then, the eyes of Mu Biqiong of the Bliss Mountain Sect burst forth with unusual light that didn’t seem to belong to a human as she said, “I, I can go down. I have a feeling that I can make it!”

Under everyone’s startled gazes, her graceful figure suddenly fell into the passage.

The uncanny coexisting flowers suddenly appeared in the depths of her eyes.

Without stirring up any changes or activating any dazzling attacks, she fell lightly into the dark land and merged into the darkness very smoothly.

Then, a Heavenly Demonsbane manifested between Hua Mu’s eyebrows. “So can I.”

Like Mu Biqiong, he also fell through the passage into the dark land with ease, without being attacked by a single streak of light.

At the same time as they fell, a dozen Moonspirits and Seaspirits at the eighth and ninth grades exploded and died in the passage.

Dong Li, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, Hua Mu, and Mu Biqiong...

Dong Li, who had been violently attacked, had succeeded in crossing the passage and descending into the darkness with the help of the Dark Aureole.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s fleshly body had exploded, but his soul hadn’t disappeared. He had also fallen into the darkness, and would have the chance at condensing his body again.

Hua Mu and Mu Biqiong hadn’t encountered any danger.

A number of lucky Moonspirits and Seaspirits also made it underground.

This meant that falling through the passage wasn’t completely terrible, and there was still a chance to survive.

However, if they fought Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, there would be no chance at all.

As everyone pondered, all of the Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and members of the other outsider races were thrown into the passage, most of whom died.

A cold, drifting voice echoed from afar. “Now it’s your turn. You should have figured out the truth by now, but let me make it clear. Opening the ‘gate’ requires a certain number of sacrificial offerings. When the number is met, those who enter the passage after that will be safe.

“We have no idea as to how many have to die to meet the number.”

“Perhaps you can drive some of your own men into it first. When your followers are no longer attacked, that means the sacrificial offerings are enough, and you can go straight to the Dark Abyss, the place you’ve been dreaming of, to seek its fortune.”

The cold voice was very bewitching, telling everyone vaguely that they could kill each other and fight for a chance at survival.