Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1665: Are You Out of Your Mind?

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The Domain of Shadow Devil, which had been veiled this whole time, finally manifested itself.

It instantly caught the attention of Jiang Qinghuang, Feng Beiluo, Yin Xingtian, Chu Rui, and the others who were right outside the domain.

With a single glance, they saw Nie Tian, who was close to ten thousand meters tall, release raging flames and torrential flesh power, which then condensed into a colossal horrifying shape that tore at the great barrier that enveloped the Domain of Shadow Devil.

Layer after layer of dark purple energy and the pure black Shadow Devil Flag were rapidly ripped to shreds.

At the same time, Nie Tian looked like an ancient god in his enlarged form, throwing punches in every direction of the starry river with a cunning laugh.

Every time he threw a punch, a glorious streak of energy, which was a mixture of star, flame, wood, flesh, and soul power, would blast out like a surging river.

If one examined them with rapt attention, they would see countless tiny sparks and wisps of light in those streaks of energy.


The great barrier of the Domain of Shadow Devil was soon riddled with holes by the streaks of energy.

Those outside the domain saw glorious pillars of light blasting through the dark sea of clouds and out of the domain.

Dylan and Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who were inside the domain, finally relaxed, as they discovered that the overwhelming pressure from the Shadow Devil Flag, which seemed to be power drawn from the entire Domain of Shadow Devil, had suddenly vanished.


Nie Tian continued to punch with his fists.

What sounded like the unyielding roars of titan ancestors seemed to travel from distant eras and echo through the River of Time to shake everyone’s souls.

Numerous realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil were hit by the streaks of energy.

Through the realm barriers, one could see mountains collapsing, rivers breaking off, and weak Devils and low-tier beasts and insects being annihilated by the blast waves of Nie Tian’s furious punches in those realms.

Magnificent devil palaces toppled to the ground one after another, as if they were made of toy bricks.

As he swung his fists repeatedly, countless devilish creatures in the realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil perished.

Many realms had their internal structures destroyed. With their realm barriers failing, deadly impurities and energies in the starry river poured in and caused the deaths of more lives.


Nie Tian’s roars that sounded like the Rampage Behemoth’s bloodthirsty howls made every Devil in the Domain of Shadow Devil tremble in fear, as if they heard the calls of Death.

Wisps of flesh power rose from many realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil.

The energy of flesh and blood, which should have gradually dissipated into the starry river, seemed to be channeled by a strong force, as it madly fused into Nie Tian as his source of fresh flesh power.

“Nie Tian! Even your death can’t atone for your crime!” Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer of the Devils lashed out after a moment of bewilderment.

She had been dumbstruck by Nie Tian’s ability at first.

By the time she had come to herself, the Shadow Devil Flag had already been torn to shreds, and Nie Tian’s storm of attacks had taken over the entire Domain of Shadow Devil.

With countless lives perishing in every corner of the domain that she had gone to great lengths to build, it was as if the god of destruction had brought doom to the Domain of Shadow Devil.

No life would be spared!

“Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, right?” Nie Tian said with a nasty grin. “To be honest, being able to channel power from the entire domain, you were quite hard to deal with before your Shadow Devil Flag broke. But now, hahaha, now you’re nothing.”


With a single stride, he arrived in front of Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer.

The crimson bone that had poked through the great barrier fell into his hand. Pointing it at Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, he said in an unrestrained manner, “Even my death can’t atone for my crime? So come and kill me!”

“You!” Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer cried in a shrill voice.

“No?” Nie Tian laughed wildly. “If you don’t kill me, then I’ll kill you and destroy your domain! Every Devil in the Domain of Shadow Devil that serves your evil cause will die with you. It’s about time you had a taste of the crimes you’ve committed in the Mortal World.”

With these words, he pointed with the Rampage Behemoth’s bone a few times.

Streaks of crimson divine light instantly shot out of it towards some nearby realms, where there were surviving ninth grade grand patriarchs.

Seeing this, those Devil grand patriarchs hastily cast secret blood magics in attempts to escape at all costs.

However, the streaks of crimson light caught up to the fleeing purple light they morphed into, and blasted through their bodies.

With bloodcurdling screams, they exploded and filled the starry river with vast purple blood mists.

Outside the domain...

The rogue cultivators, outsiders, and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea and the human experts from the Mortal World, who had been arguing with their swords drawn and bows bent (idiom: a state of mutual hostility) a moment ago, froze.

Everyone fell completely silent.

After a long period of silence, the early God domain Dou Tianchen, who was a Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, said with a confused expression, “Um... Wasn’t Nie Tian badly injured? Don’t tell me that the information we obtained from the Devils was false. How could he be injured and still fight like that?”

No one answered.

With a cocky smile, Feng Beiluo turned to the elders that had been the most vocal and overbearing earlier, and said, “That is our young master, the son of our master, Qin Yao. If you want to crusade against our master and us in the Doomed Star Sea, just bring it on.”

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, cast them a cold sideways glance and spat in their direction. “Ignorant fools. None of you would be breathing now if the young master hadn’t frustrated Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, killed Grand Monarch Ash Bone, and persuaded the Ripper Behemoth to join the battles!

“Now, you’ve lost Ji Cang and all of your peak experts, and you still want to be our enemy?

“Are you out of your minds?”

As a hybrid, Jiang Qinghuang also took the opportunity to squeeze in some taunts. “The Mortal World would have fallen into our hands long ago if our master hadn’t restrained us. A bunch of fools who don’t understand the immensity of heaven and earth! If we hadn’t fought the three major races of the Void World in the Doomed Star Sea for all these years, you would have been snuffed out long ago!”

Apparently, she had truly approved of Nie Tian.

After witnessing Nie Tian pierce through the Shadow Devil Flag and slaughter Devils in numerous realms, she had finally woken up to a fact: even her father might not be able to match Nie Tian in battle, much less her.

In most cases, two parties would only get serious and contend against each other when their strengths were evenly matched.

If the gap between their strengths was simply too great, the weaker party would usually lose their competitiveness, and instead develop reverence towards the stronger party.

At this point, the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea were taunting those from the Mortal World without scruples.

They were so daring for two reasons. First of all, Nie Tian had displayed his unparalleled power. Second of all, with the sealing spell of the Domain of Shadow Devil broken, the Snow Devil, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, and Dylan were no longer trapped.

Those three kingpins alone were strong enough to overpower all of the human experts from the Mortal World.

Not to mention that some human experts like Yin Xingtian and Yu Suying, who were extremely hard to beat even though their cultivation bases hadn’t peaked, were also on Nie Tian’s side, and were spontaneously keeping their distance from them.

Under such circumstances, what had given them the courage to be so noisy and overbearing?


The Snow Devil, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, and Dylan returned from the Domain of Shadow Devil, which had already been plunged into chaos, and arrived beside Jiang Qinghuang and the others.

Eyes narrowed, Grand Monarch Hell Demon switched his gaze back and forth between Feng Beiluo, Chu Rui, and a few Saint domain old men, who had been the noisiest earlier, but quietly buried their heads deep now. “What happened here? We’ve come to the Domain of Shadow Devil to save them. Even if they didn’t appreciate our efforts, they wouldn’t have abused you verbally, right?”

Jiang Qinghuang snorted and said, “It was our master who they verbally abused.”

Upon hearing this, both Dylan and the Snow Devil’s faces dropped.

The Snow Devil fixed her icy eyes on Chu Rui. “Was it you? Do you think because you were a Son of the Stars as well, and you represent the legitimacy of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, you can belittle our master?”

Chu Rui spread his hands and said bitterly, “No, it wasn’t me.”