Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1626: An Acquaintance

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It wasn’t a Devil that was being refined in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement before them, but a human!


Bolts of crimson lightning that were vested with the magical laws of fire slithered around, as divine fiery symbols shone abruptly like blazing stars, lighting up the vague fiery shape for a brief moment.

As brief as it was, Nie Tian recognized that the giant fiery shape was none other than the dharma idol of Shao Tianyang, the sectmaster of the fire element sect!

It was hard to believe that Shao Tianyang, who had been missing from the Mortal World for so long, was actually trapped here in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Who knew how long the Devils had been refining him?

Shao Tianyang’s dharma idol was thousands of meters tall. However, he still seemed very small in the colossal flames-filled well in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.


After struggling for a while, Shao Tianyang’s dharma idol shrank abruptly into a blazing sphere.

In the sea of fierce devilish flames, the blazing sphere seemed as puny as a grain of dust.

However, the light it emanated was incomparably bright!

It constantly manifested various magical laws of fire. Numerous exquisite fiery incantations and divine symbols skipped around, forming what seemed like a downscaled fire domain.


Like thousands of purple lightning bolts, streaks of purple light suddenly shot out from different honeycomb-shaped structures towards the blazing sphere in the middle.

Each and every one of them contained Devil Blood Essence!

Nie Tian narrowed his eyes and looked with rapt attention. Then, he saw a male Devil walk out of one of the countless honeycomb-shaped structures, clad in a suit of fine devilish armor.

Face cold, he fixed the blazing sphere with a dark, fierce look.

“A grand monarch,” Nie Tian said inwardly.

After him, another tall, male Devil that hadn’t activated Ancestral Awakening walked out.

His naked upper body was covered in tiny black scales, his flesh aura sea devouring the flesh power of the numerous devilish insects and beasts that had been burned to death.

Nie Tian let out a loud harrumph. “Another grand monarch.”

After that, a gigantic devilish serpent emerged from another honeycomb-shaped hole. From the look of it, it must be at the tenth grade as well. Eyes shining with the light of wisdom, it also stared at the blazing sphere Shao Tianyang had morphed into.

After a moment of amazement, the evil god of fear whispered, “Both of those Devils are middle tenth grade grand monarchs. One of them must be Devil Monarch Heaven Seal. That devilish serpent is also at the tenth grade, as its aura is every bit as intense as that of the two grand monarchs. However, even together, the three of them aren’t strong enough to imprison that human expert.”

The evil god of bloodlust jumped in and said, “The wondrous power in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement is what’s really keeping him here. They’re only assisting.”

Nie Tian, however, glanced around and secretly scanned the vicinity with his soul awareness and life bloodline. Failing to detect Pei Qiqi’s aura, he frowned and thought to himself, “Senior martial sister Pei must have come here, but she’s nowhere to be seen. Don’t tell me that she’s inside the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement?”

He had come here mostly because he was worried about Pei Qiqi’s safety.

Finding Shao Tianyang from the fire element sect was only an accident.

Seeing that he didn’t give any response, the evil god of rage continued, “Those two middle tenth grade Devil grand monarchs are nothing to be afraid of, Master. As long as they come out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, we’ll be able to take care of them, as well as that serpent. It’s just that it’s going to be hard for us to enter the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Our fleshly bodies can’t withstand the devilish flames over a long time.”

Nie Tian let out a derisive laugh. “You can’t? I’d like to see what’s so special about it.”

“Please don’t!” the five evil gods exclaimed at the same time.

However, at that very moment, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering dragon’s cry echoed from the depths of the vast well that was filled with raging flames.

“Roar!” The Flame Dragon Armor suddenly flew out despite Nie Tian’s objections, and manifested as Agaz high above the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

“Father!” Agaz shouted, his dragon form wreathed in flowing streaks of fiery light. His large dragon eyes were bursting with fury as he glared downward.

In the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, the two Devil grand monarchs and the giant serpent jerked their heads, and looked coldly at Agaz.

After another dragon’s cry rumbled out, Nie Tian finally saw a gigantic flame dragon struggling and roaring madly in the depths of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, its enormous body emanating endless fire.

Apparently, he had sensed Agaz’s aura.

Flabbergasted, Nie Tian stared blankly into the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. “Baptista, a late tenth grade flame dragon and the high chieftain of the flame dragon race! Not just Shao Tianyang, but Baptista too? Those two are mortal enemies! It was Shao Tianyang who captured and refined Agaz, forged his meridians and bones into the Flame Dragon Armor, and bestowed it upon the Daughter of Flames!”

He had never thought that two mortal enemies, both of whom were well-versed in flame power, would be imprisoned in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement together, being continuously refined by the Devils.

The great serpent slowly retreated to one of the honeycomb-shaped holes.

If Nie Tian could see into the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, then he would be able to see that the great serpent shrank into a bolt of lightning that flew swiftly through the network of holes and tunnels.

It wasn’t long before the serpent came out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and exposed itself in the starry river.

Then, as it let out a strange low cry, its body expanded at an alarming rate, like an inflated balloon. In the blink of an eye, it grew to be seven thousand meters long.


Numerous black lightning bolts emerged and slithered around its terrifying form.

“Hey there, little flame dragon,” it said with a nasty smile, as it appeared to have come for Agaz. “I didn’t expect a flame dragon as weak as you to have the audacity to come to our Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. How in the world did you cross the Doomed Star Sea, which is known to be a slaughterhouse?”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “That beast...”

“That can’t be called a beast anymore now that it has entered the tenth grade,” the evil god of despair explained. “Many high-tier Devils were born as devilish insects or beasts, and slowly worked their way up. Once they entered the tenth grade, they are viewed as grand monarchs of the Devil race.

“For those Devil grand monarchs that have gradually risen from low backgrounds as devilish insects and beasts, they’re considered the first, and creators of new sub-races under the Devil race.

“That serpent might be one. Thanks to the heights it has reached, the chances for its descendants to become grand monarchs is greatly improved. Its descendants will no longer be regarded as devilish beasts, but rather high-tier Devils with remarkable intelligence.”

“Wait! You carry my father’s aura!” Agaz shouted.

The evil god of bloodlust nodded and said, “Oh, so it must have benefited from the high chieftain of the flame dragon race. Master, it hasn’t sensed our presence, and thinks it’s only facing a flame dragon. It’s courting death by coming out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement. Do we kill it?”

HOWL! ROAR! Baptista’s furious roars continued to echo out from the depths of the peculiar flames, his dragon form struggling madly like a winding mountain, as if it was going to charge out of the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

However, the more violently he released his flesh aura, the more devilish flames converged on him.

Nie Tian could even see the flames finding their way through his dragon scales to infiltrate his flesh, and starting to burn him from within as well. Soon, his mad roars turned into agonized shrieks. His dragon aura gradually withered in the devilish flames.

The two Devil grand monarchs, however, greedily sucked the flesh aura he had released to strengthen themselves.