Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1646: Badly Injured

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Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s resounding criticism shook the void!


Even the five evil gods’ minds seemed to be surging violently because of his roar.


The smaller rivers that had flown out of the Nether River charged at the five evil gods.

Like Nie Tian, the five evil gods were badly injured in an instant.

Thick drops of blood sprayed out of their fleshly bodies.

Pei Qiqi was about to speak when a soul-piercing chill came from the Nether River in front of her.

At the bottom of the river, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s shadow seemed to look coldly at her. “Voidspirits? Hey, because of our hunting, your ancestors fled from realm to realm and were barely able to continue your race. Even the so-called space disruption zone, which was your race’s ancestral land, had once fallen in our hands.

“How dare you come to make waves in the Void World?”

As he spoke, a ferocious shadow suddenly flew out of the Nether River.

As soon as it left the Nether River, it turned into smoke that dissipated.

Pei Qiqi froze for a moment, and soon saw a soul figure rising above her sea of soul awareness and charging towards her true soul, as if it wanted to tear her true soul apart.

Her mind immediately suffered an ineffable sting.

She could not help but groan softly.


Nie Tian’s bones broke one by one. The terrifying impact from the Nether River was incredibly violent.

A Netherspirit elder grinned. “Soul Capturer! You’re doing great! Mere humans dare to swagger to our ancestral land. They’re really courting death!”

All the other Netherspirits shouted. “Kill them! Kill them!”

Even many Netherspirits who had hidden themselves in the Realm of Dark Souls after seeing the unfavorable situation rushed out through the grand ward and glared darkly at Nie Tian and the others.

The Nether River quickly encircled Nie Tian and the others in a dark area of the starry river.

The Nether River, whose head and tail had been linked like a colossal serpent, burst forth with cyan light that hurt Nie Tian and the others’ eyes.

Many originally-dim soul characters within it seemed to shine again.

The only regret was that the bright soul characters and true meaning of souls with the Nether River still couldn’t be perceived or comprehended.

“His Excellency Grand Monarch Soul Capturer has long known that Nie Tian would come to the Realm of Dark Souls after he obtained the Spirit Scepter,” Grand Monarch Soul Slayer called out. “Obeying His Excellency’s orders, I showed weakness at the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and deliberately enticed Nie Tian into coming here. In fact, the changes in the Nether River were also a part of His Excellency’s plan.

“He did so in a bid to lure Nie Tian to the Realm of Dark Souls to refine the Nether River.

“He never would have expected that His Excellency would have resonated with the Nether River, and His Excellency would be able to mobilize the Nether River’s real power at will!

“It is ridiculous that a puny human dares to come here to court death.”

He sneered and kept fawning over Grand Monarch Soul Capturer in every possible way.

An elder was instantly enlightened, and nodded repeatedly. “Oh, so Grand Monarch Soul Capturer has long had a plan. Great! Rumor has it that Nie Tian killed Grand Monarch Ash Bone of the Bonedrudes in the Spirit World. Grand Monarch Ash Bone was among the top ten experts, but died at this man’s hands. It’s time for Grand Monarch Soul Capturer to kill Nie Tian as payback now.”

Hearing this, many Netherspirits became very cheerful, as if they were celebrating the Spring Festival.

“Maybe Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s ranking should be improved, and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s ranking should make way.”

Because Nie Tian had been badly injured, his giant form had shrunk into his true form.

Fragmentary stars shone faintly beside him like grains of sand.

They were the remaining essence of his shattered star domain.

Even the Heavenly Stars Flower looked in distress, as if it were about to perish.

Wisps of wood power flew out of the Godspirit Tree and seventy-two towering ancient trees to nourish his badly injured fleshly body, but the healing was far too slow.

Hearing the Netherspirits’ haughty conversation, Nie Tian had mixed feelings.

He had never expected that it would be so terrifying when Grand Monarch Soul Capturer of the Netherspirits refined the last Nether River and drove it to attack.

Before he could even parry, he had been defeated.

It appeared that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who was also one of the top ten experts in the Void World, was much stronger than Grand Monarch Ash Bone!

The soul awareness of the evil god of bloodlust was a little intermittent as it entered Nie Tian’s mind, “Master... apart from his own strength, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer is strong mostly because of the Nether River! The Nether River guarding his race carries the paragon’s remaining power! Now that he has refined the Nether River, he can command that power now!”

“Do you mean…Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s power?” Nie Tian asked.

“Yes,” the evil god of bloodlust sighed. “The paragon was almost invincible in his era. Only a man of his level has a chance at fighting against this power.”


Suddenly, a myriad of soul characters showed a strong intent to fly out of the turbid Nether River, like runaway horses.

Many Netherspirits took a closer look, and found that the Spirit Scepter that had flown into the Nether River seemed to have morphed into a horrible colossal soul, which was screaming with anger and trying to break free from the Nether River.

The expression of a Netherspirit elder, who stared at the terrifying colossal soul, flickered, as if he had remembered suddenly something. “That is…?”

At the sight of the colossal soul, some Netherspirits were so excited that they practically wailed. “It’s the paragon’s fragmentary soul!”

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer sighed deeply. “The paragon’s fragmentary soul has been defiled in the so-called Nether Realm of the Phantasms in the Spirit World. Only this Nether River can purify the paragon’s fragmentary soul. I have worked hard for many years, waiting for the paragon’s fragmentary soul to return, so that I can help liberate the paragon and he can guard our race again.”


Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s soul shadow at the bottom of the river suddenly rushed out.

His soul shadow was a thousand times smaller than the colossal soul it was after, but he instantly rushed into its interior. As he had said, he started trying to cleansing the paragon’s fragmentary soul.

“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer! You bastard!” the five evil gods who had been badly injured growled and struggled desperately to enter the Nether River.

They understood what was happening.

Just like how they had been revived and awakened, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual awareness had flown into this Nether River to gather soul fragments and complete his fragmentary awareness. Now, it was taking the initiative to cleanse the Nether River and purge Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s will from it.

However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was fighting against Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit!

“Prepare to die, you traitors,” Grand Monarch Soul Slayer said with a snort as he stepped forward.

“What Grand Monarch Soul Capturer is doing now is unprecedented! Like the paragon, you have been defiled by mere barbarians of the Spirit World and don’t deserve to return to our race! Not to mention that you’re serving a human now! You are a disgrace to our race!” Grand Monarch Soul Slayer snapped with great righteousness.

“Asshole! Do you know what Grand Monarch Soul Capturer is doing?” the evil god of fury screeched.

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer looked impatient. “Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it for our sake. Perhaps it is time to fuse your power into the Nether River to aid Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s cause.”


At that moment, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ soul shadows flew out of the Realm of Dark Souls.