Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1676: Father And Son

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Nie Tian’s heart suddenly started beating violently.

He suddenly felt three cold things in his chest.

He looked down, and discovered that the three shiny fragmentary star marks that were engraved on his chest started emitting amazing light like brilliant stars.

The many primordial symbols that recorded the Fragmentary Star Incantation burst forth with boundless power.

The three fragmentary star marks were like eyes, staring at Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness. It was as if a god were gazing at the livings in the world from across an infinite sea of stars.

In the next moment, the three fragmentary star marks that had merged into his fleshly body broke free from his chest, and fell into his sea of soul awareness like the three most dazzling stars in the myriad realms!


The three shiny fragmentary star marks floated in the form of a triangle above Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, his true soul and nine sub-souls, as well as Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul and the Spirit Pearl.

Streaks of dazzling starlight suddenly burst out from the three fragmentary star marks. The light was mysterious and distant, as if it came from the depths of the starry river and contained the ultimate secrets of the starry river.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who had just sneered and given a long speech, shut up in an instant.

In the next moment, he discovered that his Great Soul-conjuring Spell had failed.

A sphere of starlight rapidly enveloped him.

Nie Tian’s nine sub-souls that communicated with his true soul burst forth with boundless divine light, and seemed to establish a mysterious relationship with the three fragmentary star marks in an instant.


An overbearing, mighty will that filled the starry river flooded through the three fragmentary star marks.

A cold snort echoed out from the three fragmentary star marks simultaneously.

In a flash, countless rays of bright starry light flitted out of the three fragmentary star marks and flew directly into Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul instantly started burning like a lit oil lamp as Nie Tian’s true soul and sub-souls had.

Wisps of soul power that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had condensed suddenly started pouring back into Nie Tian’s soul.

Nie Tian, who had been weakened to the point where he was gradually losing consciousness, felt as if a fountain of wisdom had been poured into his soul and instantly awakened him.

When his head was clear again, he stared at his sea of soul awareness with astonishment.

The first things he saw were the three shiny fragmentary star marks.

The three fragmentary star marks, which had merged into his fleshly body in the Domain of the Falling Stars in those early years, were now hanging high above his sea of soul awareness like three blazing suns!

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul and the Spirit Pearl were like ice balls in the fierce sun, and started melting!

“Qin Yao!” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer exclaimed.

Then with a dark grin, he grabbed the Spirit Pearl and aimed it at the three starlit fragmentary star marks. “Soul-splitting Seal!”

Three seals instantly rose from the Spirit Pearl and floated toward the three fragmentary star marks.

As soon as the Soul-splitting Seals emerged, Nie Tian’s true soul and sub-souls had a feeling of terror, like they were about to split and explode.


Even his sea of soul awareness seemed unable to bear the three Soul-splitting Seals’ power, and was about to break.

However, what shocked Nie Tian the most wasn’t the Soul-splitting Seals, but Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s scream of the name ‘Qin Yao.’

Even Nie Tian’s soul was shaken as he stared at the three fragmentary star marks in astonishment, sensing the overbearing will coming from the starry river through the depths of the three fragmentary star marks.

Was it really him?


Streaks of dazzling starlight shot out of the three fragmentary star marks and clashed with the Soul-splitting Seals that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had condensed, giving rise to violent sputtering soul power.


Sitting quietly in his crimson flesh aura sea, Nie Tian, whose face was hard to make out, suddenly coughed blood.

His eyes were closed, but blood flowed from the corners of his eyes like blood strings.

However, those who were busy with the Dark Abyss didn’t notice it.

As far as Dong Li, Dylan and Grand Monarch Hell Demon saw it, Nie Tian’s bloodline breakthrough didn’t rely on external forces. As long as no enemy disturbed him, he would be able to advance smoothly.

They didn’t expect that someone unusual like Grand Monarch Soul Capturer would attack from within, starting with Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness.

“I myself may be no match for Grand Monarch Soul Capturer in a soul battle, but now...” Nie Tian thought inwardly.

His bright semi-transparent true soul stared darkly at Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul, the Spirit Pearl and the Nether River surrounding it.

“The soul wonders that I’ve comprehended may come from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, or the River of Soul,” Nie Tian thought. “Now, both Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer want to possess me. They both feel that my soul is not strong enough, and that they can walk all over me.”

Anger rose little by little in his heart.

“I’ve also reached the God domain! If Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was able to escape from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s control, I may be strong enough to do the same. Moreover, it’s a mere sub-soul I’m facing!”

“As for the Spirit Pearl, since it belongs to you, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, then...”


At this moment, his flame power sub-soul, which was connected to his flame domain and mastered the flame power core, erupted like a volcano.

Strands of fiery lava-like soul power wildly surged out of the flame power sub-soul.

The soul power that contained the true meaning of flame poured into the Spirit Pearl like boiling lava.

“Melt!” Nie Tian shouted.

As soon as he did, his flame power sub-soul started absorbing flame power from the spirit core like crazy!

That flame power contained the ultimate true meaning of flame that could destroy all living beings.


The Spirit Pearl that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had used to condense the three Soul-splitting Seals was immediately engulfed in raging flames.

“Like I could refine the Spirit Pearl on the altar surrounded by eight flame dragons in the Silent Star Sea, I can also burn this pearl that you made with my flames!”


The three Soul-splitting Seals suddenly exploded.

This was caused by two reasons. On the one hand, the impact from the starlight emanated by the Fragmentary star marks had been tremendous. On the other hand, the Spirit Pearl was being burnt by the fiery flame power.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was a little surprised. “Oh? Those flames carry the aura of the Divine Flame. No wonder they can burn my Spirit Pearl. However...”

He had hardly finished the sentence when he suddenly squealed, because he saw that the Spirit Pearl was not only burning, but had also been filled with dense dots of starlight at some point.

Those dots of starlight were what really scared him!

The clear space inside the pearl that he had created seemed to have become a dazzling sea of stars, with densely-packed stars shining brightly.

A mysterious and gorgeous starry river suddenly appeared in the Spirit Pearl out of thin air.

In the boundless starlight, a vague colossal figure suddenly formed, which looked so awe-inspiring that it seemed as if it could dominate the three worlds.

The figure pulled randomly with his hands inside the Spirit Pearl.

Heaven exploded, and the earth cracked!

The misty space had cost Grand Monarch Soul Capturer numerous energies to build and had been nurtured by the Spirit Pearl’s soul and the five evil gods for ages. Now, the five regions that had been divided and given to the five evil gods, which, in fact, had been built to confine the five evil gods, were the first to collapse.

In a very short time, the collapse spread and took over the whole space!

Cracks appeared on the surface of the bright, semi-transparent Spirit Pearl.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer screamed crazily, “Qin Yao, don’t you dare!”

However, another cold snort came from within the pearl. “Break.”

In a flash, the Spirit Pearl shattered and turned into a cloud of green light. The unusual space inside of it, which Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had created and gradually perfected over the years, shattered.