Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1679: A Brilliant Star

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The crimson light the Rampage Behemoth’s bone emanated was incomparably bright.

Many God domain human experts and outsider grand monarchs that were scattered in the vicinity subconsciously turned to look at it.

They seemed to see a gigantic, bloodthirsty monster charging out of a dark pit.

“The Dark Abyss!” A somewhat timid exclamation echoed from the distance.

Surprised looks appeared on everyone’s faces as soon as they heard these words.

Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, Ji Yuanquan, and the others had spent some time in the Void World now. Through the Devils and Netherspirits they had killed, they had already learned that the Dark Abyss was the one true forbidden area of the Void World.

However, the entrance to the Dark Abyss was full of mysteries and extremely hard to find.

Now, as soon as they heard someone calling out ‘the Dark Abyss,’ their eyes subconsciously started searching for the source of the voice.

Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion instantly grew excited. “Elder Fan!”

“Grand Elder!” Chu Rui also exclaimed with surprise.

Their eyes turned to see Mo Heng from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion, Hua Mu, and Mu Biqiong, along with Huang Jinnan, Hou Chulan and the other Divine Sons and Daughters of the Five Elements Sect, in the direction of the Realm of Shadow Devil.

It was Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect who had exclaimed ‘the Dark Abyss.’

They had traveled a great distance to this area through multiple Devil teleportation portals following the directions given by Hua Mu and Mu Biqiong.

With a grim expression, Fan Tianze asked, “Is the place that bone just flew out of really the entrance to the Dark Abyss?”

Mu Biqiong nodded. “Yes, the coexisting flowers inside of me assured me. Those intelligent devilish flowers have been giving me directions since I entered the Void World.”

“She’s right. That hole below is none other than the entrance to the Dark Abyss.” With these words, Hua Mu placed a finger between his eyebrows, then a wisp of light instantly flew out of his fingertip into the Heavenly Demonsbane that was eager to manifest itself. “While the coexisting flowers in her have grown active, this devilish vine that’s been growing inside of me by absorbing my power has also been in rapture.

“If what I suspect is true, both my Heavenly Demonsbane and her coexisting flowers came from down there.”

“Elder Fan! Grand Elder!”

Those from the four great sects were overjoyed at the sight of them, and hurried towards them.


The Rampage Behemoth’s bone that had shot out of the entrance to the Dark Abyss happened to shoot past them like a crimson bolt of lightning.

A shudder ran through them as it swept past.

They felt as if the Rampage Behemoth had taken an unmeant glance at them with its fierce eyes as it shot past.

All of the God and late Saint domain Qi warriors from the four great sects couldn’t help but shiver.

Immediately afterwards, they noticed that the bone shot into Nie Tian’s brilliant star domain.

Many of them were Saint domain experts from clans and sects across the Mortal World.

They seemed to finally see their backers as they rushed over and shouted, “Grand Elder, Senior Fan, you’ve got to preside over justice. That Nie Tian is actually the son of that evil Qin Yao!”

“You know that countless humans died at Qin Yao’s hands before he was forced to leave the Mortal World!”

“God knows how many talented ones were consumed by the outsider Blood Essence they were given and died at a young age because of his hybrid plan!”

“If Nie Tian is his son, then he doesn’t belong with us!”

These old Saint domain experts who had restrained themselves under the pressure from Dong Li and those from the Doomed Star Sea desperately demanded that Mo Heng and Fan Tianze meet out justice.

“Nie Tian...” Fan Tianze muttered, sliding Mo Heng a sideways glance.

Mo Heng let out a cold harrumph and said indifferently, “Ignorant fools.”

“What?!” Those Saint domain experts who didn’t belong to the four great sects were flabbergasted upon hearing Mo Heng’s words.

Chu Rui, Dou Tianchen, and the others were well-aware of the relationship between Mo Heng and Qin Yao, and knew that the fact that he had gone missing for a period of time had something to do with the Doomed Star Sea as well. Now, seeing his attitude, they naturally understood what was going on.

Huang Jinnan from the Five Elements Sect shook his head and let out a sigh. “These people were lucky enough to survive the calamities in the Mortal World. What do they have against staying alive? Why do they have to court death by seeking trouble with Nie Tian?”

Hou Chulan nodded heavily in agreement. “I guess they’re just foolish due to old age.”

“You!” Those old cultivators glared at the two of them, attempting to berate them.

“Elder Fan?” Ye Wenhan called for Fan Tianze’s attention.

From across the dim void, Fan Tianze turned to lay his eyes on Yin Xingtian in the distance and the Godspan Sword Formation behind him. “Who would have thought that he would be the one to win the acknowledgment of the Godspan Sword Formation?”

It was him who had triggered the unusual movements in the Godspan Sword Formation earlier.

“I thought I’d be the one to resonate with the Godspan Sword Formation and win its allegiance after I entered the late God domain,” he continued with both regret and admiration. “That old eccentric wears his learning lightly. It’s amazing how sharply he rose based on his profound accumulation. Upon entering the God domain, he seized the opportunity presented during that tribulation of the Realm of Heaven Span and won the acknowledgment of the Godspan Sword Formation. It was a combination of good timing and favorable geographical and social conditions.”

“So our sword formation...?” Ye Wenhan asked.

“Generations of brilliant patriarchs of our sect, who mastered the Dao of the sword, branded each and every wisp of sword intent and sword light in that sword formation,” Fan Tianze said with deep veneration. “If Yin Xingtian has won its acknowledgment, then it means he has won the acknowledgment of our ancestors.”

Ye Wenhan was surprised at first, but then he cast his gaze down and whispered, “I see.”

Fan Tianze’s words eradicated all of his begrudging thoughts.

Before meeting Fan Tianze, he had fantasized about having Yin Xingtian cough up the Godspan Sword Formation so they could restore glory to the Heaven Span Pavilion.

Now, however, he had no more illusions about that.

Fan Tianze let out a sigh and continued, “I suppose the sectmaster has died, because if his soul awareness still existed, no matter how little, the Godspan Sword Formation wouldn’t have acknowledged a new master so easily. Now, I just want to know who killed our sectmaster, and where.”

The Qi warriors from the Heaven Span Pavilion gasped. “What?! The sectmaster has died in the Void World?”

“Chu Yuan was killed by Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes,” Dylan’s voice echoed from the distance, “or at least that’s what we’ve learned from the Doomed Star Sea.”


At that moment, Nie Tian’s star domain floated towards them like a sea of dazzling stars with Nie Tian in it.


A magnificent banner that seemed to have enveloped the manifestations of all lives and matters in this starry river suddenly flew out of his star domain.

Shining with starlight, the banner came to a stop over the Realm of Shadow Devil, and sucked the old Saint domain cultivators who had berated him with indignation into it one after another.

After being sucked into the banner, those cultivators couldn’t struggle free no matter how hard they tried, like flies caught by a spider web.

People started shouting in astonishment.

“That’s the All Manifestations Star Banner!”

“It’s even more powerful now than when Luo Wanxiang wielded it!”

Mo Heng’s eyes lit up as he looked up at the old Saint domain cultivators that had been trapped, but weren’t in any real danger.

“I suppose Nie Tian has grown tired of their yapping,” he said expressionlessly.

Fan Tianze nodded. “Yeah, they didn’t seem to know how to stop. Annoying yappers.”

“Indeed,” Ji Yuanquan chimed in.

Yu Suying examined Nie Tian’s star domain closely. Watching the branches of the Heavenly Stars Flower swaying in the void, each leaf seeming to contain a sea of stars, she muttered, “Nie Tian seems to have made another stride in his cultivation base.”

Dong Li was taken aback. “He’s entered the middle God domain? Shouldn’t he be upgrading his bloodline?”


Duru and the other injured Voidspirits with Pei Yukong as their leader looked up at Nie Tian with astonishment written all over their faces.

Only after a while did Duru slowly withdraw his gaze and whispered to Pei Yukong, “High Chieftain, that Nie Tian will be a good match for our Miss. Only a man like him deserves her.”

Pei Yukong smiled bitterly.