Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1645: The Shadow At The Bottom Of The River

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As soon as the Spirit Scepter showed up, the Netherspirit elders looked extremely unhappy.


The Nether River, which had long been silent, suddenly started surging, as if a force was recovering quickly at the bottom of the river!

All the Netherspirits who were floating next to the Nether River or were in the Realm of Dark Souls sensed it.

The eyes of countless people were fixed on the Nether River as they wore complicated expressions.

Only Grand Monarch Soul Slayer’s face was calm, and his eyes were unruffled.

It was as if he had long since known this would happen.

“It’s the power of the Spirit Scepter!” the dim eyes of the elder who had spoken to Nie Tian lit up as he snapped at Nie Tian. “The scepter was left behind by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit. It was transformed from the Nether River and the paragon’s sea of soul awareness. Now, by relying on the Spirit Scepter, you’ve come to make waves in the Realm of Dark Souls. Do you really think you can walk all over us like you did with the Devils?”

Nie Tian couldn’t help laughing. “What? Due to the existence of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, dealing with the Devils was actually troublesome. As for you...”

His face turned cold and he said, “Dealing with you is going to be easier.”

His words were simply humiliating!

The several elders who hadn’t yet returned to the Realm of Dark Souls were so angry at his words that they almost spat out blood.

Nie Tian took a breath and said, looking down, “I can sense your longing for this Nether River. In that case, I’ll let you go and find the answer by yourself.”


The Spirit Scepter flew out of his palm towards the last Nether River.

Pei Qiqi slowly emerged from the dark area of the starry river where Nie Tian had come from.

After her, the five evil gods who had been Netherspirits also showed their faces one by one, but with hesitation on their faces.

As soon as they appeared, the Netherspirit elders looked as if they had been struck by lightning.

The elders pointed at the five evil gods and stammered. “You, you...”

They had worshipped Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and the five powerful evil gods following him since childhood.

For them, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and the five evil gods were a kind of faith!

When they saw the evil gods that they had worshipped for hundreds of thousands of years emerge alive, standing behind Nie Tian, a human invader, and regarding Nie Tian as their master, how could they possibly accept it? Their pride wouldn’t allow it.

They were one of the most advanced races throughout the three worlds!

What was the human race in comparison?

All of a sudden, a deep voice echoed slowly from the bottom of the Nether River. “How does a mere human dare to hold our race’s sacred weapon?!”

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer’s eyes instantly lit up, as if he had been waiting for this.

The Netherspirit elders were stunned at first, and then suddenly came to their senses.

They instantly grew excited and full of confidence.

“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer? Is that you? Shouldn’t you still be in secluded meditation?”

“Your voice came from the bottom of the Nether River. Where, where are you?”

“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer! Get rid of this insolent human brat, quickly!”

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, who had looked stern before, instantly became relaxed. He seemed to know that since Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had spoken, Nie Tian no longer had a chance to escape, and would die in the Realm of Dark Souls of the Netherspirits.

The evil god of bloodlust sensed something was wrong, so he said to Nie Tian hurriedly, “Crap! Master, the last Nether River’s reviving strength has fallen silent again. We can’t perceive our previous master’s aura from the Nether River now. Another power has replaced him and taken over the Nether River.”

“The last Nether River has been completely polluted!” the evil god of fear chimed in.

At that moment, Nie Tian’s true soul suddenly felt a stabbing pain and strong unease.

He felt that the Spirit Scepter was being forcibly infiltrated by another power. “Ah!”

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s voice was full of scorn as he said, “How dare you invade the Realm of Dark Souls of our race? You think too much of yourself!”


The Nether River, which surrounded the Realm of Dark Souls, suddenly rushed towards the area where Nie Tian and the five evil gods were, like a colossal serpent.


Nie Tian felt as if his sea of awareness was about to explode.

Pei Qiqi and the five evil gods all turned pale with fright.

The Nether River had never moved like this since the demise of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

Now, someone had managed to manipulate it, and was using it to kill his enemy!

The Netherspirits were thrilled!

“Master! This power is too strong, you...” the evil god of bloodlust hurried to remind Nie Tian to run away quickly, because he had sensed his previous master’s power in the incoming Nether River!

Nie Tian wore a very grave face as he stared fixedly at the Nether River.

His bloodline erupted completely. In a flash, he grew to be nine thousand meters tall, unleashed his flesh aura sea, and activated his domains of star, flame, and wood power.

He had sensed a great danger as well.

In his eyes, the surging Nether River that was rushing towards him with an unstoppable momentum contained enough power to destroy many realms, and perhaps even a domain of the Mortal World!


A shadow seemed to rapidly form and grow larger by swallowing countless soul spirits at the bottom of the murky Nether River.

The shadow’s appearance was very vague, but Nie Tian somehow knew he was laughing madly and wickedly.

It seemed that thousands of rays of glowing souls, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s countless soul imprints, marvelous soul symbols, and soul magics had been seized by him, and transformed into his power.

At that moment, Nie Tian instantly realized that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was in fact forcibly refining the Nether River!

The Nether River had been transformed from the remaining soul awareness of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit. It allowed the Netherspirits to comprehend the wonders of his soul and acquire fighting strength early on.

However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had refined the Nether River because he wanted to make it his own!

He wanted to use the Nether River to help himself, and make the Nether River that guarded the entire Netherspirit race become his personal weapon, and the foundation for the advancement of his bloodline.

And he seemed to have succeeded.

All the soul spirits that had fused into the Nether River had become the source of his strength, and his sharp blades!

The Nether River came roaring. In the face of the Nether River, the flesh aura sea Nie Tian had activated with his bloodline, as well as his domains of star, flame, and wood power, all became infinitely fragile.


It was as if his flesh aura sea was hit by an ancient starship that was thousands of miles long, as it crumbled in an instant. The broken flesh aura sea was reduced to drops of blood that filled the void, but madly rushed back into Nie Tian’s skin.

His bright, dreamlike, and magnificent star domain immediately exploded with a loud bang.

“Ouch!” Nie Tian screamed.

The nine-thousand-meter tall Nie Tian’s bones cracked, and his badly mutilated fleshly body was hurled at Pei Qiqi.

The colossal shadow forming at the bottom of the Nether River snorted. “Humph!”

The Nether River didn’t stop attacking. Smaller rivers flew out of it and charged at Pei Qiqi and the five evil gods.

“Five seniors, don’t blame me for being cruel. If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for being blind and taking orders from a human!

“You might as well not have been revived at all!”