Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1642: Handle The Situation Skillfully

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In the Doomed Star Sea.

Countless meteors were crashing into one another in the dim starry river, giving rise to heaven-shaking, earth-shattering explosions.

A behemoth that was even larger than a realm was roaring madly as it swatted at numerous Devil and Bonedrude starships that hovered around it like buzzing flies.


Twisting, chaotic power kept spewing from its colossal form.

Wherever the chaotic energy blasted, many ancient starships were hit, burst into flames, and then exploded with loud booms.

Numerous Bonedrudes and Devils could be seen abandoning their starships, wailing as they did.

Standing in a corner of the tempestuous battlefield, Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect looked spirited as he said, “The Chaos Behemoth is truly worthy of its name!”

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, who had returned from the Seven Stars Realm Sea, along with numerous Heavenly Corpses and so-called crooked cultivators, were gathered around him.

After observing for a while, Feng Beiluo frowned and said, “But something is off. As far as I know, this area of the starry river should have been protected by two of the top ten grand monarchs of the Void World, Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher of the Devils and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer of the Netherspirits. If they were here, even the Chaos Behemoth wouldn’t have been able to slaughter these outsiders so easily.”

At this moment, the incredibly huge Chaos Behemoth suddenly rammed into the Devils’ floating fortress, which was made of a few dozens enormous meteors that were carved with hundreds of devil spell formations.


Upon contact, countless devil carvings and spell formations on the walls of the vast devil fortress were reduced to a rain of purple light that filled the void.

As soon as the spell formations broke, the power binding the meteor disappeared. The entire fortress instantly broke apart, the majority of the Devils hiding within it mangled and torn to pieces by the Chaos Behemoth’s power.

“This is brilliant!” Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect said with a dark, cunning laugh. “Even with my army of corpses, I failed to sack that stronghold. Who would have thought that the Chaos Behemoth would destroy it with such ease upon entering the battlefield?! All the flesh power we’ve expended to awaken and get it out of the Shatter Battlefield didn’t go to waste!”

The so-called crooked cultivators around him also looked excited by what was happening.

Not long ago, Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher of the Devils and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer of the Netherspirits had joined hands and slain many of their people in this battle zone.

Feng Beiluo had lost millions of corpse soldiers in that battle. A large number of elite hybrids that they had created in the Doomed Star Sea had also been lost.

This time, however, all they had done was release the Chaos Behemoth. Feng Beiluo hadn’t even summoned his army of corpses. However, numerous outsider starships had burst into flames and exploded before them, and the Devil fortress had fallen apart.

The Devils and devilish insects and beasts that had been killed by the Chaos Behemoth were beyond count.

Devil and Bonedrude starships had exploded by the hundreds.

This was a grand victory!


Standing towering behind Feng Beiluo, the Heavenly Corpse that had been forged from Cardy’s corpse spit out a grayish-brown pearl.

Like fish, numerous magical symbols could be seen swimming chaotically inside of it.

Surprised, Feng Beiluo froze for a brief moment before reaching out and grabbing the pearl. The moment he did, the magical symbols within it started swimming even faster. By doing that, they seemed to be transferring some secret message to him.

A shudder ran through him as he exclaimed with astonishment in his eyes, “Thunder Devil, do you know that the young master went to the Void World?”

The Thunder Devil’s expression flickered with astonishment. “What? He went to the Void World? I only know that he was still in the Spirit World when I left the Seven Stars Realm Sea, and that he killed Grand Monarch Ash Bone in the Spirit World. I know nothing about his trip to the Void World.”

With a grim expression, Feng Beiluo said, “I just received word that he’s entered the Void World. It appears that he did it because of Pei Qiqi from the Void Spirit Society. On top of that, he went to the Devils’ Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Now, he’s already killed the three middle tenth grade grand monarchs guarding the forbidden land, and is waiting for the powerful experts of the three major races to go to him.”

Someone among the crowd of so-called crooked cultivators exclaimed, “The young master has become so powerful already?!”

“That’s good news, right?” Yuan Jiuchuan said.

“Good news?” Feng Beiluo said with a deep frown. “Things here are only so easy because Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher of the Devils and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer of the Netherspirits have been ordered to go to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Other than them, a late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch seems to be on his way there as well. Three late tenth grade grand monarchs and a joint army of strong fighters from the three races fighting on their own turf... How can he survive a perilous situation like that?”

A Qi warrior from the Death Curse Sect gasped and said, “Three late tenth grade grand monarchs and numerous strong outsiders? Those outsiders from the Void World are really taking the young master seriously.”

“That’s because the young master’s battle prowess has already risen to heights beyond their imagination,” Yuan Jiuchuan said with an expression of respect.

“As strong as he may be, he can’t possibly fight three late tenth grade grand monarch single-handedly,” Feng Beiluo said. “Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher ranks number seven among the grand monarchs in the Void World. Grand Monarch Soul Slayer ranks number eight. The two of them are already formidable enough, not to mention that they’re going to be joined by another late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch, we don’t know who, and a large number of strong outsiders.”

He took a deep breath and quickly continued, “We should be the ones fighting Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer. Prepare yourselves. We’re going to the Void World!”



In the Void World.

Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, and a few other powerful human experts were scattered in front of the portal.

Most of the Netherspirits and Devils around the portal had already been slain.

Yin Xingtian captured a Netherspirit, and questioned him about Nie Tian’s whereabouts.

Moments later, as he opened his mouth and breathed in, a small sparkling sword flew out of the spot between the Netherspirit’s eyebrows and into his mouth. “Nie Tian seems to be in a place called the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Powerful experts of the three major races of the Void World are gathering towards the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. It seems that Nie Tian killed the three middle tenth grade Devil grand monarchs that guarded the forbidden land.”

Dong Li was taken aback. “The Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement? How do we get there within the shortest time?”

“The nearest Devil realm is called the Heaven Seal Devil Land,” Yin Xingtian said. “There should be a teleportation portal that connects to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement there.”

“To the Heaven Seal Devil Land then!” Dong Li said aloud.

“Should we wait for a while?” Master Blood Spirit asked.

With a charming frown, Dong Li pondered briefly, then said, “No, we’re not waiting.”

At that moment.


Powerful experts from the four great sects, with Chu Rui and Ye Wenhan as the leaders, flew out of the portal one after another. They were followed by a stream of Saint domain Qi warriors from many other human sects.

“The three major races of the Void World have butchered many of our kind. It’s about time we show them our strength!” Chu Rui shouted.

Dong Li’s eyes lit up. “Now, with you joining us, we’re even more confident in the battles to come.”

Ye Wenhan stepped forward and said, “Nie Tian has done plenty for us and our people. It’s about time we repaid him.”

“He’s in the Devils’ Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement,” Yin Xingtian said.


While many from the Mortal World and the Doomed Star Sea assumed that Nie Tian was in a perilous situation, he was actually catching the fleeing Devils, refining their flesh power into Blood Essence, and strengthening himself.

“If we can’t break the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement open soon, I’ll just head to the Realm of Dark Souls and refine that one last Nether River,” he thought to himself.