Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1685: Set Up A Net To Catch Fish

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The mighty devil voice traveled through the boundless space and echoed with a rhythm that contained magical principles and profound meanings.

No one knew if it was because the voice bound and imprisoned Grand Monarch Hell Demon through his bloodline that he howled and screamed, and was forced to assume his Ancestral Awakening form in a split second.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s colossal body instantly appeared with the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar on his back, and he shouted into the sky.


His purplish-black skin, which looked like the bark of an old tree, seemed to be cut with a sharp knife, and blood gushed out.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon screamed in pain and stopped covering his eyes with his hands.

His wide-open eyes were like purple torches, with numerous rays of electric light surging out of them.

Pei Qiqi, whose bloodline had experienced strange changes, was taken aback, and also jerked her head towards him.

“Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!” cried the Snow Devil, her cold voice trembling with fear.

“The origin of Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s bloodline lies with the Devils,” Feng Beiluo of the Heavenly Corpse Sect said with a gloomy expression, “Grand Monarch Heaven Devil is the current high chieftain of the Devils, who carries the strongest Devil bloodline. He must have fundamentally suppressed Grand Monarch Hell Demon with some bloodline magic.”

Nie Tian cried, “Why can he so easily suppress Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who’s also a late tenth grade grand monarch?”

“Those who share the same bloodline grade can have totally different battle prowesses,” Feng Beiluo answered with a sigh of frustration. “We might be in trouble this time. I really didn’t expect the three major races to send so many powerful experts to the Domain of Shadow Devil.”

Panic spread quickly among the crowd.

The images in the facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal spinning in Pei Qiqi’s palm scared everyone present.

Many of them had never seen so many outsider experts in their lives.

Colossal ancient starships, numerous clansmen of the three outsider races, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, Grand Monarch Sharp Bones, Grand Monarch Soul Converger, numerous Devil beasts, bone giants, and Bone Shatter Cities…

“Miss Pei!”


Mo Heng and Dylan almost said simultaneously.

They asked Pei Qiqi and Duru of the Voidspirits, who was badly wounded, to work together and try to open a spatial passage that directly connected to the Doomed Star Sea.

Before Pei Qiqi and Duru could reply, everyone saw rays of purple blood light shooting out of Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s mountainous body.

He roared and moved from place to place. Soon, he discovered that he could resist Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s overwhelming bloodline attack when he was near the entrance to the Dark Abyss.

A light of enlightenment flashed through his burning eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, “Young Master, I have to step into the Dark Abyss, otherwise my bloodline will soon be burned out by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil with his devil weapon.”


His colossal body shot into the passage filled with dazzling lights, and plunged towards the dark depths.


In a split second, countless brilliant lights drowned him. Everyone could clearly see his devil body that was nearly ten thousand meters high break into hundreds of pieces of flesh, like a porcelain jug that had fallen to the ground.

Then the hundreds of pieces of flesh fell into the Dark Abyss.

“Is Grand Monarch Hell Demon dead or alive?” Jiang Qinghuang asked her father with a gloomy face. “His body broke into pieces, but it seems to me that his soul… is still intact.”

“His fleshly body may be able to reunite in the entrance to the Dark Abyss, but what will happen is unclear,” Dylan replied.

Meanwhile, Duru of the Voidspirits said with a dejected expression, “I, I don’t have the ability to open a void passage to establish a connection to the Doomed Star Sea at this moment.”

He cast his gaze down slightly, his gloomy face covered with grief.

Pei Yukong was a hybrid, but he was his best friend. With his strong assistance, Pei Yukong had become the high chieftain of the Voidspirits, gathered all the clansmen who had lived in void rifts scattered across the three worlds, and built a home for the Voidspirits in the depths of the space disruption zone.

Now, Pei Yukong had died, as had many of their elders and youngsters, in the Void World.

The most mysterious race that had once walked the three worlds with their heads high was now in their weakest moment.

This had dealt him a heavy blow.

“The Domain of Shadow Devil has been sealed off from the outside world,” Pei Qiqi, who was relatively calm, said. “Great changes have taken place in the space around us since the terrifying devil figure appeared and those Bonedrudes emerged in large numbers. You may not be able to perceive it, but I know that the powers of those grand monarchs of the Void World have infiltrated every layer of space in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

“It’s not just us who are affected. If they want to come here, they’ll also need to cross the starry river.

“That’s why they haven’t gotten here yet even though their images have appeared in the Space Boundaries Crystal.”

Upon hearing this, a late Saint domain old man shouted in despair, “In that case, let’s leave the Domain of Shadow Devil before they get here!”

Many agreed with him.

Many Qi warriors from the Mortal World that didn’t belong to the four great ancient sects nodded repeatedly.

Pei Yukong’s miserable death, the Ghostly Corpse Snakes’ rampage, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s blood being spilled had almost scared them out of their wits.

Death permeated the air gradually, and they couldn’t pay attention to the so-called wonders of the Dark Abyss anymore.

At this time, they only hated themselves for being blinded by greed and recklessly coming to the dangerous place that was the Void World to seek the so-called precious treasures and the Dao for the ultimate breakthrough.

Huang Jinnan pointed at them with a cold disgusted face. “You!”


Some people morphed into bolts of lightning, while others displayed their Saint domains and split up to flee the Domain of Shadow Devil.

They were dying to get out before the three outsider races besieged the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The Domain of Shadow Devil covered an extremely vast area.

No matter how many outsiders were coming after them, they couldn’t catch everyone, so they felt they could definitely find an opportunity to flee the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The portal connected to the Seven Stars Realm Sea remained open. As long as they could leave the domain, they would be able to return to the Mortal World through the portal and hide in their sects with the help of their grand spell formations.

“I knew they were a bunch of unreliable rats,” Hou Chulan of the wood element sect said as she found that seventy percent of the cultivators had disappeared within a short time.

Then, she turned around and added, “I’m surprised that you chose to stay.”

Thirty percent of the Saint domain experts that didn’t belong to the four great ancient sects didn’t leave. They forced a smile upon hearing this.

Nie Tian knew several of them. They were people like Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa, who were eager to befriend him and break through to the God domain with his help.

The images of those who had fled appeared on the Space Boundaries Crystal’s facets one after another.

In those images, some of the fugitives were suddenly trapped by the chains of death, their fleshly bodies and vitality disappearing in the blink of an eye. Some saw gaps and flitted through them, but their bodies exploded and their saint domains perished as they did.

The Space Boundaries Crystal then shook, and all the images disappeared.

“Almost all the fugitives had an accident when they fled,” Pei Qiqi said in a peaceful voice. “On the fringes of the Domain of Shadow Devil, the three outsider races have set up sealing nets to catch them. I had a feeling that since the Dark Abyss has shown up, we have been like fish.”