Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1648: Spreading Chaos

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Countless rays of sparkling yellow light shot out of the gaping spatial tunnel.

Before Pei Qiqi could say anything, the Chaos Behemoth’s enormous head stuck out of the spatial tunnel.


Its vastly long tail was still wriggling in the bottomless tunnel like a winding mountain range.

Feng Beiluo, Yuan Jiuchuan, and a group of so-called crooked cultivators, who were following it, were all cursing in pain.

Finally, the Chaos Behemoth, which had already shrunk many times, made it through the spatial tunnel in whole.

Pei Qiqi’s expression flickered.

She and Nie Tian had once entered the underground space the Chaos Behemoth had created at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield.

However, since the Chaos Behemoth had been lifeless back then, they had focused their attention on the chaotic energies that had filled that vast, isolated space.

For this reason, she had no idea what the Chaos Behemoth actually looked like.

Now, after squeezing through the spatial tunnel, the Chaos Behemoth rapidly expanded to its true size, its flesh aura skyrocketing as it did.


A boundless yellow bloodline aura burst forth from the Chaos Behemoth’s colossal body in a completely unbridled manner.

Upon first glance, the Chaos Behemoth, who had revealed itself for the first time, looked like a colossal scorpion, brandishing its two gigantic claws to release chaotic power.


As soon as the Chaos Behemoth appeared, countless soul symbols lit up within the Dark Soul Ward that protected the Realm of Dark Souls.

The Dark Soul Ward madly channeled power from its surroundings, as if it knew that its sworn enemy had arrived.

“That’s...” All the Netherspirits entered a short daze after seeing the Chaos Behemoth charging out of the spatial tunnel.

Since the Rampage Behemoth’s illusory shape which Nie Tian had released was only in its soul form, it was significantly smaller than its true form.

However, the Chaos Behemoth that had broken into this area of the starry river was a Star Behemoth in its true form, a top predator that could devour realms and feed on ancient Devils and titans!

Compared to it, even the Realm of Dark Souls seemed smaller, not to mention the Netherspirits.

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer went blank for a few seconds before suddenly realizing what was happening. “A Star Behemoth! Damn it! They actually got a Star Behemoth to the Realm of Dark Souls!”

He stared down at the ancient book he was holding, and shouted, “Ghosts Ferry!”

Flames suddenly flew out of his eyes and into the open book.

The five evil gods’ souls had already been ignited by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s Soul-burning Blood Spell. Now, as Grand Monarch Soul Slayer activated his bloodline talent, even their fleshly bodies caught fire.

Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect spotted Nie Tian, who was badly injured and covered in blood, the moment he charged out of the spatial tunnel. “Young master!”

Many Netherspirit elders were dumbstruck upon hearing Feng Beiluo’s call. “Y-young master? Is this Nie Tian that man’s son?!”

Face grim, Feng Beiluo communicated with the Chaos Behemoth through secret soul fluctuations. “Smash away!”

Then, the Chaos Behemoth raised its gigantic claws and brought them down with terrifying force towards the Realm of Dark Souls.


Two streaks of light came to wreath its gigantic claws.

They instantly absorbed the few dozen types of power in this starry river, and fused them as one: an extremely chaotic power that wished to destroy any order!


The Chaos Behemoth’s two enormous claws fell on the Dark Soul Ward in succession.

A huge dent instantly appeared in the Dark Soul Ward, which had protected the Netherspirits for countless years, and billions of cyan lights burst forth from within the ward like raindrops.

At the same time, heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing power rippled from the ward, causing the earth in the Realm of Dark Souls to shake violently, and numerous Netherspirits at low grades to explode and die.

Rivers of misty Nether Qi that flowed ethereally through the realm were severed in many places like snakes.

Within them, innumerable evil spirits and vicious souls that the Netherspirits had gone to great trouble to capture were set free.

They finally escaped the Netherspirits’ control and the fate of being grindstones that the low-grade Netherspirits would use to improve their power and temper their bloodlines.

Some old Netherspirit gazed skywards from within the Realm of Dark Souls, and saw the unimaginably large scorpion blocking even the stars from sight, as if it was hoping to spread chaos across the three worlds. Finally realizing what it was, he said, “The Chaos Behemoth! Didn’t it die long ago?”


The Chaos Behemoth, however, paid attention to no one. It simply swung its gigantic claws and slammed the Dark Soul Ward with them over and over.

The impacts sent yellow light sputtering everywhere, as if a blacksmith was hammering a piece of iron.

As one huge dent after another appeared in the great misty cyan ward, the power the Netherspirits had spent countless years infusing it with was consumed at an alarming rate.

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, Grand Monarch Soul Converger, and numerous Netherspirit elders forgot about all else, but focused on attacking the Chaos Behemoth from different directions.

Because of this, the five evil gods were relieved.

The flames burning Pei Qiqi’s soul in her mind also magically disappeared.


The evil gods and Pei Qiqi quickly flew to Nie Tian and gathered behind his back.

“What happened, young master?” asked Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect and Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, who had been secretly protecting Nie Tian for a long time now.

“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer refined the Nether River and set up this trap to lure me to the Realm of Dark Souls.” Blood flowed from the corner of Nie Tian’s mouth as soon as he opened his mouth to speak.

He turned to take a deep look at the murky Nether River, and added in a soft voice, “Grand Monarch Soul Capturer turned out to be much stronger than I thought. Through the Nether River, he managed to command part of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s power, and injured me badly before I could realize it.”

With a single strike he had launched from within the Nether River, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had nearly made Nie Tian’s whole body explode.

Even now, he was still fixing the damage to his body with his flesh power and Blood Essence.

He was far from being healed.

A disciple of the Nether Spirit Society that had come with Feng Beiluo gasped, then said with great respect on his face, “Grand Monarch Soul Capturer! I can’t believe he attacked you with the help of the power of the Nether River!

“To be honest, I had doubts about your strength, but now that I get to see it for myself, I finally know that the rumors were all true! The fact that you managed to survive Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s attacks is simply unbelievable! You should be proud of yourself, young master!”

The other cultivators nodded repeatedly, sharing his opinion.

“Why don’t you leave with our young master now, Miss Pei?” Feng Beiluo said with a grim expression. “If Grand Monarch Soul Capturer has actually planned this, then it means that the Netherspirits will go out-all to secure their victory. Grand Monarch Soul Capturer is among the top three experts of the Void World, and on his way to transcending the tenth grade. Now that he has refined the Nether River, I’m afraid that the power he can command...”

Feng Beiluo turned to fix the Chaos Behemoth with a worried look.

He was aware that the Chaos Behemoth, which was smashing away right now, had far from recovered its peak strength.

In fact, its soul was still incomplete. Even though it had been revived, part of its soul was missing.

That was why he had been able to reach a mutual understanding with it and get it to aid them in battle.

Right now, it was incomplete. Its current battle prowess might even be surpassed by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer.

Not to mention that he had the assistance of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, and Grand Monarch Soul Converger. Who knew whether the Netherspirits were secretly mobilizing more powerful experts to join the battle?

After weighing the situation in his mind, Feng Beiluo decided that retreat was the wise thing to do.

At that moment, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s gigantic shadow in the murky Nether River gradually shrank.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer reappeared!

“This is amazing!”

The murky Nether River somehow grew clearer and clearer.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s skinny form absorbed the power of the Nether River and rapidly manifested out of nothing.

Holding the Spirit Scepter with his scrawny hand, he grinned towards Nie Tian and the others from within the misty cyan water.

Everyone felt a chill running down their spine.

“Why leave in such a hurry?”

As he pointed the Spirit Scepter at them, a huge hand formed from his soul awareness and the water of the Nether River. Empowered by the Spirit Scepter, it grabbed abruptly towards Nie Tian and those around him.

Soul-splitting pain immediately came from everyone’s minds.

Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, the evil gods, Feng Beiluo, and those so-called crooked cultivators... None of them were spared.

“Soul Capturing Hand!”

The souls of six late Saint domain cultivators that had come with Feng Beiluo were instantly separated from their saint domains and flew towards the huge hand.

Their saint domains dissipated with a boom.

As soon as the huge hand flicked slightly, the six souls morphed into wisps of clouds that fused into the palm of the huge hand.

In the next moment, six souls were added to the bottom of the limpid Nether River.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer laughed derisively, completely ignoring the heavy blows the Chaos Behemoth was dealing the Realm of Dark Souls and the cries of the Netherspirit elders. Instead, he fixed his eyes on Nie Tian and the others and said, “Come and join the Nether River, especially you, our five ancestors. It’s been a long time since you left home. It’s about time you returned.”

Then, with a pitiful expression he added, “But since you refuse to serve your own people, your existence is no longer meaningful.”