Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1640: Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood

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Inside the magnificent Bone Shatter City.


Many Bonedrudes’ eyes suddenly exploded!

The Rampage Behemoth’s soul power had penetrated the ward of death power, pierced into their seas of awareness, and detonated their souls!

Like glass that had dropped to the ground, their white bony forms also shattered into countless pieces.

In the blink of an eye, the city ground was covered in translucent and sparkling broken bones.

Numerous white misty wisps of death power rose to join the ward enveloping the entire floating city.


The spherical death power ward, which was as solid as a divine mountain, was easily ripped open by the Rampage Behemoth’s power.

Like a bolt of lightning, the crimson bone shot directly into the city.

The miserable wails of the Bonedrudes instantly filled the vast Bone Shatter City.

In a deep panic, the surviving ninth grade Bonedrudes scrambled to flee the city.

However, numerous rays of crimson light flew out of the bone, spread out, and pierced into their bony forms like steel strings. Before they could leave the city, their bodies exploded, and they died violent deaths.

The Seaspirits, the Moonspirits, and some of the Lightspirits were like ducks in a thunderstorm.

The overwhelming power Nie Tian had displayed put them in great fear.

“This is a slaughter!”

“How come the Bonedrudes can’t even put up a fight?”

“My heavens! I think we’d better keep our distance and try not to offend that human.”


Hundreds of thousands of rays of crimson light shot everywhere in an unstoppable manner in the vast Bone Shatter City.

Under the might of the Rampage Behemoth’s Domain Split bloodline talent, the so-called ward of death and the allegedly impregnable Bone Shatter City were merely a joke.

With a deafening rumble, the Bone Shatter City exploded.

Grand Monarch Bonefall’s heart sank horribly as he watched the city topple around him and the Stele of Death lie in pieces.

He had finally realized that Grand Monarch Ash Bone hadn’t only died in the Spirit World because he had left his Bone Shatter City in the Doomed Star Sea.

He had also woken up to the fact that the devastating bone Nie Tian was wielding had a profound connection to the Bone Emperor, the paragon of his clan.

After all, the Bone Emperor’s residual will showed a strong hatred towards the bone as well.

It was just that the Bone Emperor’s residual will within the Stele of Death was far weaker than the Rampage Behemoth’s will within the bone, which Nie Tian had infused with a tremendous amount of Blood Essence and made incomparably sharp.

Nie Tian’s face was filled with disgust as he muttered, “I hate fighting Bonedrudes and Bonebrutes more than any other race. Their death bloodlines are completely useless to me. Killing them is a waste of my power.”

Even so, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone shot on towards Grand Monarch Bonefall.


Countless broken bones and even space exploded in the area where Grand Monarch Bonefall was standing.

Cluster after cluster of crimson clouds rapidly gathered over and engulfed him.

Immediately afterwards, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounds of explosions echoed out from his location in the toppled Bone Shatter City, along with his shrill, begrudging cries.

“The Bonedrudes have underestimated me,” Nie Tian said. “I can’t believe that they sent you to fight me, knowing that I’ve killed Grand Monarch Ash Bone and three middle tenth grade Devil grand monarchs in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. They thought that you could defeat me by relying on your Bone Shatter City? How laughable!”

“Split!” As he exclaimed in a deep voice, more crimson light burst forth from within the Rampage Behemoth’s bone.

Countless rays of crimson light rapidly wove into a spherical shield that imprisoned Grand Monarch Bonefall, inside of which his bones broke one after another. Even his heart was stealthily pierced by one glowing blade after another.

Suffering the stabbing pain, Grand Monarch Bonefall looked down, and saw wisps of glowing light swimming around in his chest, from which he sensed spatial power. “Voidspirits!”

“Hmm?!” Nie Tian was both surprised and elated.

From Grand Monarch Bonefall’s words, he quickly came to the realization that Pei Qiqi had secretly joined the battle.

Knowing that Pei Qiqi was safe, he put his heart at ease. Then, with a broad laugh, he shifted through space, and suddenly appeared in the area where the Devils were gathered like a glorious sea of stars.

“Since the Bonedrudes are useless to me, I’ll just recover my flesh power by killing you.”

Every time Nie Tian swung his arm in a casual manner, a Devil starship would explode with a loud boom.

It was like a tiger jumping into a flock of sheep.

Even though they had already withdrawn hundreds of kilometers away from the battlefield, they still fell prey to Nie Tian, who was skilled with Starshift.

Starlight wove into spell formations with profound wonders that plummeted like a dazzling shower of light.

At the same time, flames that carried blazing power that could incinerate anything and everything started burning in the midst of the Devils.

Nie Tian laughed wildly. His enormous form, which was nine thousand meters tall, looked like a volcano erupting with devastating power. With every move he made, hundreds of Devils at different grades would perish.

This was nothing more than a massacre!

His actions looked completely effortless, as if he were strolling idly in his courtyard, yet Devil lives were being reaped by him in an incredible manner.

Like crimson rivers, the flesh power of the dead Devils converged and joined his flesh aura sea from different directions.

With their flesh power, he managed to generate fresh Blood Essence and deliver refined flesh power to every corner of his body, his every bone, muscle, and internal organ.

Meanwhile, the two grand monarchs of the Seaspirits and the Moonspirits had long since recognized the situation and ordered their clansmen to retreat to a farther location.

Now, their ancient starships were sailing farther and farther away from the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, despite the calls of the three major races, before they soon vanished in the distant starry river.

Only their two grand monarchs remained thousands of kilometers away from all of the action, hid their forms and auras, and watched Nie Tian secretly.

After observing in silence for a while, the Seaspirit grand monarch said, “That human, the Lightspirits’ new leader, might be right. This Nie Tian person indeed possesses unmatched power! With the three major races having a hard time with their battles in the Doomed Star Sea, and their invasion of the Mortal World and the Spirit World turning out to be a failure, the landscape of the Void World may actually be changing soon.”

The Moonspirit grand monarch was taken aback. “Are you saying that...?”

“Perhaps the three major races will no longer be able to do whatever they want in the Void World,” the Seaspirit grand monarch whispered with a light flickering in his eyes. “There’s that portal that connects to the Mortal World. If we’re so oppressed by the three major races that we can’t make a living in the Void World anymore, we might as well go live in the Mortal World for a while, right?”

The Moonspirit grand monarch’s eyes lit up.

Underneath the thinned devilish flames in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, Shao Tianyang and the flame dragon high chieftain had observed in silence for a long time now.

Watching the situation change so quickly and dramatically, the two luminaries that had commanded the wind and the clouds (idiom: be all-powerful) in the Mortal World and the Spirit World for millennia had gasped many times within such a short time.

Luo Wanxiang’s arrival, Jiang Yuanchi joining the battle, Nie Tian going berserk, and the destruction of the Stele of Death and the Bone Shatter City... All of these changes had dazzled their eyes.

After a while, Shao Tianyang cast his gaze down and muttered, “Nie Tian... He might be the one to lead humanity after Ji Cang.”


A pretty figure suddenly manifested in the starry river directly above the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

“Pei Qiqi from the Void Spirit Society!” Shao Tianyang exclaimed.

As her Space Boundaries Crystal spun slowly, wondrous light shot out of its many crystalline facets.

The flame dragon high chieftain was greatly spirited to see the Space Boundaries Crystal stimulate uncanny changes in space as it spun. “An invaluable spatial treasure!”