Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1628: Drawing The Snake Out Of The Cave

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Grand Monarch Serpent Devil’s purple blood poured down towards the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement like heavy rain.

His body was riddled with bloody holes, from which bright fragmentary stars kept flying out, enveloping his enormous serpent form in mysterious starlight. It looked gorgeous, but cruel.


It pained Grand Monarch Serpent Devil to the point where he wanted to die, as if countless stars were doing everything they could to drill into his body.

Vested with the magical laws of star power, they seemed to be cutting through his meridians, flesh, and bones.

Without assuming his enlarged form, Nie Tian looked puny when compared to Agaz, not to mention Grand Monarch Serpent Devil.

However, those in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement had silent, grim looks on their faces as they looked up at him, especially the Devils!

At first, the two Devil grand monarchs hadn’t paid much attention to the battle that was taking place above. Instead, they had focused on Baptista, the flame dragon high chieftain.

They had looked forward to him struggling harder against the restrictive spell of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, so they could harvest more of his flesh power.

However, they were alarmed as soon as Nie Tian released his star domain and caused serious damage to Grand Monarch Serpent Devil.

“A God domain Qi warrior from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace...” one of the Devil grand monarchs said, fixing Nie Tian with a cold stare. “We’d better be cautious and go help Grand Monarch Serpent Devil. We don’t want him to get killed.”

“I doubt it’ll come to that,” The other Devil grand monarch said.

Baptista, who was struggling with his life in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, suddenly calmed down.

He fixed Shao Tianyang with a skeptical look, and then his enormous dragon form, which was covered in wounds, slowly sank back down.

As he did, he suffered much less from the devilish flames.

Then, as his form slowly shrank, many of the bloody wounds under his dragon scales started to heal.

“Shao Tianyang, can that Nie Tian really defeat Grand Monarch Serpent Devil?” he asked with his soul.

Wisps of fiery light flew from his eyes into the devilish flames.

“I’m not sure,” Shao Tianyang’s soul shadow answered, flickering in the blazing sphere. “It’s been too long since I last met him. And our power is suppressed by the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, which is keeping me from sensing his actual power. However, I don’t think your son is in danger anymore. Unless...”

He paused and turned to look at the two Devil grand monarchs from within the blazing sphere with a complicated expression. “Unless those two decide to join the battle.”

“Get back here, Agaz!”

Above the forbidden land, Nie Tian shouted and reached out towards the flame dragon.

His hand seemed to suddenly expand countless times and hook onto Agaz’s burning dragon form like an iron anchor.

Agaz howled and struggled like crazy, as he wanted to charge into the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement with all his heart.

The Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, where devilish flames were burning fiercely, made even Nie Tian somewhat uneasy. His conversation with the five evil gods had made him realize that the place was by no means ordinary.

Otherwise, why were Shao Tianyang and Baptista trapped in it by merely a couple of middle tenth grade Devil grand monarchs?

If even they couldn’t break free from the agonizing refinement of the devilish flames, wouldn’t Agaz be courting death if he charged into it?


Agaz was tossed far away from the forbidden land into the starry river like a streak of fire.

“Master!” Agaz madly called to Nie Tian through his soul, begging him to rescue Baptista from the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

“You just stay there and watch. I’ll take care of it.” With these words, a thought entered Nie Tian’s mind. Then, as his soul will reached the depths of his soul, he called out, “Heavenly Wood Thorns!”

Numerous rays of starlight inside of Grand Monarch Serpent Devil, which no one could see by relying on just their sight, suddenly started changing violently.

The starlight rapidly condensed into many translucent and sparkling tree branches.

As soon as they came to form, they started draining Grand Monarch Serpent Devil’s flesh aura and growing madly within him!

They quickly turned into sinister thorns that ripped through Grand Monarch Serpent Devil’s serpent form like sharp blades, causing massive ruptures in his meridians and bones.

Even his agonized shrieks became intermittent.

His eyes were filled with terror as he looked at Nie Tian, as if he were some evil creature.

Now he realized that this Qi warrior in front of him was by no means insignificant. The thorns devouring his flesh power and madly growing inside of him were definitely not something a disciple of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace could conjure.

This means of attack also deviated from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s system.

Heart burning with anxiety, he gave up on the idea of killing Agaz and focused on returning to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement alive. “As long as I can make it back, I bet I can refine these thorns inside of me with the devilish flames in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement! I’ve got to go back!”

However, as soon as he moved his serpent form, the thorns that seemed to have reached every corner of his body made him suffer excruciating pain, as if someone were scraping his bones with blades.


Nie Tian quietly appeared by one of his giant serpent eyes. Staring into it with a cold expression, he said in a soft voice, “Grand Monarch Serpent Devil, is it? Since you dared to come out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, don’t imagine that you can go back in one piece.”

Then, he suddenly looked down at the two Devil grand monarchs in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. “Are you just going to watch him die?

“You feel much safer hiding inside the forbidden land, don’t you? Are all Devils cowards like you?”

“Shut up!” Like ignited powder kegs, the two Devil grand monarchs bellowed and instantly flew out of two of the honeycomb-like holes, casting Baptista and Shao Tianyang out of their minds.

Nie Tian was only an early God domain Qi warrior. What did they have to be afraid of?


The two Devil grand monarchs rapidly flew out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. As soon as they did, they activated Ancestral Awakening.

“I am Devil Monarch Heaven Seal!”

Clad in fine battle armor, Devil Monarch Heaven Seal looked like a majestic mountain in his Indestructible Form.

“I am Grand Monarch Purple Scythe!”

Grand Monarch Purple Scythe was naked from the waist up and covered in scary scales. After activating Ancestral Awakening with a nasty smile, he summoned a giant scythe into his hand and pointed it at Nie Tian from afar. “Human brat, you must have a death wish for coming to insult us in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement!”

Shao Tianyang and the flame dragon high chieftain were surprised to discover that the devilish flames had suddenly become much less aggressive.

Immediately afterwards, they noticed that the two Devil grand monarchs were facing Nie Tian above the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Both of them had activated their bloodline talents and assumed their Indestructible form.

“Three grand monarchs!” the flame dragon high chieftain let out a low cry. “Nie Tian should have left this place after his small victory! If he had left the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement with Agaz to seek help from the four great sects, perhaps he would have had a chance to come back and defeat those two!”

Shao Tianyang was also speechless.

The fact that Nie Tian could hurt Grand Monarch Serpent Devil had shocked him indeed. However, thinking of Nie Tian’s background, he assumed that it was a combination of some divine tool and his bloodline.

Now, he was facing three middle tenth grade grand monarchs. Did he really have a chance?

Nie Tian nodded. “Good, you’re out of your cave. If you had just holed up inside the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, even I would have had to go through a ton of trouble to kill you. But now that you’re out of there, things are much easier. Cut off their retreat, and don’t let them return to the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement!”

“Got it!” Five peculiar voices echoed out simultaneously from the dim starry river behind Nie Tian.

In the next moment, the five evil gods, who had been hiding the whole time, flew out with loud whooshes.

Forming a line behind the Devil grand monarchs, they fixed dark gazes on the two Devil grand monarchs who had just come out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and said, “They’re not going back, Master.”