Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1641: Dividing The Enemies From Within

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Nie Tian was slaughtering the Devils. However, the moment he saw her, a hearty smile appeared on his face, and he said, “I’m so glad that you’re okay, Senior Martial Sister Pei.”

However, Pei Qiqi didn’t look at him, but rather focused her attention on the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement with a grim look on her face.


Wisps of power that contained her spatial bloodline power flew into one of the Space Boundaries Crystal’s many facets. Immediately afterwards, Shao Tianyang’s fiery figure manifested in it.

“Space Connection!” Pei Qiqi exclaimed softly as she pressed her jade-like finger on that facet with great force.

With a boom, a tremendous amount of wondrous light burst forth from the point where her fingertip contacted the crystal.

Her Voidspirit bloodline was instantly activated. The internal spaces within her every acupoint seemed to channel the internal heaven and earth within the spatial treasure.


The ends of her eyebrows rose as a hint of astonishment appeared in her eyes.

As she tried to connect to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement through the crystal, she encountered a strong restrictive force. The force was so strong that it even kept her spatial bloodline from manifesting its wonders.

She jerked her head down, and discovered that countless profound restrictive spells seemed to be activated within the forbidden land.

In the depths of the raging devilish flames, hundreds of thousands of purple lightning wisps could be seen interweaving into secret spell formations that prevented the inspection of any sort of power, including spatial power!

“Forget it...” Pei Qiqi muttered, and stopped wasting her power making more attempts.

Then, she sent a wisp of soul message to Shao Tianyang through the Space Boundaries Crystal, saying, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but rather my power, cultivation base, and spiritual tool don’t allow me to go through the restrictive spells in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and get you and that flame dragon out to safety.”

Surrounded by raging devilish flames, Shao Tianyang’s face turned ashen as he let out a sigh of frustration.

Seeing his change of expression, the flame dragon high chieftain muttered, feeling as if he had been dampened by a bucket of cold water, “Even that Voidspirit, who carries a spatial bloodline and is well-versed in spatial power, can’t get through the restrictive spells in the forbidden land with the help of her spatial treasure. I’m afraid there’s really no hope for us to get out of here.”

He and Shao Tianyang were losing their power with every passing second.

Sooner or later, he would lose all of his flesh power, and Shao Tianyang’s flame power spiritual core would burn out, along with his flame domain.

That would be their doom.

Over time, all of their sources of flesh power and spiritual power and even their souls would be burned away, leaving no trace behind.


The evil god of bloodlust suddenly flew from the distant starry river and stopped by Nie Tian’s side.

He returned with Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner, which fluttered in the wind.

A twisted, morphing soul could be seen in the banner. Apparently, the evil god of bloodlust was suppressing it with his profound soul magic, keeping it from moving around.

He bowed respectfully towards Nie Tian and tossed him the banner. “We’ve killed Luo Wanxiang, Master. And we’ve taken his Immortal grade divine tool back for you.”

The banner floated towards Nie Tian.

“The All Manifestations Star Banner, an Immortal grade divine tool with a soul of its own...” Nie Tian muttered with a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. “It’d be a waste if I erase the soul that he spent so much time and effort refining. But if I don’t, I doubt it’ll submit itself to me. So I guess I have to try something special.”


A cyan seal that looked like a glowing sphere suddenly flew out of the Spirit Pearl, and shot towards the All Manifestations Star Banner.

If one examined the seal closely, they would see illusory Nether Rivers within it, all of them intertwining like the meridians of a living being.

Each and every one of them carried countless tiny soul symbols and were vested with the wonders of the Netherspirits’ most exquisite soul magics.

Many fleeing Netherspirits suddenly came to a stop.

Faces filled with astonishment, they turned around to look at the cyan seal.

All of those Netherspirits who knew about Heavenly Spirit Seals were flabbergasted.

“T-that’s a Heavenly Spirit Seal!”

“Heavenly Spirit Seal, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s most exquisite soul spell?!”

“I can’t believe he can actually forge Heavenly Spirit Seals!”

The Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls had existed for countless generations. All those who could roam it with their soul awareness and derive enlightenment from the profound soul magics Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had left in it were well-aware of how wondrous and powerful Heavenly Spirit Seals were.

After all, Heavenly Spirit Seal was Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s most important signature soul spell.

Even many Netherspirit grand monarchs had failed to derive the essence of that spell from the Nether River, and were therefore unable to forge Heavenly Spirit Seals. Why could Nie Tian, a complete stranger, do it?

Did the fact that he could forge Heavenly Spirit Seals prove that he had won Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s acknowledgment?

Some Netherspirits couldn’t help but wonder, “Those five ancestors of ours have chosen to follow him, and he can wield the Spirit Scepter... Does this mean that he has obtained Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s legacies? Did he take it by force, or was he chosen by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will?”

While the Netherspirits were in deep amazement, the Heavenly Spirit Seal disappeared into the All Manifestations Star Banner.

The soul shadow in the banner immediately burst forth with blinding cyan light.

At the same time, a cyan crystal that was identical to those on the foreheads of the evil gods appeared on the forehead of the soul shadow, and shone with incomparable brilliance.

Luo Wanxiang’s will and restrictive spells, with which he had branded the banner, immediately melted away.

What took their place were Nie Tian’s will and soul imprints!

Nie Tian burst into laughter. “This is awesome!”

He could sense with great clarity that the All Manifestations Star Banner was already becoming close to him.

Its soul was rapidly taking him in as its new master.

“A level five Immortal grade divine tool! Luo Wanxiang had just gone to great lengths to upgrade it, and now it’s mine!”

While laughing heartily, he suddenly pointed his hand at some of the fleeing Bonedrudes.

The All Manifestations Star Banner flew out without any delay.

In a split second, the banner enveloped the Bonedrudes like a dazzling sea of stars.

The innumerable fragmentary stars within the divine tool cut and broke the Bonedrudes’ bones like sharp diamonds.

Their agonized shrieks filled the void.

Moments later, streaks of white auras flowed out of the All Manifestations Star Banner.

Nie Tian, who had noticed the Netherspirits’ reaction, only killed the fleeing Devils, while the All Manifestations Star Banner, which he had just turned with a Heavenly Spirit Seal, focused on killing the Bonedrudes.

The Netherspirits were intentionally left alone.

He wanted to pass on a message through these fleeing Netherspirits: the five evil gods had sworn allegiance to him, and he could forge and use Heavenly Spirit Seals.

“I’ve got to go and refine the Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls later. Perhaps when I go, there’ll be different voices among the Netherspirits.” With these words, Nie Tian let out a low chuckle. “Sometimes, division from within is more effective at breaking a race. All I need is conflicting opinions!”


At the Seven Stars Realm Sea in the Mortal World.

Dong Li, Master Blood Spirit, Yin Xingtian, and the other experts were floating above the azure sea and gazing down with grim expressions.

Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Chu Rui, and many experts from the four great sects were also gazing down with serious looks in their eyes. All of them had their eyes fixed on the open portal in the depths of the sea.

“Before, people would have to have unusually tough bodies in order to enter that portal,” Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society said with narrowed eyes. “However, after the invasion of the three races from the Void World, they seem to have stabilized the sea through some special means. It appears that all those who are at the Saint domain or higher can access it now.”

Yin Xingtian chimed in, “The outsiders have strong bodies. This allows them to come and go even more easily.”

Dong Li took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but since my fiance has charged into the Void World, I’m going to go join him.”