Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1622: Intrigue

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Pei Qiqi looked confused.

As Nie Tian’s Blood Essence stopped flowing into her body, she suddenly had a strong sense of loss.

Pei Qiqi was suddenly upset, thinking, “Has he reached his limit, or is he going to give up on me?”

For a while, she just looked at Nie Tian in a daze, and didn’t know what to say.

Dong Li looked flabbergasted.

She was also rendered speechless by Nie Tian’s unusual behavior. She had complained simply out of jealousy that Nie Tian had used his precious Blood Essence to help Pei Qiqi break the seal.

She had been well-aware of it, so seeing Nie Tian have a strange look, she had hurried to defend herself.

However, when Nie Tian really stopped delivering Blood Essence to Pei Qiqi’s body, she calmed down instantly, but also became more and more confused.

Why did Nie Tian do that?

“I’m sorry for wasting so much of your Blood Essence,” said Pei Qiqi, her bright eyes growing mournful. “Thank you for helping me fight off the Voidspirits pursuers.”

As she spoke, she got up slowly and summoned her Space Boundaries Crystal.

Her face grew cold as she continued, “It’s not a big deal even if my bloodline is sealed. With my human cultivation base, I can still use the Space Boundaries Crystal. Since I have no reason to stay in the Spirit World anymore, maybe I should go back to the Void Illusion Mountain Range. That’s where I can feel the most at ease...”

Nie Tian and Dong Li could see clearly how disheartened she was.

Nie Tian was stunned, and then suddenly realized that she had misunderstood him. He put his hand on her shoulder.

Pei Qiqi quivered slightly and turned to stare at his hand. “What are you stopping me for?”

Nie Tian took a breath and said in a very serious voice, “Senior Martial Sister Pei, don’t get me wrong. As I told you, you’re in fact fine. The seal on your bloodline should be temporary. Also, with all due respect, why did you know that you should come to me for help?”

“My father told me before he died that only your flesh aura could break the bloodline seal,” Pei Qiqi answered.

A hint of a strange smile played on his lips. “Pei Yukong... Senior Martial Sister Pei, your heart is too pure. You know nothing about intrigues and maneuvers.”

She looked confused. “What?”

Dong Li’s expression changed, and she understood things instantly, “There’s something suspicious with the seal on her bloodline, right Nie Tian?”

“The third generation of Tree of Life has just had a brief soul communication with me,” Nie Tian replied.

Thinking for a while, he began, “Senior Martial Sister Pei, when I injected my flesh power into your body in a bid to help you break the seal, a part of it offset the unusual spatial power and merged into your fleshly body.

“Not only my flesh power, but also the unusual spatial power constructing the spatial barrier merged into your body.

“They can actually help you temper your body and make your flesh strong.

“You’ve felt that yourself, haven’t you?”

He fixed his eyes on Pei Qiqi.

She didn’t deny it. “Yes. When you hit my acupoints in an attempt to reopen them, the sputtering flesh power and unusual spatial power both merged into my flesh. I could vaguely sense that my flesh was becoming stronger, and that my veins and bones were being tempered to carry greater strength.”

“But that’s only a part of it. Most of my flesh power...” he slowly said. “Most of my flesh power has mysteriously disappeared. It seemed to disappear in your acupoints, while in fact, they flew to another realm through a very powerful spatial spell. The Tree of Life believes that most of my lost flesh power is now in the ancestral land of your race, the Voidspirits’ territory.”

“What?” she exclaimed.

“I had a talk with the Ripper Behemoth after your father took you away,” he said with a solemn face. “It said your father had been badly injured and was going to die soon, and that it was because he thought he was going to die that he took you back to the Voidspirits to pass all of their bloodline legacies to you.”

Pei Qiqi was deeply bewildered. “Is there a connection between that and this?”

Dong Li snorted, her face darkening. “Despicable! I don’t know how Pei Yukong knew that Nie Tian’s Blood Essence had infinite wonders, but I believe that Nie Tian’s Blood Essence must have flowed to the Voidspirits.”

“He probably wants to see if my Blood Essence can keep him alive,” sighed Nie Tian.

No matter how muddle-headed Pei Qiqi was, she realized something was wrong after listening to their words. “Do you mean all of this is my father’s idea? Why? Why would he do that?”

Dong Li, who had a quick mind said, “He wants to live, and every drop of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence is incomparably precious! His condensed Blood Essence is based on the deaths of many grand monarchs! You should know how precious a drop of his Blood Essence is. Nie Tian is willing to spend his hard-earned Blood Essence for you, but he might not be willing to help your father.”

Dong Li gave voice to all her guesses one by one. “Now, some of the Blood Essence that Nie Tian used to hit your acupoints helped you temper your body, but most of it went to the Voidspirits imperceptibly. His intrigue is really well-thought-out!

“Moreover, as long as your bloodline seal isn’t broken, Nie Tian will do everything possible to refine more Blood Essence to help you. In this way, your father will get more Blood Essence.

“The only part that raised my suspicion was that he told you to find Nie Tian, and said that his bloodline would help you break the seal.

“It is a pity that he didn’t expect there to be an existence like the Tree of Life in the Realm of Middle Continent where Nie Tian is. Even if it’s still growing, the third generation of Tree of Life has amazing senses.”

Pei Qiqi listened quietly, and her expression kept changing.

After a while, she felt so upset that she looked at Nie Tian for help. “Nie Tian?”

Nie Tian sighed. “I don’t think the third generation Tree of Life is mistaken; most of my Blood Essence didn’t enter your acupoints. If your father wanted my Blood Essence to prolong his life, he could have told me. Considering our relationship and the fact that he killed Xuan Guangyu, I would have agreed to help. However, he...”

Pei Qiqi looked a bit helpless. “I… I can’t believe it.”

Pei Yukong had taken her away, taken good care of her among the Voidspirits, and passed on blood magics to her, making her feel the warmth of fatherly love.

It was what she had longed for all her life.

However, now Nie Tian and Dong Li suddenly told her that her father had used her to steal Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, which totally overwhelmed her.

Before fleeing from the Voidspirits’ ancestral land, she had seen her father die fighting Duru so that she could escape.

Nie Tian hesitated for a while, and then said, “The seal on your acupoints and your bloodline isn’t real. The Tree of Life said that if you were in a perilous situation, your soul would surge and remove the so-called seal quietly.

“He doesn’t harbor malicious intentions towards you.”

“However, it’s very difficult for me to break your seal. But if you want to break the seal yourself, all you have to do is put yourself in danger.”

Nie Tian said these words in a whisper.

“I see,” Pei Qiqi said.

She went blank for a moment before spinning her Space Boundaries Crystal, ready to leave. “I’m going to verify your theory.”

“Senior Martial Sister Pei, where are you going?” Nie Tian asked in amazement.

“I’ll go to the Void World through the Seven Stars Realm Sea,” Pei Qiqi replied. “The Void World is the only place in the world that can put me in danger.”