Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1656: A Chosen One from the Doomed Star Sea

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This was the first time Nie Tian had seen such a large number of hybrids.

Right now, the hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea were still fighting the Bonedrudes, using the same combination of power he did in battle: a combination of spiritual power and flesh power.

Only human hybrids could refine their bodies with their bloodline power and make advances in their cultivation bases at the same time. It was like having another source of prowess added to their battles.

As for these few hundred hybrids, all of their bloodlines were at fairly low grades, but their cultivation bases were mostly at the Void and Saint domain.

The tall, slender young woman in front of him was the only one whose bloodline was at the ninth grade.

Meanwhile, her cultivation base was at the peak of the Saint domain. She would most likely advance to the God domain within a short time.

However, as talented as she might be, she didn’t really surprise Nie Tian.

He had slaughtered even grand monarchs. How could he be impressed by a grand patriarch or a Saint domain cultivator anymore?

“Her name is Jiang Qinghuang, young master,” Feng Beiluo said to Nie Tian. “Her bloodline comes from the phoenixes of the Ancientbeasts. She’s one of our three prodigies in the Doomed Star Sea whose bloodlines have entered the ninth grade. As you know, it’s relatively easy to make advances in cultivation base, but it takes much longer time to temper and upgrade bloodlines.”

Nie Tian looked surprised as he said, “To me, it appears to be easier to make advances in my bloodline than in my cultivation base.”

Upon hearing this, the young woman named Jiang Qinghuang let out a derisive snort. “That’s some big talk there. Your cultivation base has clearly entered the God domain, but your bloodline is still at the same grade as mine, isn’t it?”

Feng Beiluo gave her a nasty look and said, “Shut it, Jiang Qinghuang! Don’t think that your father can protect you from any wrongdoing because he’s a late tenth grade senior in the Doomed Star Sea. Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“The master hasn’t announced his status yet, and he hasn’t returned to the Doomed Star Sea. I don’t have to flatter him now.” With these words, Jiang Qinghuang tilted her chin and took a sideways glance at Nie Tian. “They laud you to the skies in the Doomed Star Sea. Who knows if those rumors are true or false? They say that you killed Grand Monarch Ash Bone and fought off Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory in the Spirit World, and slew three Devil grand monarchs in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement...”

After a short pause, she added, “I don’t believe them anyway.”

Taken aback, Nie Tian pointed at her and said to Feng Beiluo, “There are only three hybrids like her in the Doomed Star Sea whose bloodlines have entered the ninth grade?”

Feng Beiluo nodded with a bitter smile. “Well, it hasn’t been long since our hybrid project started, and it takes a long time to upgrade bloodlines. It’s already an impressive achievement that we have three grand patriarchs now. Not everyone has your bloodline talent, and thus the ability to secure an unimpeded path of bloodline advancement.”

Nie Tian shook his head slightly. “I’m not very impressed.”

Jiang Qinghuang and a few hybrids whose bloodlines were at the eighth grade and whose cultivation bases were at the Saint domain fixed Nie Tian with furious glares.

“Well, if they’re now fighting the Bonedrudes outside the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, doesn’t it mean that we’re safe?” Nie Tian asked.

“I suppose we are...” Feng Beiluo said, before fixing Jiang Qinghuang with an inquiring look, as if to ask, “Right?”

“You seem anxious.” With these words, Jiang Qinghuang let out a snort and took her time to explain the current situation to him.

Nie Tian then learned that heaven and earth had turned upside down (Idiom: chaos) in the Void World since Pei Qiqi had taken them to the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones with her spatial power.

Thanks to Dong Li, the Devils’ Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement had ceased to exist.

Both Shao Tianyang, the head of the fire element sect, and the flame dragon high chieftain had been freed. Since they had regained their freedom, they had been slaying Devils and absorbing flame power from the Devils’ fiery realms to recover their strength.

Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, Chu Rui, and the others from the Mortal World had also been ravaging the Devil realms without holding back.

The Devils’ territories had been plunged into chaos. The Devils were busy handling the situation.

Meanwhile, Pei Yukong had led a force of Voidspirits into the Void World to hunt and kill Netherspirits.

It hadn’t been long since their arrival, yet several Netherspirit grand patriarchs and hundreds of young Netherspirits with great potential had died at their hands.

It was said that even Grand Monarch Soul Converger had been severely injured by Pei Yukong.

Word of it had spread to the Doomed Star Sea and shaken the people there.

In the Doomed Star Sea, powerful experts that had been fighting the three races from the Void world had launched forceful raids, and sacked many strongholds that the outsiders had built in the Doomed Star Sea.

After that, three of the powerful experts in the Doomed Star Sea had entered the Void World.

Jiang Qinghuang’s father and Grand Monarch Hell Demon were among them.

They had been moving around to attack the Bonedrude and the Netherspirit realms, and plunging Bonedrudes and Netherspirits everywhere into confusion.

Jiang Qinghuang’s father was a late tenth grade phoenix.

It was said that there had been conflicts between him and the flame dragon high chieftain a hundred millennia ago. After a hard-fought battle, he had lost and escaped to the Doomed Star Sea, where he had hoped to find opportunities to make himself stronger.

After many years, he had met Nie Tian’s father.

Right after that, he had decided to join Nie Tian’s father and become his right-hand man.

Jiang Qinghuang was the hybrid child of him and a female human. Since she had awakened her bloodline at a young age and had been making strides in both her bloodline and cultivation, she had been considered the most promising hybrids in the Doomed Star Sea.

Even Jiang Qinghuang herself thought that she was the brightest future star of the younger generation in the Doomed Star Sea.

Then, Nie Tian had suddenly come along.

Gradually, his name and identity had become known by more and more people, along with his unbelievable battle performances and miraculous achievements.

The title ‘young master’ had started to be mentioned in the Doomed Star Sea.

All of the talented young hybrids, who had been made in the Doomed Star Sea and served the purpose of keeping the three major races of the Void World from invading the Mortal World, had suddenly been outshone.

There was even a rumor that Nie Tian’s mother, that graceful woman, had joked that she and Nie Tian would make a perfect match.

As soon as that rumor had spread, people had started to say that it was only a matter of time before Nie Tian was ushered into the Doomed Star Sea, and then the two of them would most likely get married, considering the relationship between her father and Nie Tian’s.

Then, Jiang Qinghuang had finally started paying attention to words about Nie Tian. Soon, she had learned about Dong Li and Pei Qiqi, which had made her furious.

After explaining the situation, Jiang Qinghuang said somewhat coldly, “So you don’t have to worry anymore. I’m taking you to my father right now. He’s in the vicinity, overseeing our battles.”

Feng Beiluo was overjoyed upon hearing this. “Lord Dylan is nearby?”

“Yes,” Jiang Qinghuang said with an expressionless face.

Feng Beiluo let out a sigh of relief. “Then we really have nothing to worry about.”

He turned to Nie Tian and said, “With Lord Dylan here, you should be able to have a full recovery soon. Then, it’ll be about time you entered the Doomed Star Sea.”

Nie Tian was intrigued. “The Doomed Star Sea?”

“Now follow me.” With these words, Jiang Qinghuang took the lead to fly off.

Nie Tian and the others followed along.

As they did, Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect whispered the situation in the Doomed Star Sea to Nie Tian, along with many things that most people didn’t know.

Nie Tian listened with rapt attention.

Through Feng Beiluo’s explanation, the mysterious Doomed Star Sea finally revealed itself before him, like the mist veiling an island gradually dissipating.