Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1671: Gathering of The Strong

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Powerful experts from across the Mortal World, the Spirit World, the Silent Star Sea, and the Doomed Star Sea soon sensed the changes in the Void World and entered the Void World through various means.

Some of them were grand monarchs and God domain experts that had been assumed to have died long ago.

Some were strong individuals that had never made their names across the three worlds.


At the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Jing Feiyang from the Divine Seal Sect and Yue Yanxi from the Divine Flame Sect were standing on a dead star and glancing down at the unfathomable azure sea below.

Hua Mu was with them too.

Most of the cultivators in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of the Falling Stars with lacking strength had been ordered to station themselves here instead of entering the Void World.

“So Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory is really dead?” Yue Yanxi asked.

“How can that be false news?” Jing Feiyang said, his face filled with respect. “You saw it yourself that Mo Heng from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion dove into the Realm Sea and charged into the Void World together a few hours ago.”

Hua Mu nodded. “It’s most likely true.”

Both Mo Heng and Fan Tianze had entered the late God domain recently. When the two of them had arrived in the Seven Stars Realm Sea, their heaven-shaking, earth-shattering auras had scared many.

“Well...” Hua Mu said, looking hesitant. “Now I’m off to the Void World too.”

Yue Yanxi was taken aback. “What? You haven’t even entered the Saint domain yet. What are you going to the Void World for?”

Hua Mu was currently at the late Void domain.

Even passing through the portal would be a laborious task for him.

“I know that my cultivation base and strength are lacking, but I have this,” Hua Mu said with a smile, but the look in his eyes were somewhat gloomy.

With these words, he pointed at the spot between his eyebrows on his forehead, where a devilish vine slowly manifested itself.

Both Jing Feiyang and Yue Yanxi’s expressions flickered as soon as they saw the vine. “That Heavenly Demonvine!”

Even though the vine hadn’t manifested fully yet, both of them already felt their states of mind being affected.

They shrewdly sensed that even the water in the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the Devil Qi within it were being channeled somehow.

“It’s been eager to possess me and replace me as the master of this shell,” Hua Mu explained. “And I’m losing the battle against it. If its full release can’t be prevented, I’m hoping that it’ll happen in the Void World. There are a great number of powerful beings there. They should be able to contain it.

“Also, I’ve learned from a Devil we’ve imprisoned that there are things in the Void World that can be used to deal with it.”

At that moment, another voice echoed out. “I’m going to the Void World too.”

The new arrival was Mu Biqiong, the Holy Daughter of the Bliss Mountain Sect, who had two wondrous coexisting flowers growing inside of her. She flew over in a graceful manner, still wearing that veil. “You and I both have outsider plants inside of us. Back when we were fighting the outsiders from the Void World, I released the coexisting flowers.

“Some Netherspirits recognized them and said that the same flowers grow in some forbidden area of the Void World.

“So I’m going to the Void World to find out all about its secrets.”

Hua Mu nodded. “Alright, let’s go together.”

The two of them reached a mutual understanding.

Without much preparation, the two of them dove into the azure sea, and entered the Void World through the portal at the bottom of the sea.

After that, many Saint domain experts that had traveled great distances to this place asked Jing Feiyang and Yue Yanxi for permission to enter the Realm Sea.

Jing Feiyang granted all of them access.

The way he saw it, the more confusion the Void World was in, the better, because that way, Nie Tian, Dong Li, and the others would be under less pressure.


In the depths of the Domain of Shadow Devil.

Nie Tian was refining his true soul, enveloped in his surging flesh aura sea.

No one was allowed to come close to him.

All those who carried outsider bloodlines had spontaneously withdrawn from his surroundings, so that their flesh power wouldn’t be unconsciously absorbed by his flesh aura sea.

Dong Li had ordered the human experts to pull back from his surroundings as well.

Having lost Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s protection and with all of the surviving Devils carried away by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s power, the entire domain was enveloped in dead silence.

Those who were standing guard for Nie Tian while he made his bloodline upgrade were scattered on nearby Devil realms that were bereft of any life force.

The Realm of Shadow Devil, which had been named after the Shadow Devil Flag, was the place where Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer had practiced cultivation.

Instead of a sphere, the realm was a vast flat blackish-violet land, which resembled the Shadow Devil Flag when looked at from afar.

The Realm of Shadow Devil had previously been wreathed in thick Devil Qi. But now, not only was its Devil Qi gone, but even its realm barrier had vanished.

Without the protection of a realm barrier, all sorts of poisonous dross and deadly energies had found their way into the realm.

However, for some reason, more poisonous dross and deadly energies had clearly gathered to the Realm of Shadow Devil than any other realm that had also lost their realm barriers.

Because of this, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone that had been floating above Nie Tian sensed the rich mixed energies in the Realm of Shadow Devil, and took it upon itself to leave Nie Tian’s side.

With a whoosh, it arrived in the Realm of Shadow Devil.

Like a crimson bolt of lightning, the bone came to a stop high in the heavens.

The wide array of energies that had gathered to the Realm of Shadow Devil were channeled by the bone, and started flowing quietly into it.

The bone recovered its strength in this way.

The unique wonders of the Star Behemoths’ bloodlines allowed them to absorb any type of energy and aura in the starry river and refine them into power that they could use.

They could power themselves with flesh power, Devil Qi, Nether Qi, Spiritual Qi, acidic toxins, and strong winds, along with all sorts of powers that couldn’t even be named.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon and his Demon subordinates were exploring the Realm of Shadow Devil with Feng Beiluo, the Thunder Devil, and their men.

They were hoping to see if Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer had left any precious treasures behind.

From the toppled Heaven Abhorrer Palace, they actually found some magical crystals and devilish plants that were hard to find.

Among them, there was a Heavenly Demonsbane seed.

Holding the seed with his fingers, Feng Beiluo said with the light of excitement in his eyes. “We found seeds like this in the Demon realms in the Spirit World...”

“There’s no doubt that the Heavenly Demonsbanes in the Spirit World came from the Void World,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon said.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, looked into a crystal sphere in his hand that had an eye-like seed inside, and said with a curious expression, “And this seed… There’s something strange about it. By merely looking at it, I feel... uneasy.”

“That’s the seed of a Demon Eyes Flower,” Grand Monarch Hell Demon said.

The Thunder Devil’s expression flickered. “A Demon Eyes Flower? The kind that ranks number one among the most deadly plants in the Spirit World?”

With a faint smile, Grand Monarch Hell Demon said, “It ranks number one in the Spirit World, but not here. Don’t underestimate magical plants like it though. Think about it. That Tree of Life of the Floragrims is a good example. Its first-generation was so mighty that it managed to bring Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit down with it.”

Everyone felt deep veneration upon hearing this.


Violent quaking suddenly came from somewhere in the mountains in the Realm of Shadow Devil.

As this happened, thousands of chains among the mountains that were condensations of pure devil light snapped and dissipated.

The chains seemed to be part of a hidden grand spell formation.

But now, with the Devil Qi and the realm barrier of the Realm of Shadow Devil gone, that grand spell formation seemed to have failed.

Immediately afterwards, a dark, unfathomable abyss manifested in the heart of the mountains.

“The Dark Abyss!”