Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1675: Possess!

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The Spirit Pearl couldn’t be made the most of until it was held by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer.

Its light shone on Nie Tian’s true soul and nine sub-souls, making him unable to fight back.

Because the Great Soul-conjuring Spell had been displayed, strands of refined soul power kept flying out of them.

The sub-soul that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had condensed with the Spirit Pearl’s soul gradually solidified.

The Spirit Pearl shone brightly in its hand.

The pain from his soul quickly spread all over Nie Tian’s body, and the feeling of being powerless and stifled made him almost go mad.

He felt deeply frustrated.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, or Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, might have long since sensed his existence and behavior through the Spirit Pearl.

After Luo Wanxiang had cultivated the Book of Spirits, started a series of battles, accumulated numerous souls of hatred, and sacrificed them, he had managed to establish communication with Grand Monarch Soul Capturer.

As for him, he had fought battles and spilled blood in various realms as well.

The Spirit Pearl had absorbed those fragmentary souls of hatred to enhance and enlarge the clear world in it, making it more real.

Had Grand Monarch Soul Capturer been staring coldly at him from the Void World the whole time?

Had all his behavior been under Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s watch?

Had Grand Monarch Soul Capturer been secretly influencing his behavior and state of mind over the years through the Spirit Pearl?

As his soul power was vaporized and absorbed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, various kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind despite himself.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer sighed with regret and said. “It’s a bit unfortunate that I’ve exposed myself too early. Otherwise, I would have been able to continue to use you to strengthen the Spirit Pearl until it was strong enough to control those five ancestors. After all, the Spirit Pearl was refined to fight against the five of them in the first place.”

“The meaning of their existence is to firmly control them one day, as the Heavenly Spirit Seals can.

“You’ve helped me do what I couldn’t do, and you’ve done it more completely than I expected.

“No matter how hard I tried, I could only gather their fragmentary souls. When their souls were complete, I could only bring them back to life by having them possess young Netherspirit bodies.

“But you directly gave them fleshly bodies, which was something that I couldn’t do.”

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer talked unceasingly, and didn’t try to hide anything. Perhaps he thought the situation was unchangeable, and there was nothing Nie Tian could do to turn things around.

Back when he had comprehended the true meaning of the Nether River, he had learned that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul awareness had still existed in the Nether River, and that the stone statues had been Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s five loyal followers.

He had been plotting in secret since he had decided to get rid of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

As he had professed his loyalty to Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, absorbing various soul wonders from the Nether River, he had secretly forged the three Spirit Pearls to gather the five evil gods’ fragmentary souls.

Both he and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had their own evil plans. Finally, when Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had found that the fruit had become ripe, as he had become a late tenth grade grand monarch, he had made a move in an attempt to wipe out his soul awareness.

However, as a result, he had detonated his own body, which Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had had his eye on.

Through various arrangements, his refined soul, the true meaning that he had comprehended, and his connection to the Nether River and the River of Souls, he had successfully broken free from the Spirit World and entered the Void World in the form of a soul.

After his soul had flown into the Void World, he had possessed a young Netherspirit’s body, replaced him, and grown up rapidly.

In a very short time, he had become a new star of the Netherspirits. His battle prowess had soon surpassed that of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, and Grand Monarch Soul Converger, and he had become a super expert who was second only to Grand Monarch Heaven Devil throughout the Void World.

Then he had laid his hands on the Nether River. He gradually corrupted the Nether River with all the foreign abominations, dregs, and toxins that could disturb Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s remaining soul awareness.

The remaining soul awareness that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had left behind in the Nether River had been slowly melted away by him.

He had learned all the secrets and soul spells of the Nether River, which became a sharp blade in his hand.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer laughed darkly. “Nie Tian, don’t think he cares about you. What he only cares about is your peculiar body. He was the best in the three worlds in the cultivation of soul, but it\'s a pity that the Netherspirits’ fleshly bodies are not as strong as those of the Bonedrudes and Fiends, which restricted him a little.

“In his eyes, you’re a gem, a much more precious one than I was.

“In a sense, by being able to take on the form of the Nether River and spread his soul awareness in the three worlds, he’s already beyond the definition of a living being. He can reincarnate by attaching himself to any race! In this case, the Netherspirits’ bodies aren’t the best choice.

“People who have boundless flesh auras, extremely tough bodies, and unlimited potential like the Ancientspirits and Devils are good choices.”

“Your presence, the outburst of your bloodline, and the many wonders that you’ve displayed since have won him over completely. Perhaps he feels that it’s lucky that I exploded and died, otherwise he would have possessed me and been resurrected through my body, and regretted it.

“He will have no regrets only if he possesses you and is revived through your fleshly body.

“Haha, I hadn’t realized this until I recently mastered the Spirit Scepter and fought his will. I have also recently learned of the wonders of your bloodline, which is why I’m going to kill you with all my might!”

Speaking up to this point, the light of greed suddenly appeared in the depths of the eyes of Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s sub-soul.

“Unlike last time, what I want to kill this time is only your soul! I don’t want to destroy your wondrous body. I didn’t expect Qin Yao to really create a perfect fleshly body. Strictly speaking, you, Nie Tian, are not a human. You’re not even a hybrid.

“You are an epoch-making new unique living being!” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer exclaimed softly.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian’s true soul and nine sub-souls seemed to start burning violently.

More “smoke” rose from them, and was quickly absorbed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer with the Great Soul-conjuring Spell.

Nie Tian’s true soul slowly grew bright and semitransparent, like a phantom that would disappear at any moment.

He was well-aware of how weak his soul was. The connection between him and the five evil gods was almost cut off, and he couldn’t sense the presence of the Spirit Scepter.

Moreover, having heard so much from Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, he realized that both the Spirit Scepter and the true meaning of the Nether River he had comprehended came from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s remaining soul awareness.

However, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit was ill-disposed toward him.

Was it true that the Heavenly Spirit Seals allowed him to control the five evil gods and the Spirit Scepter? Did they really work on Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit?

“Your soul will be gone, but your body will still exist. Do you know why I named myself Soul Capturer after arriving at the Void World? That’s because the soul spells I study will allow me to perfectly absorb your memories and come back in your body!”

“Come back in my body!” Hearing this, Nie Tian’s body shuddered with terror.

He knew what Grand Monarch Soul Capturer meant!

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer would melt all his memories and soul awareness! Then, he would be able to walk the starry river as Nie Tian, and the others wouldn’t find out.

He could even continue his cultivation, and make breakthroughs in his cultivation and bloodline.

However, that Nie Tian would no longer be him.

That would only be Grand Monarch Soul Capturer in Nie Tian’s body!

“No!” Nie Tian’s true soul and nine sub-souls let out begrudging growls.

His bloodline instantly burst forth!