Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1636: Slaughtering Grand Patriarchs Like Chicken

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“I’ll do anything to kill you!”

The entire Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement started shaking the moment Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher finished speaking.

It was as if the mysterious forbidden land was acting in cooperation with him.

Nie Tian looked down, and was shocked to see that even those devilish flames had started burning more violently than before.

Shao Tianyang and the flame dragon high chieftain were clearly under greater pressure, and had to retreat to deeper areas of the forbidden land to avoid the devastating flames.

Having spent some time at the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, he had long since figured out, through the five evil gods, that the deeper they sank into the forbidden land, the weaker the devilish flames would be.

The more they attempted to break free through the top of the forbidden land, the stronger the backlash they would suffer from the devilish flames.

The fact that Shao Tianyang and the flame dragon high chieftain were sinking suggested that this Devil grand monarch had triggered great changes in the forbidden land with nothing but his words.

Perhaps this meant that he could command the power of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement!

As his train of thought came to this point, his expression slowly grew grim.

“Life Drain,” he whispered in his heart.


As his heart pounded violently, all of the flesh power of the dead outsiders in the surroundings of the forbidden land that had yet to dissipate seemed to suddenly find a vent.

Streak after streak of auras stretched towards him like rainbows, giving rise to loud whooshes.

Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher’s eyes widened in shock as he said, “So you can not only channel and fuse the flesh power of the members of other races into your attacks, but you can also use it to strengthen yourself and make up for your own consumption! Even I can only absorb and refine the flesh power of the low-tier insects and beasts of my race!”

He finally realized what made Nie Tian terrifying.

“All those who haven’t entered the ninth grade pull back to two hundred kilometers away!” he shouted in a grim voice.

The original plan had been to gather forces from various races and use them to wear Nie Tian down. As strong as Nie Tian might be, he would eventually grow tired and exhaust his flesh power after dealing with hundreds of thousands of weak beings.

That was why the Seaspirits and the Moonspirits had been summoned to join this battle.

That Seaspirit grand monarch’s speculation had been right. The three major races had planned on using them as cannon fodder.

However, now that Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher had found out about the unique wonders of Nie Tian’s bloodline and the fact that he could strengthen himself with the flesh power of the outsiders of different races, he immediately changed his mind.

Given Nie Tian’s unique abilities, if he sent the weaker ones to attack him, they would only end up fueling Nie Tian’s power.

“Got it!”

In fear, countless outsiders at low grades retreated from the area like locusts, steering their starships away.

Moments later, there weren’t any easy targets within a two hundred kilometer radius around Nie Tian.

All those that were left were ninth grade grand patriarchs.

The early tenth grade leaders of the Moonspirits and the Seaspirits let out a sigh of relief after receiving Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher’s orders.

After all of their weak members retreated to a safe distance, they each took a few ninth grade grand patriarchs and gathered together.

With the weak outsiders retreating to further locations, Nie Tian couldn’t replenish his flesh power with them as easily as before. With a broad laugh, he said, “You’re smart. However, killing those who are under the ninth grade won’t be very meaningful. Your death will provide me with more value than all of them combined! Come on out!”

The Rampage Behemoth’s bone suddenly shot out like a long, bloodthirsty spear.

As soon as it manifested, the countless densely-packed Bloodline Crystal Chains within the crimson bone lit up like rainbows, activating the Star Behemoth’s unique bloodline talents.

Every outsider expert of the Void World present shrewdly sensed that their bloodlines were being somehow suppressed. Even Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher was no exception.


As Nie Tian waved his hand in a casual manner, the bone shot forth like a famished beast, roaring as it did.

The illusory shape of a colossal creature that should only exist in the nightmares of the creatures in the Void World suddenly manifested as the bone sped through the void.

“My heavens!”

Many grand patriarchs of the Void World, who had never seen a Star Behemoth in their lives, felt as if even their bones were shivering as they stared at the colossal, illusory shape.

They couldn’t even summon the courage to fight.


The crimson bone that seemed sharp enough to penetrate anything pierced through one grand patriarch after another without effort.

Both the Devils’ Indestructible Form and the Bonedrudes’ Unbreakable Form seemed to be as fragile as paper facing the bone.

Wherever the bone flew past, bodies exploded with loud booms, jade-like Bonedrude bones and purple Devil blood flying everywhere.

Complicated feelings filled Nie Tian’s eyes as he watched the bone flitting around. “Ninth grade grand patriarchs.”

He remembered years ago when ninth grade grand patriarchs had seemed as large and unconquerable as mountains. By merely looking at them, he had felt great pressure weighing down on his chest.

There had been a time when Cardy, the Blood Warden, had cornered and nearly killed him on his way from the Demon realms to the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Luckily, Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect had shown up and killed Grand Patriarch Cardy for him. Otherwise, he would have died, and the Domain of the Falling Stars would have fallen.

Now, however, he had merely released the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, without using his own power or burning a single drop of Blood Essence, and several grand patriarchs from the Void World had exploded and died in front of him.

From what he could tell, every one of them was every bit as strong as Cardy had been.

“Time really flies...”

He narrowed his eyes slightly and released his flesh aura sea. In the next moment, rivers of flesh power flew out of the exploded grand patriarchs and converged on him from different directions.

Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher turned around and yelled. “Go! All grand patriarchs retreat to two hundred kilometers away too!”

Nie Tian let out a broad laugh and took a step forward. “It’s too late.”

A sea of dazzling starlight blossomed under his feet as he somehow flashed past Grand Monarch Gloom Butcher and appeared behind the back of a Devil grand patriarch.

“Since your lord said that he’s going to do anything to kill me, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do to you.”

As he wove his hands in the air, glorious starlight condensed into spell formations in his palm, which he then cast towards the grand patriarchs from the Void World one after another.

Each and every one of them contained his bloodline power and blazing flame power.

Then, the grand patriarchs, all of whom were moderately famous in the Void World, were knocked downwards into the bottomless starry river like tiny birds.

Bone cracking sounds filled his ears.

He clicked his tongue and muttered, “They’re far too weak, like puny insects.”

He then cast Starshifts to casually switch between different locations. Every time he did, he would make a patting motion, and a grand patriarch from the Void World would explode and die.

All the Seaspirits and Moonspirits were scared out of their minds, and scrambled away from him.

They had never imagined that Nie Tian could so brutally smash these Devil, Bonedrude, and Netherspirit grand patriarchs.

“Nie Tian!” A familiar dark voice suddenly echoed out from an area where a number of Lightspirits were gathered.

Spatial fluctuations gradually calmed in the void.

Nie Tian went blank for a brief moment before suddenly realizing that someone must have arrived through a teleportation portal.

It was just that he found the voice surprisingly familiar.


A pillar of light shot up into the void like a bolt of lightning.

Then, a human figure slowly manifested in the pillar of light.

“Jiang Yuanchi!”