Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1678: Like A Stray Dog

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In the Domain of Shadow Devil.

Nobody knew that Nie Tian had been attacked by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and almost died during his bloodline upgrade.

Dong Li and the others were still observing the entrance to the Dark Abyss in the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Yuan Jiuchuan was sitting quietly on a piece of land, breathing thunderbolts in and out.

In front of him, in the dim starry sea, was the red flesh aura sea that Nie Tian had displayed. He could sense raging bloodline power emanating from it.

All of a sudden, the space became as bright as a mirror in an area next to it.

Terror filled Yuan Jiuchuan’s face.

Then, he was surprised to see drops of pure blue blood manifesting out of nothing in the mirror-like space.


The mirror-like space suddenly cracked, and blue light sputtered everywhere.

Voidspirits that were blue-eyed and blue-haired flew out of the shattered space, bathed in blood.

Pei Qiqi was one of them.

“Miss Pei!” Yuan Jiuchuan cried as his expression flickered. Ignoring all the Voidspirits, he took a step forward before he arrived before Pei Qiqi and asked with a grave expression, “How are you?”

“I’m okay, but my father...” Pei Qiqi replied and shook her head, casting a mournful glance at Pei Yukong, who looked pale and distressed.


Strands of gray-white death power wreathed Pei Yukong, having clearly infiltrated his flesh and viscera.

Even his sea of soul awareness was filled with rays of gray-white light.

The refined death power that was engraved with profound magical laws was slowly eating away at his body and soul.

“Chief!” A Voidspirit who wore a gloomy expression spoke.

The moment he opened his mouth, two streaks of light flew out of his mouth and vanished into the void like two tiny snow serpents.

Silver Domain Snakes were wrapped around his naked arms.

However, the space spirit beasts, which could split open space and wander freely in the depths of the space disruption zone, looked like silver ropes at the moment, without any vitality.

The dozens of Silver Domain Snakes should all be dead.

“I’m sorry that I acted so rashly that I put you in trouble, Chief!” the gloomy Voidspirit named Duru said, clutching Pei Yukong’s left hand as brilliant blue blood gushed out of his fingertip and poured continuously into Pei Yukong’s body.

“Stop wasting your power,” Pei Yukong spoke with a depressed smile. “I will die anyway. Even if I wasn’t being corroded by the death power, I’d die soon. It’s just a matter of time.”

All of a sudden, he realized something and looked around. “Where’s Nie Tian?”

Soon, he saw Nie Tian, whose figure was blurred in his crimson flesh aura sea.

“You’re Pei Yukong, aren’t you?” The Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan asked with a snort. “How dare you plot against our young master? Do you Voidspirits really think you can challenge the Doomed Star Sea?”

Pei Yukong smiled bitterly. “I’m here to apologize to Nie Tian in person.”

“Then you’d better stay where you are, and not move,” Yuan Jiuchuan said with a cold face. “You must be sensible. The current Domain of Shadow Devil won’t allow the Voidspirits to make waves.”

“Make waves? What waves can we make now?” A Voidspirit elder said with a look of deep sorrow. “We suffered a heavy loss in the Void World. Numerous clansmen were killed by the Netherspirits and Bonedrudes. Now, we’ve come to the Domain of Shadow Devil… to avoid calamity.”

Yuan Jiuchuan was stunned. “Avoid calamity?”

“The space disruption zone is no longer safe,” the elder said gloomily. “Without Qin Yao’s permission, we dare not step into the Doomed Star Sea.”

At this moment, Ji Yuanquan of the Void Spirit Society, Ye Wenhan, Chu Rui, and the others were the first to notice the unusual situation and gather quickly.

As soon as they saw the Voidspirits, they asked Yuan Jiuchuan about the situation, and then naturally stood between them and Nie Tian.

Only Ji Yuanquan and a few disciples of Void Spirit Society greeted Pei Qiqi with concern. “Miss Pei!”

Soon, they learned that the Voidspirits had suffered a heavy blow from the Bonedrudes, and some of their members had been killed by the Netherspirits. Their losses had been tremendous.

Later, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, Snow Devil, Dylan, Dong Li, and the others received word of their arrival, and also came over.

Upon arriving, they surrounded the Voidspirits.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon glared at the feeble Voidspirit chief and shouted, “Pei Yukong, you dare to plot against our young master. Even death can’t expiate your crime! Over these years, we have been at peace with your race. We’ve asked you to forge a lot of spatial tools and paid you handsomely.

“But instead of being grateful, you tricked our young master and stole his Blood Essence. What a gang of rats you are!” Grand Monarch Hell Demon spat.

Snow Devil, Dylan, and the others also looked angry.

In the eyes of others, the Voidspirits might be mysterious and able to work magic, but there was nothing mysterious about them in the eyes of the kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea.

To be honest, none of them, who dared to fight the three outsider races of the Void World, were afraid of the Voidspirits.

After all, the Voidspirits had been expelled from the Void World and hunted down for many years because of their worsened relations with the three outsider races.

The elder explained with a wry smile, “Well, we didn’t know about Nie Tian’s relationship with the Doomed Star Sea.”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon laughed wickedly and glared at Pei Yukong. “Dare you say you didn’t know it?”

Pei Yukong sighed. “I know it was my fault, so I’m here to apologize in person.”

Yuan Jiuchuan jumped in and said, “The truth is that they’re here to avoid a calamity. They were attacked by Grand Monarch Sharp Bones of the Bonedrudes and the Netherspirits, and they’re about to be homeless again.”

Many people gloated as they looked at Pei Yukong and the others.

Suddenly, the Gilded Phoenix Dylan got a piece of news. “Eeeh? Baptista, the high chieftain of the flame dragons of the Ancientspirits, has been killed by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. Baptista’s bones and blood were thrown into a devil realm and eaten up by the Devils, devil beasts, and insects.”

Everyone’s expressions changed as they stared at Dylan in shock. “What!?”

Soon, Grand Monarch Hell Demon and the Snow Devil received the same news in the same way.

“Baptista was very unfriendly to me in the Spirit World in those days,” Dylan said, lowering his head. “But I don’t hate him. In fact, I secretly met and opened my heart to him when he crossed the Doomed Star Sea. Who would have expected…”

With that, he shook his head and sighed.


Nie Tian’s nine sub souls floated out of his glittering star domain in the depths of his rich red flesh aura sea.

In an instant, everyone’s attention was attracted.

All of their eyes were fixed on the mysterious and gorgeous star domain in Nie Tian’s flesh aura sea.

After watching closely for a while, Snow Devil said in surprise, “A breakthrough in the God Domain! It seems that the young master’s cultivation has made great progress in such a short period of time. Strange.”

“To be exact, his true soul has been greatly improved,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon added.

“Isn’t he supposed to be condensing his bloodline and seeking a breakthrough in that?” Dong Li was also puzzled.


The Rampage Behemoth bone that had left and fallen into the entrance of the Dark Abyss suddenly returned from it.