Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1660: Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer

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Nie Tian was dying to say that even though her father Pei Yukong had plotted against him, he was not unforgivable.

At least Pei Yukong’s scheme had brought her to him.

However, the incident, which wasn’t inexcusable, had become Pei Qiqi’s knotted worry, making her unwilling to face Nie Tian’s subordinates before it was solved.

What Nie Tian didn’t know was that she also blamed herself for the heavy blow he had suffered at the Realm of Dark Souls when he had been ambushed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer.

She felt that Nie Tian wouldn’t have come if she hadn’t come to the Void World in an attempt to break her bloodline seal and find an answer.

If Nie Tian hadn’t come, how could he possibly have fallen into the Netherspirits’ trap and even lose his Spirit Scepter?

This made her afraid to face Dong Li and Nie Tian’s subordinates.

“We’re losing a great helper without her around,” Feng Beiluo spoke, feeling a little disappointed. “When her bloodline recovers, we’ll be able to enter and leave the Void World at will.”

“Don’t we have that spatial altar?” Jiang Qinghuang asked.

Feng Beiluo sighed. “How can that spatial altar be comparable to her? Qinghuang, your life in the Doomed Star Sea has made you arrogant. As a hybrid, you aren’t even comparable to her, much less to the young master.”

Jiang Qinghuang was a little indignant. “She’s not better than me.”

Without realizing it, she had already accepted the fact Nie Tian was far stronger than her.

However, when it came to Pei Qiqi, she was reluctant to acknowledge her inferiority.

Dylan shook his head. “You’re wrong. That’s only because she has been severely injured, like Nie Tian. Besides, her Voidspirit bloodline can’t help her regain her fighting strength as quickly as Nie Tian can. And for other reasons, she was silent and didn’t display her strength.”

“Come on, let’s keep searching,” Nie Tian said. “Once I reconvene with my people, we can part ways.”

“We’ve come under orders to bring you back to the Doomed Star Sea, which is more important than fighting the three outsider races of the Void World,” Dylan said, with a solemn face. “In fact, we only fought in the Void World because we wanted to muddy the waters and buy you time.”

Nie Tian was at a loss. “The Doomed Star Sea, my parents...”

Finally knowing his parents’ whereabouts, he was a little confused and uneasy. He was even a little afraid to go to the Doomed Star Sea to face Qin Yao and his mother Nie Jin.

At this point, a dark red crystal hanging in front of Dylan’s chest suddenly burst forth with rainbow light.

Feng Beiluo, Yuan Jiuchuan, Jiang Qinghuang, and the other hybrids all looked at him.

The crystal was a communication tool similar to a sound stone.

Dylan pointed his finger at the dark red crystal and said, “I’ve received exciting news. The battle between Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher of the Devils and Jiang Yuanchi, who has become chief of the Lightspirits, has ended. I can’t believe that Jiang Yuanchi was the winner! Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher has quietly gone into hiding to recover after being injured.”

Nie Tian was stunned. “Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher’s battle against Jiang Yuanchi wasn’t over until just now? How long has it been?”

He clearly remembered that Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher and Jiang Yuanchi had started fighting when he had ordered the five evil gods to kill Luo Wanxiang.

“The more evenly matched the opponents are, the longer the battle,” Dylan said seriously. “It’s probably because you were much stronger than Grand Monarch Ash Bone and Luo Wanxiang that your battles against them ended so quickly.”

“Does Jiang Yuanchi have any connection with you?” Nie Tian asked in a deep tone.

Dylan didn’t deny it. “He is not one of us, but we did share a tacit understanding and made some secret dealings.”

“He knew the wonders of the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the Void World, the three outsider races’ powers, and the Lightspirits’ uncanniness because he had learned of that information from us. He had been bent on entering the Void World since he learned about the Lightspirits. He believed that great wonders lay with them, ones that could help him reach the late God domain.

“And he succeeded, not only reaching the late God domain, but also dominating the Lightspirits.

“Even we can’t figure out how he did it. Now, he has done us a big favor by defeating Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher of the Devils. Perhaps the other Devil grand monarchs will observe him carefully and dispatch more people to fight him, which will help take some pressure off of Dong Li and us.”

Dylan appeared to have great respect for Jiang Yuanchi.

“But when he learns that I have destroyed his foundation in the Mortal World, it’s likely that he will come to kill me,” Nie Tian said, pursing his lips. “Jiang Yuanchi is indeed ambitious and capable. He caused a major disaster in the Mortal World, and that Gupi he released destroyed numerous realms. I doubt that he even sees himself as a human anymore.”

Dylan thought for a moment and murmured, “That’s true. Since he heard of the Lightspirits in the Void World, he’s been dying to go to the Void World. He doesn’t seem to care about the Shadow Society or anything else. It’s strange that the stubborn Lightspirits accepted him and voted for him as their chief.”

All of a sudden, the dark red crystal in front of his chest shone again.

His expression changed as he hurried to speak, “The location of the incomers from the Mortal World has been confirmed. They have left the Domain of Devil Abyss and appeared in Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s territory. Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer has activated the Shadow Devil Flag and besieged all of them with the devilish power of the entire domain.”

Jiang Qinghuang and the others were greatly frightened, and couldn’t help but scream, “Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer!”

“The Shadow Devil Flag!”

“How can these guys be so daring and go to Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s Domain of Shadow Devil?” Feng Beiluo said, looking upset.

He then explained to Nie Tian, “Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer is stronger than Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher even when she’s not in the Domain of Shadow Devil. When she is there, perhaps only the top three experts in the Void World can match her in terms of fighting strength.

“That’s because her territory, the Domain of Shadow Devil, and her devil tool, the Shadow Devil Flag, have become one with her. The devil power and devil Qi in all the realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil are the source of her strength. Unless all the realms of the Domain of Shadow Devil are destroyed and all the devil power in them is exhausted, she will always have power available.”

“In her territory, the Shadow Devil Flag’s power can be increased by several times!”

With these words, Feng Beiluo sighed.

“Did you kill the Son of Darkness?” Dylan asked Nie Tian.

Nie Tian nodded. “He was just a devil brat who didn’t understand the immensity of heaven and earth.”

“The Son of Darkness came from Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s territory,” Dylan said with a wry smile. “Rumor has it that Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer is an elder of his clan. It’s just that her darkness bloodline hasn’t been awakened. Now that Dong Li has entered her territory, it’s only natural that she’ll face Grand Monarch Heaven Abhorrer’s full-force vengeance.”

“That woman is a lunatic for going there,” Jiang Qinghuang yelled.

“Take me there,” said Nie Tian.

Dylan aired his opinion. “If I were in the Doomed Star Sea, I wouldn’t be afraid of her, but in her own domain, I will likely be no match for her.”

“I’d like to see how powerful the so-called Shadow Devil Flag is in her hands, and what’s so special about the Domain of Shadow Devil,” Nie Tian spoke with a smile. “Don’t worry. My injuries are much better now.”

“Umm… alright then.”