Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1663: The Dark Lady

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Nie Tian came to a wide clearing after passing through the Shadow Devil Flag, which was like a thick, dark sea of clouds.

The Domain of Shadow Devil was finally presented before his eyes.

Numerous realms could be seen shining with dazzling purple light.

All of the purple light they emanated seemed to be channeled by Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer, and was flowing towards an area that was enveloped in utter darkness.

Nie Tian didn’t have to give it much thought to know that that land of darkness was where Dong Li was.

All of a sudden, his life bloodline detected something, and he realized that the black tortoise was there too.

Floating next to the darkness-enveloped area was a skinny female Devil who was wreathed in a torrential aura of hatred. Her expression was icy, but the look in her eyes was hard to make out.

Behind her was a fleet of ancient starships and an army of fierce-looking Devils and devilish beasts.

“Hmm?” She jerked her head around to fix Nie Tian with a cold stare. “It’s you. Even you have the audacity to pass through my Shadow Devil Flag and enter my domain?”

The Rampage Behemoth’s bone was shooting towards the woman like a crimson bolt of lightning. However, the raging Devil Qi around her pushed it further and further away from her.

Nie Tian beckoned with his hand. “Come back.”

With a whoosh, the bone flew back into his hand.

At that moment, countless falling snowflakes rapidly came together and condensed into a small woman dressed in a white gown above Nie Tian.

She was attractive, but distant. With an expressionless face, she said, “Greetings, young master.”

“So you’re the Snow Devil?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

After a moment of hesitation, the woman nodded slowly and said, “Actually, Bai is my surname.”


“I’m from the same clan as the White Rose, who’s now your subordinate. In fact, I’m her senior.” The Snow Devil said. “Even though the Heavenly Ice Sect hurt me deeply by expelling me, I’m from the Domain of Endless Snow after all. I own you one for saving the vast majority of the realms in the Domain of Endless Snow in that perilous moment.”

Nie Tian was taken aback.

Golden light sprayed from above, along with demonic light.

Dylan and Grand Monarch Hell Demon arrived by the Snow Devil’s side, one on her left and the other on her right. They happened to catch what she had just said.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon laughed. “It\'s hard to believe that you have such a special connection with the young master. No wonder you were so keen to help this time. You’ve always acted with little enthusiasm toward the missions the master gives us, even less with those the mistress gives us. However, you asked to join this mission in the Void World. I knew there must be a reason.”

Dylan also laughed. “Who said that the Snow Devil is ruthless and completely disengaged from her feelings?”

The skinny female Devil suddenly said in a shrill voice, “Good! Very good! The Snow Devil, the Gilded Phoenix, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon... Three kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea have come to my domain simultaneously. It doesn’t get better than this.”

“Nie Tian, there?” Grand Monarch Hell Demon pointed at the area enveloped in utter darkness.

Nie Tian nodded. “That’s right.”


A charming figure quietly manifested in the darkness.

It was Dong Li, whose face was filled with elation. Dressed in black, she seemed to have become one with the darkness, with the Dark Aureole hanging over her head and emanating rays of pure black light that neutralized streak after streak of purple light that shot at her.

“Why are you here?” Dong Li gave him a stern look and said with a blaming tone, yet a warmth filled her face. “I’m fine. This Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer is merely trying to wear me down bit by bit with the power she channels from this entire domain. Neither her Shadow Devil Flag nor her bloodline power can cause any real damage to me or the black tortoise.”

With these words, a light flashed across her bright eyes, and a cunning smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. “In fact, I’m tempering my dark power with her and this domain.”

Exasperated by her words, Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer spat, “Bitch, you stole our relics and killed the descendants of my clan. And now, you’ve come to mess with me in the Domain of Shadow Devil. Do you really think you can do whatever you like without being punished?”

“What if I do?” Dong Li said provocatively.

The Shadow Devil Flag that enveloped this entire region of the starry river gave a violent shake.

Rivers of brilliant Devil Qi were then channeled from the nearby realms, and crashed towards Dong Li.

With a derisive laugh, Dong Li slipped back into the darkness, where she drew the rivers of brilliant power that shot towards her like cannon fire into the depths of the darkness.

Then, the rivers of torrential devil power vanished one after another, like rivers merging with the sea.

As this happened, the darkness slowly spread to cover an even larger area.

“Uhh...” Dylan, the Gilded Phoenix, muttered with astonishment in his eyes. “It seems that we’ve made an unnecessary move. Who would have thought that she would create a forbidden land of darkness inside the Domain of Shadow Devil that is sealed off by the Shadow Devil Flag?”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon chuckled. “We went through all that trouble to tear through the Shadow Devil Flag, but it seems that Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer has her own headache.”

Nie Tian suddenly felt relieved as well.

Now he realized that even with the power of the entire Domain of Shadow Devil, this Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer couldn’t defeat that uncanny darkness of Dong Li’s.

Also, Dong Li and the black tortoise were the only ones that were in there, which was probably by design.

She probably wanted to enrage Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer so she would raise billows of raging Devil Qi to shatter the darkness and kill her.

Then, she would be able to condense dark power from the rich Devil Qi in the Domain of Shadow Devil, and the Dark Aureole and the dark stones would be infused with more power

All of this would help her make breakthroughs in her cultivation base and help the black tortoise upgrade its bloodline.

The Snow Devil frowned. “We’ve made unnecessary efforts indeed. Whether we made it in or not, the result would be the same.”

“I only haven’t killed her yet because she has that Dark Aureole and those dark stones!” Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer yelled in fury. “But it’s a piece of cake to deal with you lot in my domain!”


As soon as she said those words, drops of Blood Essence flew out of her like a string of purple crystals.

They split up and spread out across the starry river.

The colossal flag that enveloped the entire Domain of Shadow Devil suddenly released a sea of devilish clouds, putting a terrifying pressure that could crush heaven and earth on Nie Tian and the others.


Nie Tian, who was nine thousand meters tall and erupting with flesh power like a volcano, gave a muffled groan.

He looked up and saw a boundless sea of dark purple clouds falling upon him.

He felt as if a mountain that was hundreds of thousands of meters high was weighing down on his body, which had barely recovered from his recent injuries. With tremendous pressure on his shoulders and back, he slowly sank down.

He wasn’t the only one who was affected.

The Gilded Phoenix, who was enveloped in his golden flesh aura sea, and Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who was in his gigantic demonic form, also suffered a great deal from this overwhelming pressure, which seemed to be from the Devil Qi of the entire Domain of Shadow Devil.

The Snow Devil was the only one who seemed unaffected, as her god domain split into countless snowflakes again.

The unique wonders of her god domain were the reason why she had dared to enter the Domain of Shadow Devil in the first place.

Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer flickered her large sleeve. “Finish them!”

The ancient starships, Devils, and devilish beasts swarmed towards them without hesitation.

At the same time, swarms of Devils charged out of the nearby realms. They roared and made a kamikaze run towards Nie Tian and the others.

“Puny insects,” the Snow Devil’s icy voice echoed out.

Snowflakes fell on tens of thousands of Devils and devilish beasts, instantly freezing them.

In the next moment, they exploded like numerous ice sculptures.

Just like that, several thousand Devils, devilish beasts, and insects perished.