Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1666: Death From A Thousand Cuts

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“Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer has lost,” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace said to Yin Xingtian with a gentle smile, as if she didn’t see the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea publicly denouncing their fellow cultivators from the Mortal World at all. “Shao Tianyang and the flame dragon high chieftain have made us a promise. If things continue to develop in this direction, the Void World is bound to descend into lasting turbulence.”

Looking baffled, Yin Xingtian asked, “What do you mean?”

“I wonder if the other peak experts of the four great sects that have gone missing are trapped in the Void World as Shao Tianyang was,” Yu Suying said, the ends of her eyebrows rising slightly. “I heard that the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is only in a difficult situation, but he hasn’t died.”

Chu Rui and the others’ eyes lit up.

“The three major races of the Void World have a large number of powerful grand monarchs. Considering their profound reserve power, it’s going to be hard for either the forces from the Doomed Star Sea or the forces from the Mortal World to fight them alone in a prolonged war.” With these words, Yu Suying turned to Dylan and the Snow Devil and said, “The four great sects call the shots in the Mortal World. If they say something is not an issue, then it won’t be an issue.”

Chu Rui was the first to understand her, and thus quickly stated his position, “I have no say in the issue regarding Nie Tian’s status. Our sectmaster will represent us... if he’s still alive.”

After a moment of hesitation, he added, “If you know about our sectmaster’s current situation, please let us know.”

Ye Wenhan and Ji Yuanquan exchanged a glance, then said simultaneously, “The most important thing right now is for us to attack the Void World together!”

No one from the Five Elements Sect said anything.

Ji Yuanquan pondered in silence for a few seconds before asking with a forced smile, “Our sectmaster has disappeared for a long time as well. You wouldn’t know where he is, would you?”

These experts had realized that their missing sectmasters might still be alive and trapped somewhere in the Void World as Shao Tianyang and the flame dragon high chieftain had been.

Since the Doomed Star Sea bordered the Void World, and these rogue forces had been fighting the outsiders from the Void World for ages, they might have valuable information.

If they could find Ji Cang, Chu Yuan, Qu Yi, and the others...

A faint smile appeared on Dylan’s face, but he didn’t say a word.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon, on the other hand, pointed at the few Saint domain old men and threatened, “You! If I learn that you insulted our masters ever again, I won’t be as polite as I am now!”

Those old men didn’t dare to say anything.

They had realized that Chu Rui, Ye Wenhan, and Ji Yuanquan were now pretending that they knew nothing about Qin Yao’s past.

Furthermore, Dylan, the Snow Devil, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon were much stronger than them.

Since they weren’t strong enough to stand up against them, they had to stay humble.


At this moment, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone rammed through a purple realm.

As vast as the realm was, its core was instantly ripped to pieces by the blood-colored light surrounding the bone.

As the realm collapsed, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s heart-wrenching scream echoed out.

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph. “The Domain of Shadow Devil makes you both stronger and weaker!”

Without stopping to fight Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, who was chasing him, his enormous form crashed into yet another devil realm like a cannonball. Upon entering, he started destroying the mountains and filling the seas.

The devil realm was ravaged by his devastating power.


The five evil gods swirled out of the Spirit Pearl. After circling around Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, they flew around the Domain of Shadow Devil to harvest the souls of the dead.

At the same time, the soul of the Spirit Pearl also steered the pearl to devour discarnate souls.

Upon seeing a chance, they would also destroy mountains and lakes, and tear down splendid palaces and lofty pavilions in the devil realms.

The damage Nie Tian and the five evil gods inflicted upon the Domain of Shadow Devil was being directly reflected on Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer.

Even those outside the realm could see that Nie Tian had found Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s gate of vitality. (This is the area between the kidneys, generally regarded as the source of one’s vitality)

“This guy...” Dong Li sighed with mixed feelings and emerged from the darkness. Watching the sea of surging Devil Qi clouds gradually dissipate, she seemed somewhat frustrated.

She and the black tortoise did their utmost to absorb the residual devil power as she muttered, “I knew it. Even though fusing the Shadow Devil Flag with the Domain of Shadow Devil allows her to draw power from the entire domain, any damage to the domain will also be reflected in her. You get some, you lose some.”

She had realized since the Shadow Devil Flag had been riddled with holes and torn to pieces by the Rampage Behemoth’s Domain Split bloodline talent that Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer had lost.

As she had expected.

Nie Tian did nothing but destroy the realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil with the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, and Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s flesh, meridians, and bones kept exploding.

Her devilish form was badly damaged and covered in blood even before they could engage in a head-on battle.

The drops of purple Blood Essence in her arms, legs, and abdomen seemed to correspond to the numerous realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil. As the realms perished, those drops of Blood Essence exploded as well, inflicting severe damage on her.

The fusion of her bloodline and the Domain of Shadow Devil was a very unorthodox cultivation method, even for the Devils.

She would suffer heavy blows if the realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil were attacked. Only after the domain slowly recovered its vitality would she be able to recover completely.

Her frustrated, ear-piercing scream echoed from the depths of the domain.

She, who was covered in blood and chasing after Nie Tian with the tattered Shadow Devil Flag in her hand, came to an abrupt stop in the void.

Though in her Indestructible Form, she was considerably smaller than Nie Tian right now. More than half of her naturally-grown body armor had exploded, revealing her purple flesh, where severed meridians could be seen slithering like snakes. The mere sight of them would make anyone feel numb in the scalp.

However, those severed meridians were growing back together tenaciously.

It was just that every time Nie Tian cast Starshift to enter a new realm, and casually struck the earth with the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, more of her meridians would snap.

Purple blood kept spewing from her gaping wounds.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer didn’t seem to know pain, as if she had lost herself to mindless rage. Her entire body was exuding terrifying devil power, but she just couldn’t catch Nie Tian and vent it on him.

After all, Nie Tian didn’t need to fight her head-on.

All he did was destroy the Domain of Shadow Devil, which was achieving the result of damaging Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer.

This was like cutting Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s flesh off piece by piece with a small knife.

It was slow, but effective. Plus, he wouldn’t be hurt during the process.

While dealing her as much damage as possible, he got to reserve his strength.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s ear-piercing scream echoed out once again.

In a visually bad shape, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer seemed to suddenly regain a sober mind. Glaring at Nie Tian, who had morphed into a streak of starlight and shot off into the distance once again, she snarled, “You’ll die! I’ll make sure of it!”

Then, surprisingly, she turned around and flew in the opposite direction despite her bodily wounds.

As soon as she did, Dong Li, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, the Snow Devil, Dylan, and the God domain human experts noticed it, and locked their gazes and auras on to her.

All of them wanted to see her be slowly consumed and killed by Nie Tian.

Of course they wouldn’t allow her to escape.


Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer cast out a vessel with a drop of devil blood in it.

The drop of devil blood shed the vessel and shone in the void like a purple star.


Raging Devil Qi suddenly started gathering towards it from numerous realms in the Domain of Shadow Devil.

Moments later, a gigantic devilish god emerged from the converging Devil Qi. With casual moves of its hands, it drew power from the entire Domain of Shadow Devil and manifested shocking changes.

The devilish god split in two. Then, two turned into four...

Soon, those who intended to chase after Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer saw thousands of them.

They then realized that they were facing a brand new enemy, one that they didn’t have the confidence to beat. The suffocating feeling it gave them made them think it might be invincible.