Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1684: Ghostly Corpse Snake

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They caught everyone off guard!

The pale spirit snakes seemed to have been spawned from Pei Yukong’s vitality, but they contained strong death power.

The several Voidspirit elders closest to Pei Yukong were the first to be attacked!

Seeing the pale spirit snakes burrow deep into their bodies, the several scarred Voidspirit elders whose bloodlines were only at the eighth or ninth grades finally came to their senses.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

As soon as the pale spirit snakes entered their bodies, they ate away at their vitality crazily.

The wicked laughter of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes rang out from the pale spirit snakes.

The expression of Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who was from the Doomed Star Sea, suddenly changed as he screamed, “They’re Ghostly Corpse Snakes! Stay away from the Voidspirits! Anyone who gets eaten by the Ghostly Corpse Snakes will give birth to more corpse snakes!”

Nie Tian frowned.

He saw the Voidspirit elders wail as their bodies were pierced by the so-called Ghostly Corpse Snakes and shriveled little by little.

Meanwhile, the Ghostly Corpse Snakes expanded rapidly.

The Voidspirit elders died with grudges within a few dozen seconds.


More pale spirit snakes flew out of their bodies.

The rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea and the Qi warriors from the Mortal World cursed at Pei Yukong and the other Voidspirits as they were attacked by those Ghostly Corpse Snakes.

“Damn it! The Voidspirits are simply a disaster!”

“They were in trouble, but did they have to come to the Domain of Shadow Devil and bring the trouble to us?”

Everyone was thrown into confusion.

However, the Ghostly Corpse Snakes didn’t attack Dylan, Pei Qiqi, or a Voidspirit grand monarch who had reached the tenth grade.

The Ghostly Corpse Snakes seemed to be intelligent enough to know who was easier to take down, whose fleshly bodies could be swallowed faster, and who they couldn’t handle.

Nie Tian, who was some distance away from the chaotic area, stretched out his hand and made a pinching motion.

A pale Ghostly Corpse Snake was pulled over by his power.

He pinched the so-called Ghostly Corpse Snake between his fingers, examined it with his life bloodline, and shrewdly sensed a soul strand which was faint but unusually frenzied.

“Grand Monarch Bone Piercer!” he said with a snort as flames burned between his fingers.

The Ghostly Corpse Snake that he was pinching was soon reduced to ashes in the crackling flames.

He took a closer look, and soon found that the newly-born Ghostly Corpse Snakes were attacking the Saint domain humans and outsiders and hybrids with low grades from the Doomed Star Sea.

He understood instantly. “The Ghostly Corpse Snakes just want to create chaos.”

“I’m sorry. I brought this to you and my own clansmen...” Pei Yukong murmured as his aura became weaker and weaker.

He could feel the last remaining vitality inside him being gnawed away. He fixed Pei Qiqi with a guilty look and whispered, “Take care of yourself.”


He jerked around and dove into the Dark Abyss.

Gorgeous unusual lights suddenly surged in the tunnel, tearing his thin body into fragments.

The current chief of the Voidspirits perished.

Then, fresh Ghostly Corpse Snakes emerged from his body, but were attacked by the large number of devil plants and spirit plants that grew in the entrance.

The Ghostly Corpse Snakes were reduced to ashes one by one.

Seeing the mess the Ghostly Corpse Snakes had made, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, Mo Heng, Fan Tianze, and the other experts made a move.

The Ghostly Corpse Snakes that were flying around in the sky and looking for easy targets were snuffed out one by one.

“Father...” Pei Qiqi murmured as she stared at Pei Yukong, who was fading in the passage filled with gorgeous lights.

Her bright eyes were filled with grief before it was gradually replaced by hatred. “The Bonedrudes! Grand Monarch Bone Piercer and Grand Monarch Sharp Bones!”

The Space Boundaries Crystal spun like a cold polyhedral drill.

Blending with her bloodline power and unusual spatial power, numerous glowing spatial blades wove into a magnificent, unusual image behind her.

This was a profound magic she had derived when she had observed and studied the spatial rifts in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

The densely-packed spatial rifts there contained infinite profound truths of spatial power. She hadn’t been able to comprehend their wonders and display them with her bloodline power, spirit power and the Space Boundaries Crystal until she had made her recent, rapid advances in her bloodline.


Many glowing spatial blades split the void open and created gaping spatial rifts.

That area of the starry river was riddled with spatial rifts that seemed to connect to the end of the void and carry the true meaning of nothingness.

As soon as she pointed at the Ghostly Corpse Snakes with her jade-like fingers, it looked as if their vital parts were pinched by an invisible force.

Then, they were crammed into the many spatial rifts behind her and vanished in a flash.

Within a very short time, all the Ghostly Corpse Snakes were taken care of.


A ray of deep blue light obstinately flew out of the passage that connected to the Dark Abyss.

The light was filled with Pei Yukong’s reluctance, nostalgia, and guilt about hurting her.

That was the last strand of his Blood Essence that he had left behind.

It contained power that he had sealed away with a secret magic.

The strand of deep blue light flew into Pei Qiqi’s acupoints, suddenly making the worlds inside them vibrant, as if they were now able to communicate with myriad realms.

“Father,” Pei Qiqi murmured and closed her eyes. Her soul awareness moved from acupoint to acupoint. It seemed that she could see Pei Yukong’s image fading in the space inside every acupoint until he disappeared completely.


Rays of sharp blue light surged out of her heart.

Pei Qiqi, who was stunned, opened her eyes and immediately saw the Space Boundaries Crystal burst forth with countless rays of dazzling light, its every facet reflecting an area of the starry river around the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The expressions of the strong grand monarchs and God domain experts suddenly changed as soon as they noticed the changes within Pei Qiqi.

They saw countless Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits on the facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal. They were marching towards the Domain of Shadow Devil, along with a large number of ancient starships, devil beasts, devil tools, and bone giants, like swarms of locusts.

Besides that, they saw Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, Grand Monarch Sharp Bones, Grand Monarch Soul Converger, and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, as well as Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, who had left previously.

Among them, there was a terrifying devil figure that was like an ancient devil god hidden in billowing devil Qi.

Although everyone only took a quick look at that devil figure, they felt their temples throbbing. It was as if after they only looked at him and called his name inwardly, he had sensed it and struck them with profound power that was vested with magical laws.

“Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!” Even Grand Monarch Hell Demon let out a groan of pain and put his hands over his eyes, as if trying to erase what he had seen from his mind.

It seemed only in this way could he prevent Grand Monarch Heaven Devil from noticing him and fixing his eyes on him.

A loud mighty voice that was full of solemnity suddenly resounded through the infinite starry river in the Domain of Shadow Devil. “Grand Monarch Hell Demon...”

Blood trickled from between the fingers of Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who was covering his eyes with both hands.

Nie Tian was greatly frightened. “Is he really this strong?”

After seeing Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s misery, all the others’ faces turned very pale.