Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1625: The Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement

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Not daring to disobey the evil god of bloodlust, the Devil grand patriarchs took them to the teleportation portal and activated it obediently.

Stepping into the spell formation and sensing the spatial fluctuations growing stronger in a sharp manner, Nie Tian muttered in a low voice, “It’s your lucky day.”

The three ninth grade grand patriarchs and numerous Devil soldiers could be used to refine a considerable amount of Blood Essence.

However, he also knew that if he were to start a massacre on the Heaven Seal Devil Land, all the Devils here would be easily wiped out. However, the teleportation portal might also be damaged during the slaughter.

If that happened, it would be much more troublesome to get to the Land of Devil Refinement.


A moment later, Nie Tian found himself and the five shrunken evil gods on a large grayish-brown rock.

Under their feet was a teleportation portal built by the Devils.

The evil god of bloodlust pointed into the distance and said with a serious expression, “Master, that is the Land of Devil Refinement. The Devils call it the Land of Devil Refinement, while the other outsider races call it the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Wow!”

The so-called Land of Devil Refinement looked like a colossal beehive at first sight.

With a vast opening at the top, it seemed to be hollow inside, its heart filled with raging devilish flames. The countless honeycomb-like structures in it contained countless life auras that were either strong or weak.

“Those devilish flames in the Land of Devil Refinement can help low-tier devilish insects and beasts transform at a high speed,” the evil god of bloodlust explained. “This place existed even before our time. Powerful Devil experts would toss large numbers of devilish insects and beasts into those honeycomb-like structures and let them be baptized by the devilish flames.

“Those that survived would rapidly upgrade and grow stronger. Those that didn’t would be reduced to ashes.

“Not only devilish insects and beasts, but many high-tier Devils would also come here to temper their Indestructible Form. Of course, only those who could endure the violent flames would become stronger. It was normal for those who failed to endure the flames to be burned to ashes.

“Also, there’s something strange with the flames in the Land of Devil Refinement. The weaker the participant was, the weaker the flames would be. The stronger the participant was, the stronger the flames would be.

“There were even Devil grand monarchs that were burned to death by those flames.

“And that’s the Devils. If they were beings of other species, they’d die even faster after being tossed into the Land of Devil Refinement.”

The evil god of fear chimed in. “We Netherspirits aren’t good at body refinement. In fact, our fleshly bodies are the weakest among the three major races of the Void World. If members of our race fall into the Land of Devil Refinement and are burned by the devilish flames in it, they’ll most likely die within a short time. However… the five of us may be exceptions.”

The evil god of rage grinned and said, “That’s all thanks to you, Master. The new bodies you gave us are much tougher, and have more potential than our old ones! I can feel that as our flesh auras build up, our bodies are being strengthened bit by bit. Perhaps we can endure the flames in the Land of Devil Refinement for a while now.”


The Land of Devil Refinement, which looked like a colossal beehive, shook violently.

At the same time, fierce flames spewed from the countless honeycomb-like structures, instantly reducing hundreds of thousands of devilish insects and beasts to flying ashes.


The flesh auras of the dead insects and beasts wandered around the Land of Devil Refinement until stronger insects and beasts absorbed and refined them through their bloodline magics.

“Kill! Don’t stop!”

Frenzied howls seemed to come from the depths of the Land of Devil Refinement.

“Hmm?!” As a thought entered Nie Tian’s mind, his life bloodline channeled and absorbed part of the flesh auras of the devilish insects and beasts that had been killed by the violent shake and the fierce flames.

Drop after drop of brand new Blood Essence soon came to form in his heart.

However, as he attempted to extend his soul awareness and flesh aura to the Land of Devil Refinement, they seemed to be affected by the devilish flames and lost all perception. Therefore, he couldn’t locate the Devil that was howling or determine the grade of his bloodline.

“Let’s go and take a look down the opening at the top.” With these words, Nie Tian condensed into a streak of starlight that shot towards the Land of Devil Refinement. The shrunken evil gods followed along, confusion appearing in their cyan eyes.

It wasn’t long before Nie Tian arrived high above the Land of Devil Refinement.

He looked down, and saw that the Land of Devil Refinement looked like a colossal well from this point of view.

It seemed as if the raging flames burning inside of it would never die out.

Like countless rivers, streaks of flames fused into the honeycomb-like structures, where there were innumerable devilish insects, beasts, and Devils at different grades.

At the very heart of the well, there seemed to be a huge fiery shape, twisting and casting all sorts of exquisite incantations.

The incantations manifested fireballs, fire wards, and streaks of crimson flames.

Flame power that seemed to be vested with infinite magical laws of fire was mustered and released by the giant fiery shape that looked like a god of fire.

“Keep killing! Don’t stop!” The mad roars of Devils continued to echo from the honeycomb-like structures.

“Master, Devil starships are approaching,” the evil god of bloodlust alarmed Nie Tian in a soft voice as he and the other evil gods rapidly cast bloodline magics to withdraw their soul fluctuations.

Nie Tian went blank for a brief moment before he also cast bloodline magics to mask his intense flesh aura.

All forbidden areas in the Void World enjoyed special statuses. If a place was called a forbidden land, it was usually full of mysteries and danger.

He also wanted to see what was so special about this wondrous place that the outsider races referred to as the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement.

The giant fiery shape that was looming in the devilish flames was clearly in a state of fury. However, the flames were keeping its appearance from sight.

Even though Nie Tian couldn’t see what it really was, it gave him a sense of familiarity.

He had a peculiar feeling that the fiery shape wasn’t a Devil who was refining their body at the heart of the flames, but rather someone he knew.

In deafening rumbles, Devil starships sailed from the distance in a formidable array.

Even though Nie Tian, who had masked his aura, couldn’t send his soul awareness or flesh aura into the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement, none of the incoming Devils could escape his perception.

“Such a large amount of devilish insects and beasts!”

Hundreds of thousands of devilish insects and beasts were driven into the honeycomb-like structures in the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement like herds of cows and sheep.

A dozen ninth grade Devil grand patriarchs seemed to be in charge of the starships.

After all of the devilish insects and beasts entered the colossal beehive, they also morphed into streaks of light that flew towards the wondrous land.

Only after they had entered did the seventh and eighth grade Devil soldiers stream into it as well.

Within a short time, all of the starships that had been loaded with Devils and devilish insects and beasts were emptied.

“Hmm.” After observing for a while, the evil god of bloodlust said, “All those devilish insects and beasts don’t seem to be driven there to upgrade their bloodlines, but rather sent to die in there. That way, the Devils can strengthen themselves and improve their battle prowess with their flesh power.”

“I think they’re trying to refine something inside the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement,” the evil god of fear said, pointing down at the giant fiery shape looming in the flames. “Look! It’s not a being of an outsider race! It’s a human!”

Nie Tian caught a fairly clear view of the shape as well. “That’s a dharma idol! That’s Shao Tianyang, the sectmaster of the fire element sect!”