Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1619: An Upheaval Of Our Race

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The Voidspirits’ bloodline was very special.

After Pei Qiqi’s space bloodline had been awakened, all the acupoints in her body could be used to store Blood Essence.

Her Blood Essence contained spatial mysteries, which could make each acupoint expand and accommodate more flesh aura, like spiritual seas.

Her spatial blood power was scattered in numerous acupoints instead of her blood and heart.

Years ago, with his Blood Essence, Nie Tian had helped her expand the internal space of her acupoints one by one, thus allowing them to store more flesh aura.

However, at this moment, Nie Tian secretly examined her, and found that all of her acupoints seemed to be closed.

There was still flesh power in her heart and body, but not nearly as much as when she had parted ways with him.

Normally, at least ninety percent of her flesh aura power resided in her acupoints.

The closure of her acupoints would make it very difficult for her to use the Voidspirits’ bloodline power.


A sharp light flashed in Nie Tian’s eyes.

He clearly saw that there was still immense spiritual power in Pei Qiqi’s spiritual sea, and the soul power in Pei Qiqi’s sea of soul awareness also remained abundant.

“The spiritual sea in the dantian region is the vessel through which humans cultivate. The heart is the key to strength for outsiders, while the Voidspirits’ bloodline mysteries lie within their acupoints.” Nie Tian muttered to himself. “Acupoints are not only the place for storing flesh aura, but also the key to stimulating a space bloodline. Why are your acupoints sealed?”

Pei Yukong, her father, had taken Pei Qiqi away from the floating continent, hoping that she would inherit his position among the Voidspirits in the depths of the space disruption zone.

However, Pei Qiqi’s acupoints had been closed, and she had been severely injured...

Nie Tian came to a sudden realization. “Where’s your father? According to the Ripper Behemoth, your father was in bad shape, and his path to becoming the chief of the Voidspirits was a very difficult one. He took you away to give you the Voidspirits’ bloodline inheritance and make you their new chief. Did you encounter difficulties during that?”

All eyes were fixed on Pei Qiqi.

The star domain that Nie Tian had displayed was bright in one moment, but dim in another.

His star power sub-soul was clearly withering.

This meant that because the three fragmentary star marks were still in the underground space, and Nie Tian’s star sub-soul needed to communicate with his soul awareness down there, his soul power was being consumed the whole time.

“After my father gave me the Voidspirits’ bloodline inheritance, his last remaining power was basically exhausted,” Pei Qiqi said with an indifferent face. “When he demanded that I replace him as chief of the Voidspirits, I was strongly opposed. He sent me back to the Mortal World before... he died amidst the civil strife...

“Even after I returned to the Mortal World, I was hunted down by a few clansmen. With the help of my Space Boundaries Crystal, I traveled through space to the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.

“I learned that you and Elder Ye were here, so I came here.”

“Voidspirits?” Ye Wenhan shouted. “No outsider species can do whatever they want in our world, not even them! It never occurred to me that you would disappear because of the Voidspirits!”

Nie Tian’s face was getting darker and colder as he said, “Does the whole Voidspirit race want to kill you? How is their strength? Is it comparable to the strength of the three outsider races in the Void World?”

“Only the strongest expert wants me dead,” Pei Qiqi explained. “When my father was badly wounded and dying, he took it for granted that he would become the new chief of the Voidspirits. He didn’t expect that my father would suddenly disappear for a while, and then bring me, his daughter, back.”

“My father demanded that I accept the inheritance and be made me the new chief. That’s why the conflict started.”

Everyone present was seasoned and sophisticated. They all understood what had happened as soon as she said these words.

Zhao Shanling, who had the Voidspirit Pagoda, suddenly turned grim and said, “The Voidspirits are proficient in spatial power, and their bloodlines are full of wonders. If you can reopen the secret teleportation portal of the Realm of Unbounded Desolation and come to the Realm of Middle Continent, then they...”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims suddenly spoke. “They don’t have to pass through the Realm of Unbounded Desolation. As long as they know Miss Pei is in the Realm of Middle Continent, they will be able to get here. The Voidspirits may be the one race that can travel among the three worlds without the slightest bit of difficulty. They have been seen in the Void World, Mortal World and Spirit World.

“In fact, many of the early spatial passages and spatial rifts in the Spirit World and Mortal World were created by them.”

Nie Tian was surprised. “Them?”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood nodded. “Yes, the human race hadn’t yet risen at that time. As long as the experts of any race paid them with enough spatial spiritual materials, they would help them create inter-world portals. You should know that they fell out with the three outsider races of the Void World before.

“The three outsider races of the Void World hunted them for a long time. During that period of time, other than wandering in the space disruption zone, they also stayed in the Spirit World.

“There are records about this among our race.”

With these words, Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s tone changed suddenly. “Nie Tian!”

A tremendously clear image of the Tree of Life appeared in the depths of his eyes.

At this moment, Nie Tian knew that it was no longer Grand Monarch Primal Wood, but the third generation of Tree of Life that was talking with him!

“We have yet to figure out the origin of that colossal human corpse underground,” the Tree of Life said. “That vast underground space is still filled with a vast amount of energies, and it will take time to unravel the mysteries below. During this period, try not to let any Voidspirits come and stay in the Realm of Middle Continent. They are naturally sensitive to unique spaces. If a tenth grade Voidspirit gets to spend a long time here, they’ll definitely learn about the mysteries underground.

“If they want to make it public, chances are that the people of all the three worlds will know about the abnormalities underground in the Realm of Middle Continent.

“We’ll be in trouble then.”

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “I see.”

“What’s underground?” asked Pei Qiqi curiously.

Nie Tian frowned and said, “With your acupoints closed, the power of your space bloodline is greatly weakened.”

Then, his eyes suddenly lit up. “With your bloodline, strength, and Space Boundaries Crystal, maybe you can find a way to enter that space!”

“That man conspired against me when I was accepting the inheritance of the Voidspirits, causing my acupoints to close,” Pei Qiqi said, looking downcast. “I’ve tried many ways, but I can’t reopen the closed acupoints and revive my space bloodline.”

“You can’t, but maybe I can,” Nie Tian said.

Pei Qiqi’s body shook as she said under her breath, “It’s mainly because I wanted to see if you could find a way to open my closed acupoints that I came here.”

Because she was unable to use her space bloodline, her fighting strength had been reduced by more than half.

That was why she had faced so many difficulties and had been injured after returning to the Mortal World.

When she had been badly injured, all she could think about was Nie Tian. She had believed that he would be able to help her open the closed acupoints, even though she couldn’t!

She was probably the person who was the most familiar with Nie Tian’s bloodline in the world. After all, she herself had benefited from it!