Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1627: Reckless?

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Devilish flames burned furiously in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

The howls of the flame dragon high chieftain were filled with agony.

Crimson flesh aura kept oozing through his dragon scales and being greedily absorbed by the two Devil grand monarchs in wisps.


Even though the two Devil grand monarchs hadn’t activated their Indestructible Form, strange crisp sounds kept coming from their bones.

They were the sounds of powerful flesh aura tempering their bones.

One of the grand monarchs let out a nasty, wild laugh and said, “Baptista! You might be a peak expert in the Spirit World. However, you made a dumb decision by coming to mess with us in the Void World!”

The other grand monarch chimed in, smiling. “Now that brat of yours has come to his grave as well. Grand Monarch Serpent Devil is in luck.”

In the depths of the flames, the flame dragon high chieftain wailed as he suffered wave after wave of impact from the flames.

His one and only purpose was to send one piece of information: Leave now!

He wanted Agaz, his young son, to leave this land of trouble right now, lest he become food for that hideous serpent.

Even he, a late tenth grade grand monarch, had been trapped in the Land of Devil Refinement, suffering from the devilish flames day and night, and having his flesh aura being slowly gnawed away by the Devils.

He could still manage, but could his son?

“Go! Leave now!” He howled on.

A subtle, almost imperceivable sigh echoed from the blazing sphere Shao Tianyang had morphed into.

Inside the blazing sphere, numerous divine fiery symbols morphed into Shao Tianyang’s soul shadow, which looked quietly at the tortured Baptista and said, “It’s hard to believe that your son actually found his way here.”

He tried to communicate with Baptista through soul awareness that only they could perceive.

“Your son is one of Nie Tian’s followers. If he had stayed with Nie Tian instead of coming to search for you, given another millennium, he might actually have had a good chance at entering the tenth grade. Of course, you and I would probably have had our last bit of power squeezed out by this damned place and died by then.

“But at least your bloodline would have been carried on that way.

“He really shouldn’t have come to the Void World, to the Land of Devil Refinement.”


As he spoke, the devilish flames in the Land of Devil Refinement converged on the violent Baptista, causing the flames at the top to thin out.

This allowed Shao Tianyang’s soul shadow to see through flames above him and get a vague view of what was happening.

He saw the serpent grand monarch slithering towards Agaz.

Compared to the great serpent, Agaz was considerably inferior in both size and flesh aura.

Shao Tianyang sighed. “Their strengths aren’t at the same level at all. Even though I forged Agaz into the Flame Dragon Armor, I also vested it with the profound truths of flame power that I’ve derived. If Agaz was at the same grade as that serpent, I suppose the two of them would have been well-matched. But now...”

“Agaz!” Despair filled Baptista’s eyes as he struggled with his life, hoping to break free from the Land of Devil Refinement.

However, his enormous dragon form had only moved slightly upwards before devilish flames that were dozens of times fiercer descended upon him, along with the terrifying power unleashed by numerous unknown devil formations.

In the blink of an eye, his whole dragon form was covered in blood!

As soon as his golden-red blood flowed out through his scales, the two Devil grand monarchs and the countless devilish insects and beasts went feverish.

It was as if every devilish being in the Land of Devil Refinement could get a share of the golden-red blood coming out of Baptista and strengthen themselves with it.

“Calm down!” Shao Tianyang yelled as the blazing sphere suddenly shifted in an attempt to stop Baptista. “Don’t try to break free! You’ll only end up draining your flesh power in a short time and killing yourself! If you stay here, perhaps there’s still a chance for you to survive. But if you try to break free, you’ll die for sure!”

“A chance to survive? Are you delusional?” Baptista said with a miserable smile. “If I stay in this damned place, I’ll have my power squeezed out bit by bit. My death will be slow, but certain. If I charge out now, I may die an instant death, which is not that different. If Agaz hadn’t come, I probably would have held onto what’s left of my life and waited for those in the Doomed Star Sea to fight their way into the Void World, but now...”

With these words, the flame dragon high chieftain resumed his violent struggling.

Even though he knew that he was courting death, his son was more important to him than his own life.

“Wait! Stop!” Shao Tianyang’s exclamation went straight into Baptista’s mind. “I see Nie Tian! I can’t believe Nie Tian is here too!”

While the five evil gods remained hidden, Nie Tian quietly revealed himself, floating above the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

“Grand Monarch Serpent Devil, a middle tenth grade serpent,” Muttering these words, Nie Tian suddenly shifted his location. Floating with his back against Agaz, he raised his hands and yanked them down, as if to pull something.


Nie Tian’s star domain manifested abruptly in front of the great serpent like a sea of dazzling stars.

Grand Monarch Serpent Devil was startled. “A God domain disciple from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

His body was more than seven thousand meters long, and his head was like a mountain. As he blinked, black lightning bolts shot out of his eyes. “Oops, only at the early God domain!” he added with a laugh. “Even Ji Cang himself is currently trapped in the Void World. How does an early God domain disciple like you dare to come to our Land of Devil Refinement?”

“Nie Tian has entered the God domain!” Shao Tianyang’s soul shadow shuddered, as if he found this unbelievable. “This is way too fast! How on earth did he advance to the God domain within such a short time? Damn! His foundation must be unstable! He must have forced his breakthrough into the God domain with the help of some rare treasure!”

He suddenly felt deeply sorry for Nie Tian, assuming that he must have advanced his potential to make the breakthrough, and that the early God domain would most likely be his ceiling.

Baptista finally calmed down after hearing Shao Tianyang’s exclamation. However, after getting a hold of the situation, he lost hope again. “He came alone? I thought he’d be accompanied by God domain experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and the other three ancient sects.

“If he’s here himself, what difference can he make? He’ll only get himself killed like my son.

“It seems that this Nie Tian who Agaz speaks so highly of is a reckless man after all. It’s a waste of his unmatched talent and potential!”


All of a sudden, Nie Tian’s star domain morphed into streaks of starlight that poured down towards the great serpent like a waterfall.

At the same time, the Heavenly Stars Flower manifested behind Nie Tian.

Countless rays of blinding starlight shot out of its branches and leaves and fused into the falling streaks of starlight, amplifying their might.

Shao Tianyang and Baptista’s jaws dropped.

They were shocked to see countless fragmentary stars and star formations within the plummeting starlight.


Like being hit by meteors, Grand Monarch Serpent Devil’s winding serpent form was instantly ripped open in many places, and became riddled with bloody holes.

In the blink of an eye, he suffered injuries that were almost as severe as Baptista’s.

Baptista, the flame dragon high chieftain, couldn’t help but scream, “How is that possible?! That Nie Tian is clearly only at the early God domain! And judging from his aura, he must have only entered the early God domain recently!”

Shao Tianyang’s eyes also lit up. “He’s a hybrid! Can it be his bloodline?”