Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1659: An Invisible Deterrent!

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In the territory of the Devils in the Void World.

The starry river was filled with the corpses of many devil beasts, devil insects and, devils, as well as the fragments of ancient starships.


Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, Dylan, and the others flew out of a spatial passage.

After coming out, Dylan glanced at the battlefield and felt surprised. “The latest information I got said that Dong Li and the newcomers from the Mortal World were here, in the Domain of Devil Abyss. So many devil beasts and devil insects have died. Looks like fierce battles have taken place here.”

“Lots of them are seventh and eighth grade devil beasts and Devils!” Jiang Qinghuang exclaimed. “Strange. It seems that the winners didn’t collect the corpses.”

“That’s because they simply didn’t spark their interest,” Dylan said coolly.

Nie Tian said inwardly, “Life Drain.”


His peculiar flesh aura sea instantly burst forth, and a sea of scarlet blood spread around him.

As soon as his flesh aura sea formed, it seemed that numerous crystalline chains appeared, manifesting the laws of life and many profound truths. Each beam of blood light that shot out of it was like a brilliant rainbow.

Blown by the strong wind in the starry river, many scattered devil insects were suddenly reduced to flying ashes.

After them, devil beasts with relatively low bloodlines also dissipated like powder.

Only the corpses of the devil beasts and Devils whose bloodlines had reached the eighth grade could be seen rapidly decaying, as if they were experiencing thousands of years of erosion in a second.

Jiang Qinghuang and the several eighth-grade hybrids instantly opened their eyes wide.

They were not stupid.

The disappearance of the many devil insects as well as the rapid decay of the eighth-grade devil beasts and Devils made them instantly understand that this was because Nie Tian had displayed his flesh aura sea and absorbed their remaining flesh aura within a short time, which had accelerated the erosion of the devil creatures’ corpses, which no longer had any power to support them.


A piercingly cold current flew past.

All the dead devil insects, devil beasts, and Devils immediately vanished. Only the wreckage of the destroyed warships remained in the dim starry river.

Nie Tian took a breath, and his flesh aura sea instantly shrank.

Countless rays of electric crimson light flew into him along with his flesh aura sea, like bloodthirsty pythons that had finished a frenzied feeding session.

As the electric crimson light vanished, Nie Tian’s frown relaxed a little. He smiled and said to Dylan, “Now that we’re in the Devils’ territory and there are plenty of Devils that I can use, I don’t need Blood-condensing Pills anymore. I’ll continue to stay in the Void World, but I’ll be more careful so that what happened before, where I was nearly killed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, won’t happen again.”

Dylan was silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “The origin of life... the most wonderful bloodline. Its wonders are inconceivable indeed.”

Nie Tian froze and said in surprise, “Are you unfamiliar with my bloodline?”

Dylan replied frankly, “I haven’t seen anything like it.”

“No wonder, no wonder you were able to improve your bloodline to the ninth grade in such a short time,” Jiang Qinghuang said, looking a little frustrated. “This kind of wondrous bloodline talent can condense outsiders’ flesh auras, purify, then use them. With this kind of bloodline, you can continue to advance as long as you keep killing and condensing.”

The other hybrids looked envious.

Nie Tian was amazed. “Is he not the source of my bloodline? You’ve known him for years. How come you haven’t seen it?”

Nie Tian was talking about Qin Yao, of course.

His mother, Nie Jin, was a pure human. Since he carried a life bloodline, Qin Yao, his father, should carry it too.

Dylan smiled. “Who told you Brother Qin was an outsider? If he were an outsider, how could the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace have possibly kept him as a member for so long?”

Nie Tian was surprised. “Then my bloodline?”

“It doesn’t come from nowhere, of course. After you come back to the Doomed Star Sea and meet Brother Qin, you can ask him about the details,” Dylan let out a laugh and said. “He’s a pure human, but he knows the bloodlines of all races better than anyone. Otherwise, how could he earn himself the title of ‘Creator’?”

“Good,” Nie Tian agreed with a nod. He didn’t continue asking.

He activated Life Detection to search for Dong Li and the others in this so-called Domain of Devil Abyss.

He didn’t find Dong Li, but found many dead devil beasts and Devils in many realms and the starry river surrounding the Domain of Devil Abyss.

He could see from the corpses that some of them had been killed by star power, some had been killed by sword light, and some of them had been killed by cold power.

He hadn’t witnessed the battle, but he could guess from the corpses which sect the killers belonged to.

Jiang Qinghuang and the others discussed this and other information they knew passionately.

“This fight was remarkable!”

“After stepping into the Void World, those Qi warriors of the Mortal World were really unkind to the Devils in the Void World.”

“That’s because, not so long ago, when the outsiders of the Void World and Spirit World invaded the Mortal World, they slaughtered everyone. This is retribution.”

Nie Tian paced slowly among all the Devils and devil beasts.

He released his flesh aura sea and activated his Life Drain bloodline talent. Strands of flesh aura merged into his flesh aura sea, like scraps of iron being drawn to a huge crimson magnet.

His wounds quickly healed.

“Hmm? There are still spirits!” His eyes lit up as he summoned the Spirit Pearl. “Come out. Many fragmentary souls of the Devils and devil beasts have not yet completely dissipated.”

The five evil gods flew out of the Spirit Pearl and opened their mouths to inhale before gray clouds of smoke disappeared in their mouths.

Jiang Qinghuang and the other hybrid juniors looked up at the five evil gods that Nie Tian had summoned, their souls trembling.

They had already heard of the five evil gods from Grand Monarch Hell Demon and Yuan Jiuchuan.

However, they hadn’t met them in person, so they hadn’t been able to perceive the five evil gods’ power.

At this time, looking at the five evil gods, they suddenly realized that Nie Tian, who could drive the five evil gods to fight, wasn’t the same as them in terms of fighting strength at all.

Jiang Qinghuang suddenly felt bitter and helpless, as if she finally understood why Nie Tian had not responded to her previous provocation.

He had never seen her as a rival.

Just then, Nie Tian sighed. “They have also been badly injured by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, but it’s harder for them to recover from their wounds and condense soul power than me.”

Dylan’s face twitched in spite of himself.

Feng Beiluo grinned and said, “The fact that these bodies and fragmentary souls haven’t dissipated completely suggests that the battle did not end too long ago. Young Master, we shall soon see Miss Dong and your subordinates.”

Nie Tian said, “Mm. I suppose you’re right.”

Pei Qiqi suddenly had a strange look on her face as she said apologetically to Nie Tian, “Well, I sense my father calling me. He’s not in the Devils’ territory. My injuries have almost healed, and I can use the Space Boundaries Crystal now.”

Nie Tian fixed her with a confused look.

Vaguely, he thought Pei Qiqi was unwilling to see Dong Li. It was perhaps because Pei Yukong stealing his Blood Essence embarrassed Pei Qiqi, and she seemed afraid that Dong Li would blame and taunt her for that.

“They’re nearby. You’re safe now, but my father may need my help,” Pei Qiqi spoke perfunctorily. “When we meet, I’ll ask him to apologize.”

Although Nie Tian tried to persuade her to stay, she activated the Space Boundaries Crystal and left.

Nie Tian looked puzzled.