Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1638: A Dogfight

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He had suspected that Jiang Yuanchi hadn’t returned to the Mortal World since he had entered the Void World.

Otherwise, he would have gone all-out to kill him upon the sight of him.

He had practically uprooted the entire Shadow Society by himself. As the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, Jiang Yuanchi would definitely have held him accountable if he had returned to the Mortal World.

Nie Tian looked around, and was pleased to find that the powerful experts of the three major races had suddenly made Jiang Yuanchi their primary target. “Go ahead and fight. The more complicated the situation gets, the more it’ll benefit me!

“Jiang Yuanchi’s sudden arrival and the turmoil here at the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement will force the three major races of the Void World to mobilize some of their experts. I guess that way, the battles in the Doomed Star Sea should become easier.”


The five evil gods formed a circle around Luo Wanxiang.

Five types of negative energies that were hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust condensed into seas that rapidly spread towards him.

Nie Tian sensed with rapt attention, and discovered that negative energies that the evil gods had scattered in the Void World seemed to be joining the seas of negative energies and boosting their might.

Then, he knew that Luo Wanxiang was definitely no match for them.

As expected, the brilliant All Manifestations Star Banner was quickly engulfed by the surging seas of negative energies.

The countless stars on the banner rapidly grew dim, as if they were covered in dust.


Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol burst forth with violent fluctuations.

He discovered that five mysterious wells had suddenly appeared in his sea of awareness.

Each and every one of them was spewing strong emotions that were hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust.

The wells then started attacking his true soul in a way that was similar to how the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement refined its victims!

Luo Wanxiang’s sea of awareness was instantly plunged into chaos by the negative energies, causing his various exquisite star incantations to fail.


The five evil gods started circling around him and chanting in what seemed to be the Netherspirits’ ancient language.

Their huge, sinister forms madly accelerated, as if they had somehow turned into a giant capstan. With every rotation, they were wringing something out of Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol.

That something was Luo Wanxiang’s refined soul power.


Luo Wanxiang wailed and quickly cast three soul magics in a row.

However, the Grand Soul Wringer the five evil gods had conjured together was an unmatched soul magic of the Netherspirits.

In their previous life, when they had been at their peak, they had even used it on Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and trapped him for quite a long time.

Face calm, Nie Tian looked at Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol and clicked his tongue in disappointment. “Poor fool. You thought you could establish a foothold in the Void World and do whatever you want now that you’ve mastered the essence of the Netherspirits’ soul incantations. But you didn’t know that I command power that has the best subduing effect on those like you.”

It wasn’t very long before Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol, which seemed to be a condensation of all the stars in the starry river, broke apart.

It was as if his dharma idol were wrung tighter and tighter by numerous invisible ropes until it was torn to shreds.


Five streaks of misty cyan light shot straight up from the head of Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol, as if they had blasted through its skull.

Then, with a loud boom, his dharma idol exploded into countless wisps of gray light, which then shot off in every direction into the dim starry river.

Those gray wisps were the condensations of his soul power and star power, the very core of his strength.

With a nasty grin, the evil god of fear said, “This is the Void World, our homeland. If you think you can escape from us here, then you’re mistaken.”

Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian saw the five evil gods split in a violent manner into cyan wisps that outnumbered Luo Wanxiang’s by several times. Like sharks that had tasted blood, they swam after Luo Wanxiang’s fleeing gray wisps.

At that moment, it occurred to Nie Tian that the vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace that had inspired awe across the Mortal World for ages and had once made him feel tremendous pressure was actually done for this time.

Not a single late tenth grade Netherspirit grand monarch had arrived here. All of the Netherspirits that were gathered here had a deep-rooted fear towards the evil gods.

They neither dared nor had the ability to stop them from pursuing and killing Luo Wanxiang.

“Come back here after you’re done.” After issuing an order through soul will, Nie Tian stopped paying attention to Luo Wanxiang, but refocused on the battle between Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher and Jiang Yuanchi.

He had an endless need for flesh power. However, Luo Wanxiang couldn’t provide him with any, and was thus unworthy of his further attention.

As for his soul, the five evil gods would naturally divide and devour it after killing him. He didn’t intend to take a share for himself.

“Seaspirits and Moonspirits, you don’t have to continue to bear with the three major races either,” Jiang Yuanchi said, his dharma idol brilliant like a sun. With every move he made, he emanated blinding light that put continuous pressure on Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher like countless sharp blades. “Their invasion of the Mortal World has failed, and they’re not in a favorable situation with their battles in the Doomed Star Sea. They absolutely won’t have the time or energy to deal with you.”

These words seemed to plunge the Seaspirit leader and the Moonspirit leader into contemplation.


At that moment, a floating city made of pale bones arrived, emanating the white light of death.

The two Seaspirit and Moonspirit grand monarchs exclaimed simultaneously.

“A Bone Shatter City!”

“Grand Monarch Bonefall!”

However, immediately afterwards, they quieted down and secretly told their weaker members to try to stay out of the battle. Meanwhile, since they didn’t dare to back out of the battle zone themselves, they just stay put.

“Grand Monarch Bonefall! Grand Monarch Bonefall is here!”

The Bonedrudes burst into feverish cheers, and flew towards the city made of bones one after another.

The Bone Shatter City seemed to welcome them as well.


The enormous Death Stele suddenly rose from within the city. Standing on the floating stele, Grand Monarch Bonefall looked at Nie Tian from afar and said, “So you’re Nie Tian? Hehe. A certain Voidspirit girl seems to care a lot about you.”

His words instantly raised Nie Tian’s attention. “Where is she? I’ve heard that Grand Monarch Ash Bone had a Bone Shatter City too. Was it the same as this one?”

Grand Monarch Bonefall’s eyes grew cold as he said, “That’s right. Grand Monarch Ash Bone was a senior to me. As for that Voidspirit girl, I killed her. Her corpse is right here in the city. Do you want to come in and take a look?”

Nie Tian let out a derisive laugh. “You killed her? You?”

Grand Monarch Bonefall’s face fell.

“Given your strength, there’s no way for you to kill her.” With these words, Nie Tian took a deep breath. “However, I do want to see what’s in there. And it’s said that Bonedrude grand monarchs have the toughest bodies throughout the starry river. I killed Grand Monarch Ash Bone by crushing his bones. I’d like to see if your bones are as hard as his!”


He, who had felt somewhat bored, stepped forward, and arrived in front of the Bone Shatter City in a split second.

Grand Monarch Bonefall was infuriated. Pale flames burning in his eyes, he spat, “I don’t believe that you could crush his bones with your own power. And he didn’t take his Bone Shatter City to the Spirit World. Otherwise, with that Bone Shatter City there to amplify his strength, you would have never had a chance to defeat him!”