Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1673: Soul Confusing

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Everyone was deeply shaken looking at the enormous dead titan that was having its residual flesh power drained by the devilish plants that had crawled all over it.

They couldn’t help but suck in breaths of cold air.

That was the titans’ current high chieftain, a late tenth grade grand monarch, for heaven’s sake!

Demon Eyes Flowers, Heavenly Demonsbane, Ghost Grass, Spectre Trees, and Carrion Flowers...

All of them were legendary evil plants that had intelligence and the ability to upgrade themselves like living beings.

Not just that, but these terrifying plants also needed to devour living being’s flesh power as their nourishment.

There was a long history of grand monarchs in the Void World being wrapped around and slowly digested by them.

Some grand monarchs had even been possessed by these evil plants and lost their minds. With the sinister plants growing out of their bodies, they had to live the rest of their lives in a befuddled, non-human state.

“I’m afraid those evil plants are all at high grades.” Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s eyes shone with the light of amazement as he signaled to the others to keep their distance, lest they get pulled in and end up suffering the same fate as the titan high chieftain.

Those present didn’t need his warnings to sense the threat from those plants. They all carefully backed away a bit.

At that moment, the brilliant Rampage Behemoth’s bone suddenly grew dim.

Everyone instantly lost their clear view of the evil plants and the enormous corpse.

Even though they squinted to exert their sight, they could no longer see what other amazing things might be hidden in this dark entrance to the Dark Abyss.

Yuan Jiuchuan scratched his nose with a dry smile, and slowly backed away. “I’m never going to enter this Dark Abyss anyway. I have a good idea of my own capabilities. I know that titan could have snuffed me out easily, but even he was killed by those sinister plants. My death will be practically guaranteed if I go in.”

With these words, he left not only this area of the mountains, but the Realm of Shadow Devil.

He seemed to be worried that unforeseen changes would take place in the Realm of Shadow Devil, and suck all those who were observing into the entrance to the Dark Abyss, turning them into food for those evil plants.

Yuan Jiuchuan went back to waiting for Nie Tian to awake.

Dylan, the Gilded Phoenix, said after remaining silent for a while, “Keep this entrance a secret, and don’t tell anyone about it. I’ll inform the Doomed Star Sea of our findings.”

Feng Beiluo nodded slightly. “Right, we should let the master decide what to do. He’s more familiar with the Dark Abyss than all of us.”

Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace was taken aback. “What? He knows about the Dark Abyss? He hasn’t been in there, has he?”

A faint smile appeared on Feng Beiluo’s face, but he didn’t give an answer.


The Rampage Behemoth’s bone suddenly stopped emanating light as it slowly flew through the dark areas that were crawling with all sorts of evil plants.

Dylan was surprised by the change. “That bone didn’t enter the Dark Abyss, did it?” However, he soon discovered that he had lost sight of the bone.

He wondered whether it had entered the Dark Abyss or was still somewhere in this entrance, and he just couldn’t see it.

Yin Xingtian turned to Dong Li and asked, “What do we do now?”

Dong Li gave her answer. “We’ll wait for Nie Tian to finish his upgrade to the tenth grade and join the ranks of grand monarchs. I have a feeling that great changes are going to overtake the entire Void World. Now, just do your best to improve your strength and battle prowess. It won’t be long before the entire Void World descends into chaos.”

“Got it,” Yin Xingtian answered. That was when the ends of his eyebrow suddenly rose.

Numerous swords that glowed with glorious spiritual light spread out behind him like a tail of multicolored feathers.

Even the three kingpins from the Doomed Star Sea that were present all felt a strong sense of danger, and jerked their heads towards him.

They fixed their eyes on the Godspan Sword Formation that had taken him as its master.

“Someone from the Heaven Span Pavilion with profound attainments in the Dao of the sword just let out a soul call,” Yin Xingtian said with a frown. “He’s calling out to every divine sword with intelligence in the Void World. Many swords in my sword formation sensed it.”

“Who could it be?” Yu Suying asked curiously.

“It was either Chu Yuan or Fan Tianze,” Yin Xingtian said. However, after a moment of pondering, he added, “I suspect it was Fan Tianze. He might have come to the Void World, and his cultivation base must have entered the late God domain.”

Face icy, the Snow Devil said, “I bet it was Fan Tianze. He’s better than Chu Yuan in terms of cultivation talent. If he hadn’t advocated for freedom and independence so much, he would have been the sectmaster of the Heaven Span Pavilion. Chu Yuan wouldn’t have had a chance. In fact, I suspect that Chu Yuan has already died in the Void World.”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon laughed and said, “Chu Yuan’s talent is unimpressive indeed. I remember that he tried to fight us in the Doomed Star Sea, but couldn’t even break your snow domain. Anyways, as long as it’s not someone from the Void World. It’s going to be a good thing for us if it’s really Fan Tianze. He has a good reputation.”


With the help of the pure soul power infused into his sea of awareness through the Spirit Pearl, Nie Tian’s true soul slowly grew solid, and had clear edges restored to it.

The connection between him and the five evil gods had never been severed.

As wisps of soul power continued to flow in from the Spirit Pearl, cyan sparks suddenly appeared one after another in the misty space inside the Spirit Pearl, and started gathering towards its soul spontaneously.

Each and every cyan spark carried a profound soul wonder.

“The Book of Spirits!” The Spirit Pearl’s soul let out an exclamation in the internal space of the Spirit Pearl.

The Book of Spirits had been written by a brilliant expert in the Phantasms’ history, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit.

It was said that the great book recorded the profound enlightenment he had derived from the Nether River. He had written this book so that future generations would be able to cultivate by it.

However, since Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s life had ended in a horrible way, the Book of Spirits had been questioned.

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit had entered Qi Deviation in his late years. It was said that he had killed many from his own clan before he had exploded and died in the Nether River.

After his death, all those who had practiced the Book of Spirits had died violent deaths as well. Eventually, it had been categorized as a forbidden book and kept somewhere safe. No one had been allowed to practice it ever since.

Luo Wanxiang had been the only exception.

By allowing him to learn from the Book of Spirits, the Phantasms had actually intended to lead him to a crooked path and get him killed.

However, to their surprise, he had somehow managed to enter the late God domain with the help of what he had learned from the Book of Spirits and his gains from the Void World. In a way, he had been talented as well.

The soul of the Spirit Pearl was the discarnate soul of a ninth grade Phantasm grand patriarch, who had never learned from the Book of Spirits.

However, at this moment, the contents of the book were somehow manifesting themselves in the internal heaven and earth of the Spirit Pearl, and being fused into the Spirit Pearl’s soul by force.

Numerous soul wonders that Grand Monarch Nether Spirit had derived back in the day were branded in the soul as its deepest memories.

The soul started upgrading!


All of a sudden, the Spirit Pearl magically manifested in Nie Tian’s sea of awareness.

A strange awareness had forcibly replaced the Spirit Pearl’s soul and become its new master, yet the misty cyan world inside the pearl didn’t seem to reject it in the slightest.

“Nie Tian!” A grand, resonant sound echoed from the Spirit Pearl, causing Nie Tian’s true soul to tremble nonstop.

Nie Tian, who was focused on refining his soul, turned pale with astonishment. Staring at the Spirit Pearl that had appeared out of nowhere, he said, “Grand Monarch Soul Capturer!”

“Yes, it’s me.”