Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1672: The Real Forbidden Land!

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Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s eyes grew wide, with veins bulging on his forehead.

Feng Beiluo and Yuan Jiuchuan went blank for a moment before suddenly realizing what that name meant.

“The Dark Abyss!” the three of them exclaimed simultaneously, breathing heavily, as if they found this hard to believe.

The Dark Abyss was a forbidden area of the Void World.

Unlike the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, the Dark Abyss had formed naturally, and no one knew how long it had been here.

In fact, the Dark Abyss was a forbidden area in the real sense!

Both the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones were grand establishments built by living beings with traceable origins.

Their creators were a distinguished Devil and a capable Bonedrude in their long histories.

The Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement could be viewed as a huge prison the Devils had built to imprison powerful experts of other races. With its devilish flames, they burned their victims day and night, and harvested their power.

The Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, on the other hand, was a super-large-scale burial ground of the Bonedrudes.

Billions and billions of corpses had been tossed into it, so the death power they generated could help the Bondrudes grow stronger and upgrade their bloodlines.

The Dark Abyss was completely different.

There were all kinds of rumors about it in the Void World.

The word ‘dark’ in the Netherspirits’ ‘Dark Soul Ward,’ the grand defensive spell formation they used to protect the Realm of Dark Souls, had come from the Dark Abyss.

The word ‘abyss’ in the Devils’ Domain of Devil Abyss also referred to the Dark Abyss.

Peak experts from the Mortal World and the Spirit World had come to the Void World to explore its forbidden areas. However, the place they had desired to explore the most wasn’t the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement or the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones. It was the Dark Abyss.

Rumor had it that it held the secret about transcending the limits and becoming paragons.

All three paragons in the Void World’s long history, the Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, had explored the Dark Abyss and returned alive.

However, as powerful as the three major races in the Void World were, very few of their members had managed to enter the Dark Abyss.

That was because even though the existence of the Dark Abyss had been well-established, the access to it had been a secret.

Many knew about the existence of the Dark Abyss and were strong enough, but just couldn’t find access to it.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon took a deep breath and said, “I think I know why Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer merged the Shadow Devil Flag with the entire Domain of Shadow Devil now. This entrance to the Dark Abyss must be part of the reason. She must be responsible for guarding this entrance!”


Chains of devil light flitted from this area of the mountains like icy purple lightning bolts.

This entrance to the Dark Abyss seemed to stretch all the way down to the heart of the realm. However, strange lights could be seen swimming in it, along with strong currents of spatial power.

Through the swimming lights and currents, strange shadows could be seen in the darkness.

Feng Beiluo examined them with rapt attention, and discovered that they were actually strange-looking plants, with their exuberant branches and leaves swaying in an impudent manner.

Even though he couldn’t get a clear view of them, he believed that they were Heavenly Demonsbanes and Demon Eyes Flowers.

Not only were they in large numbers, but they were at high grades as well.

“Those Heavenly Demonsbane and Demon Eyes Flower seeds we found in Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s palace must have come from them,” Feng Beiluo said with a grim expression. “If you look closely, you’ll see that those dark areas are crawling with similar devilish plants.

“I suppose they only grow close to the entrance, or the surface.

“Even so, those devilish plants are sinister enough to make most ninth grade grand patriarchs drop the idea of entering. Grand monarchs might not fear them, but who knows what they’ll encounter after passing through them and entering the depths of the Dark Abyss?”

With a low chuckle, Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, said, “That doesn’t concern me anyway, since I don’t plan on entering the Dark Abyss any time soon.”

He hadn’t spent much time in the Doomed Star Sea.

However, from the information he had gathered, he had already learned that for ages, numerous late God domain experts from the Mortal World and late tenth grade grand monarchs from the Spirit World had come to explore the Dark Abyss in the Void World in order to transcend their limits and become paragons like the Dark King.

However, it seemed that all of those mighty beings had entered and never come back.

Who knew how many brilliant late tenth grade grand monarchs the Void World had produced in its long history? However, only those three had entered the Dark Abyss and returned.

Only those three had become paragons later in their lives.


The crimson bone that had been floating in the sky suddenly morphed into a bolt of lightning and pierced into the revealed entrance to the Dark Abyss.

Before Feng Beiluo and the others could react, the crimson bolt of lightning shot into the dark areas that were densely crawling with devilish plants.

“Uhh...” Grand Monarch Hell Demon went blank for a brief moment before he hastily sent out soul messages.

Dylan, the Snow Devil, Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, and the others that were scattered on different devastated realms rapidly gathered to the Realm of Shadow Devil.

However, Chu Rui and those from the four great sects had been intentionally left out, along with the large number of Saint domain experts from across the Mortal World.

Upon arriving, Dong Li stared into the abyss that was surrounded by chapped mountains, and asked with an astonished expression, “Is this a portal like the one in the Seven Stars Realm Sea? Wait, it’s not. Even I can’t see through the darkness in its depths.”

The black tortoise, which was with her and carried the Dark Behemoth’s bloodline, suddenly let out low cries that only she could hear.

Dong Li’s expression instantly grew grim, and she said before anyone could explain the situation to her, “It leads to the so-called real forbidden area of the Void World, doesn’t it?”

Dylan, the Snow Devil, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon nodded slowly, their faces grim as well.

“It’s different indeed,” Dong Li said with seriousness. “I feel strong apprehension when I sense this entrance with my soul. I’ve never felt that way since I entered the Devils’ territory through the Seven Stars Realm Sea. Wherever I went in the Devils’ territory, I had a sense of familiarity, as if I was at home.

“It didn’t matter if it was the Domain of Devil Abyss, the Domain of Shadow Devil, or the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, which I destroyed. None of them made me feel uneasy or threatened.

“But this place...”

The Rampage Behemoth’s bone suddenly burst forth with blazing light.

Illuminated by the light, the devilish plants in the darkness suddenly became unusually clear.

“Two Demon Eyes Flowers, six Heavenly Demonsbanes, and countless Ghost Grass! Three Spectre Trees! Nine Carrion Flowers...!” An exclamation escaped Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s mouth. “My Heavens! There are so much more than just devilish plants in there! There are a great number of legendary plants of the Bonedrudes and the Netherspirits as well!”

The bone suddenly flew deeper and lit up another dark area.

That area was also growing with all sorts of plants, but in their midst, the crowd of experts spotted a gigantic corpse that was lying face-up and facing towards them directly.

The gigantic corpse was crawling with numerous sinister plants that seemed to be absorbing nourishment from it.

It was a titan.

In fact, it was the titan high chieftain who had disappeared for a long time, lying dead in the entrance to the Dark Abyss that had been guarded by Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer.