Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1654: By Accident

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Grand Monarch Life Wood was dead, but his rich flesh aura hadn’t completely dissipated.

At this moment, the masterless flesh aura seemed to have found its new master as it took the initiative to flow toward him.

Feng Beiluo and the Thunder Devil couldn’t help exclaiming. “Hmm?!”

After a shudder, Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up as he couldn’t help shouting, “Thank you, Senior!”

To him, Grand Monarch Life Wood’s remaining flesh aura was now the best panacea!

Lowering his head, he could see the wisps of green flesh aura swimming through his veins and flesh like intelligent little snakes, repairing his broken veins and regenerating tiny flesh fibers.

His body, which had been badly injured by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, seemed to be under the utmost care of the best surgeon.

Grand Monarch Life Wood had had a reputation for kindness in the Spirit World.

He had helped the Ancientspirits as well as the Demons and Phantasms.

Before he had disappeared, the experts of all the races in the Spirit World, including Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Grand Monarch Nether River, had had to give him face.

His bloodline power could work miracles in mending their wounds.

However, who would have thought that his remaining flesh power would have such an amazing effect after his death?


It was as if the visibly deep wounds in Nie Tian’s chest, waist, belly, and back were being mended little by little by invisible hands.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and thought inwardly, his heart filled with joy, “The energy of life that this thick flesh aura contains leans towards wood healing. This kind of power is made for healing wounds. I can’t believe that I’ve found such a place by accident. Your soul is gone, but this body...”

He squinted and examined the corpse intently.

“Nie Tian, it seems that Grand Monarch Life Wood’s power is being channeled away little by little by the Bonedrudes,” Feng Beiluo suddenly interjected. “This Floragrim grand monarch should have been very difficult to kill, because the wonders of the Floragrims’s Heavenly Wood Heal are singular in the world. A drop of their Blood Essence can allow them to come back to life, which is much faster than the spells of any other race.

“There is a saying that as long as you collect a drop of the Blood Essence of a dead grand monarch who cultivated Heavenly Wood Heal, and throw it into any realm with greenery, the Blood Essence will absorb wood essence and bring him back to life. It’s also very hard to destroy a Floragrim’s body completely.”

Feng Beiluo continued to explain, “This grand monarch’s soul has been destroyed, but the Bonedrudes can hardly get rid of his body in a short time to avoid future troubles.

“So his body was thrown to the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones to be nibbled away by the death power in it until the last bit of its power is exhausted.”

Nie Tian was shocked. “Does it work in a way that’s similar to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement of the Devils?”

Feng Beiluo nodded and said, “Sort of. Now look at his chest. There’s intense death power enveloping his heart. It looks as if his heart is still condensing Blood Essence. As soon as one drop of Blood Essence is exhausted, another drop will be condensed again.”

“You’re right,” Nie Tian said in astonishment.

There was a ball of death power in Grand Monarch Life Wood’s chest indeed. The death power was condensed and undispersed. Besides that, there seemed to be death principles that burst forth with pale gray currents now and then to quench the Blood Essence that Grand Monarch Life Wood’s body kept condensing.

Feng Beiluo frowned. “It’s not safe here. The Bonedrudes must be able to sense that something is happening here, so it may not be long before they come here.”

“The source of Grand Monarch Life Wood’s bloodline is the Tree of Life,” Nie Tian spoke, narrowing his eyes, “Master allowed me to get a glimpse of this place by using the power of the River of Time. He must have done it for a reason.”

At the thought of this, he summoned the Rampage Behemoth’s bone.


Wisps of his refined flesh aura poured into the bone like rainbow currents.

The bone was pointed towards Grand Monarch Life Wood’s chest where the death power was gathered.

All of a sudden, the bone burst forth with an amazing power to shatter the ball of death power with the Domain Split bloodline talent, so that fresh Blood Essence would endure after being condensed in Grand Monarch Life Wood’s heart.

The moment the ball of death power was scattered, Nie Tian suddenly saw clearly that Grand Monarch Life Wood’s flesh, crystallized bones, and heart were entwined by countless rays of pale gray light.

It was death power that had been thinned a thousand times over.

Death power had long since filled Grand Monarch Life Wood’s corpse. It had been rotting away on the inside through years of erosion.

The moment the death power exploded, a bloodcurdling growl rang out. “Who?!”

However, it was just one single growl, nothing more.

Even so, it shocked several people, and caused them to turn pale, and a number of unknown pale powers to condense into bones around them.

The bones were illusory, but they looked very real.

Fine engravings could be seen on the bones. Like the death god’s wicked smile, they put people in awe.

Feng Beiluo was greatly frightened. “Grand Monarch Bone Piercer! It’s the voice of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer! That ball of death power was from Grand Monarch Bone Piercer!”

Shocked and doubtful, he continued, “Nie Tian, it’s hard to believe that you’ve wiped away Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s power. That bone of yours is truly remarkable. However...”

The Thunder Devil, who was also scared, said, “Since Grand Monarch Bone Piercer can feel it, then he’s definitely coming soon! You first angered Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, and now you’ve angered Grand Monarch Bone Piercer too. You’re really something.”


The heart in Grand Monarch Life Wood’s chest that had long since withered condensed another drop of Blood Essence, which looked like a precious green gem.

“That’s the one!” Nie Tian spread out his hand and exclaimed softly. “Come!”

The drop of Blood Essence from Grand Monarch Life Wood that had just been condensed flew into Nie Tian’s palm.

He carefully put away the drop of Blood Essence and solemnly vowed. “As long as I live, I will find you a new realm and give you time to be revived.”


The numerous white bones suddenly shook and attacked together.

Almost at the same time, thousands of light green beams shot out of Grand Monarch Life Wood’s corpse.

The refined pure wood power they carried merged into Nie Tian’s body like seawater.

Meanwhile, Grand Monarch Life Wood’s bones rapidly rotted, his rattan-like veins reduced to ashes and his drab skin and flesh dissipating like light smoke.

It seemed that Nie Tian’s obtaining the drop of condensed Blood Essence had freed Grand Monarch Life Wood, who seemed to find a hope for rebirth.

Hence, his remaining wood power naturally flooded into Nie Tian, and no longer protected his flesh and kept his corpse immortal.


Grand Monarch Life Wood’s enormous body scattered like gray smoke.

The countless wisps of dense gray death power just intertwined by themselves in that area, as if they were confused.

The death power had been suppressing, eroding, and unraveling Grand Monarch Life Wood’s corpse, but now they suddenly found their target dissipating like smoke. It seemed that these powers from the Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had yet to figure out what had happened.

Nie Tian, however, raised his head to look into the sky and let out a light, relieved cry.

Pei Qiqi and the others suddenly discovered that the visibly deep wounds on his body had somehow healed in the blink of an eye.